Dream Studio with Polyvore

Last week I was at Alt (I’ll recap soon!) and it had me dreaming about the future. Obviously the majority of it was dreaming of my personal and business future, but for me I like to envision where I will be physically, what my surroundings will look like.

My workspace board on Pinterest has over 200 pins and there are very clear themes: I like feminine, clean, black, white, pink, and gold (I don’t veer very far from that in general, do I?)

I pulled together some of those elements into a Polyvore board: Dream Studio

Office Works lamp / Kate Spade New York Agenda / All Modern scales pillow / Pottery Barn XO  / Kate Spade acrylic stapler / Modcloth pencil case / Ferm LIVING wire basket / Jonathan Adler white ampersand / ABC Home pink chair / Blu dot desk

This was my first time using Polyvore and OMG it’s so easy! I usually use Photoshop which isn’t hard, but it does take time and this makes it even easier. Plus if you’re not familiar with Photoshop it’s such a great alternative!

Now we just need a house to put this pretty studio in…. No biggie.

What would your dream studio have? Mine has to have TONS of storage and be so organized and pretty so I can focus on either things and stay motivated!

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Alternative Valentine’s Day Banners

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick reminder that if you want a Valentine’s Day banner you have to order it by the end of this week because there is a two week turnaround! I’m adding a rush shipping option so there’s the same turnaround but I’ll use 2 day versus 2-5 day shipping and it will just be the cost difference, no extra :)

Here is the full Valentine’s Day line based mostly on things I say (I love your face) and things I find funny (talk nerdy to me):

I don't hate you Valentine's banner hello lover all about that bass let's get it on talk nerdy to me4 let's cuddle_ pink love your face


I’m going to write about Alt when I get a chance but I got back just in time for this New York blizzard and both kids are home so today is not the day! Tell me your favorite Valentine’s phrase! I had an Instagram contest to share funny banner ideas but didn’t have enough time to choose a winner and add a phrase to my shop so we’re going to do it for real for St. Patty’s day! Get your drunk caps on and start thinking!


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The Bannerie on the Glitter Guide!

Posting two days in a row (and there’s a third coming this week), what’s come over me?

It’s totally not my fault, Coco Tafoya of Deluxe Modern Design redid her garage into an office space (basically my dream) and the makeover is on Glitter Guide!

Deluxe Modern Design on the Glitter Guide (and a Bannerie banner!)

Check out the full revamp in all it’s glory on Glitter Guide!


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The Bannerie is Back in Business!

The Bannerie is open again! I’m in the middle of working on the re-brand and am SO excited about the direction the Bannerie is going in. We’ve got a new tagline and things have changed a little internally too.



What’s Changed:

Some colors, some fonts, some patterns :)

Quicker turnaround! There is a two to three week turnaround as opposed to four. It’s still just me hand making every banner but I’m hopeful that with some new things in place I can get you your banners much quicker.

#GIRLBOSS banner

The only custom options are names! You can add it to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner or order it on it’s own, but that is the one and only custom option I can offer right now.

Which means… I’ve got a product line! I’ve really been holding back and keeping it mostly bland and stepped out once or twice for custom orders but from now on I’m letting it all out! All the crazy, all the quirky, all the stuff that I wasn’t doing because I wanted to appeal to everyone. Just like life, you can’t please everyone plus I’m just so much better at being myself so I may as well be.

I don't hate you Valentine's banner


I’m also offering an option to turn any mini banner into a cake topper. There have been a lot of requests and I’ve played with it a little but in the interest of keeping this one person business running, this is the simplest way for me to fulfill Bannerina needs (and wants) and still get to sleep at night.

What hasn’t changed:

The service. I used to work almost literally 24/7 and it isn’t the way I want to live my life so I reevaluated, set hours and stuck to them. I highly recommend doing this if you are able to. It also means that when I’m working I am all there and better able to serve you!

shake it off banner

Everything else you’ve come to know and expect with the Bannerie! I work hard to make every Bannerie package look like a party and feel like a present. I love my Bannerinas and am always looking for ways to better and grow the business. Those are things that will never change.

Treat Yo Self glitter banner

Thank you, as always, for supporting the Bannerie. I’m headed off to Alt this week and I am so excited! I am much more focused than last year, I know what I want out of it, and this time I know people! See you on the other side!


P.S. For this who have inquired, for giveaways and collaborations, e-mail me at the bannerie(at)gmail(dot)com with details and I will get back to you as soon as I can if we are a good fit! If nothing else this past year I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask!

How to Host a Galentine’s Day Party

I will never say no a date with my husband, but having a day to celebrate friendships should seriously be mandatory. Over the past few years I’ve really seen how valuable these relationships are and how they really have the power to get me through anything. So I thought this year, let’s celebrate the friends in our lives!

How to Host a Galentine's Day Party

Backdrop You know I love a good photobooth! This fringed chevron one is from I SPY DIY and I never love photobooths quite so much as when I’m with my gals.
Flowers Go to your local grocery, grab flowers in the same color family, and make something striking. This Inspired by This brunch was described as “Kate Spade meets Barbie” I’m so in.
Table Setup I looooove this Galentine’s day party setup on PopSugar- simple DIY tablecloth, white dishes and some awesome little touches make a fab looking table.
Drinks I had sangria at a party with friends last summer, it’s so easy to make and always a hit.
Food If you’re doing a brunch, then a waffle, pancake, or yogurt bar could not be easier. Not into breakfast food? Some savory quiches should do the trick!
Dessert I love donuts, they’re easy to grab from somewhere the day of, and they look so pretty all stacked up . This picture from the Glitter Guide is everything.

Are you into Galentine’s? Do you prefer to be with your significant other? Or are you not into the day at all? P.S. I still love everything from this roundup and even own some of it now (victory!)


Southern Sweetie Pies- Twins One Year Birthday Party

It’s totally not a big deal, like no need for applause or to shower me with gifts, but Bannerie banners made it onto 100 Layer Cakelet!

Courtney Leigh Photography has these beautiful twin girls Avery and Rylee (and insane talent) and threw them a beautiful first birthday party. She was generous enough to allow me to share photos here!

Sweet As Pie twins birthday partyedit-16gorgeous styled floralsSweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partytwins birthday party- banner from the Bannerietwins birthday party- banner from the BannerieSweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday partyBirthday Chalk BoardsSweet As Pie twins birthday party Sweet As Pie twins birthday party Sweet As Pie twins birthday partySweet As Pie twins birthday party Sweet As Pie twins birthday party Sweet As Pie twins birthday party Sweet As Pie twins birthday party

I could not be more obsessed with all the gorgeous details and photography and have you seen those girls’ eyes? The florals by Maggie Bailey are just to die for. I’m really blown away, Courtney, you are a birthday and photography genius. Happy birthday to Avery and Rylee!!

For more photos and the full vendor list, see the 100 Layer Cakelet post

Do you have a party, room, or DIY you want to share? E-mail me at thebannerie(at)gmail(dot)com with high-resolution photos for a chance to be featured!


Top 10 Posts of 2014

I had this idea that really going for the Bannerie meant that the blog had to be all about parties and I said something to that effect. I love parties and they will always be a part of Shoes Off Please, but trying to keep the blog only about parties felt a little forced for me (and also…. I didn’t do it) and I’ve really missed doing nursery and interior posts.

My stats have more than doubled this year which is quite honestly a surprise since I haven’t been blogging much, but a lot of those numbers have to do with posts I wrote last year! Looks like you love the party DIYs and room roundups the most!

Here are your 10 favorite posts:

10. DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Toppers

Gold, sparkly, and edible (well the glitter part, not the skewers or wooden letters. I am definitely not recommending you eat skewers or wooden letters).


9. Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches Party (with mustache printables

This feels like so long ago! Aiden is four and a half now and that much closer to growing a real mustache. Though at his last haircut he asked the barber to make him bald so he could look like a ninja turtle. Bald and a mustache…that’s my boy!

8. Best Photobooth Backdrops

An oldie, but a goodie, I think I need to do a sequel because there are so many amazing DIY Photo Booth backdrops going on and a lot of them are so doable for the average mildly crafty person (and some need no craftiness, evil or otherwise)

7. DIY Drop Cloth Rug

Honestly, this is my favorite DIY to date. Our living room looks so different now because we sold those couches, bought a new gray one, found amazing blue velvet Room and Board chairs on Craigslist and have a white coffee table (which is actually a Land of Nod play activity table), but I’m so happy we have a photo of what it used to look like.

6. DIY No-Sew Shape Garland

Looks like no one wants to sew! I got a sewing machine this year and I have such a love/hate relationship with it, but this DIY is so easy, there’s really no need for a sewing machine or skills.


5. Shared Boys Rooms

No boats or cowboys here! I still really like these options, they feel fresh and fun.

4. Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup (boys and girls)

Sometimes I’m so annoyed at myself for doing gender-specific nurseries and then I get annoyed at myself for trying to be PC about it so… it is what it is. Don’t read into it. This is actually one of my favorites because I had such hard time finding inspiration for Aiden and Mia’s shared room and it’s one of my most popular pins by far.

3. How to Put Together a Last Minute New Year’s Party

It’s not all nurseries for you guys! This became #3 in a matter of a few weeks and if it’s a matter of pulling together elements/inspiration for throwing a party, then I’d love to do more posts like that! If it’s all about procrastination, well I feel you and I’ll see what I can do about that!

2. Shared Toddler and Baby Girl Rooms

I really loved putting this roundup together. Over the years I’ve shared a room with my poor older sister (sorry and I love you!) and there’s something so special about sisters sharing a room (and a closet once we got to a certain age.)

Shared Baby and Toddler Girl Rooms

1. DIY Play Tents and Teepees

The number one viewed post was the roundup of DIY play tents and teepees! I’d love to hear if any of you actually made one. If we ever get a house and a playroom, this is the post I’ll be going to when I beg Tuvia to make one for the kids (I won’t have to beg, he’s totally into it).

Some of these are in the top ten for two years running so I’m taking the hint and will work on more room roundups this year (yay!) and more on party DIYs. I also think maybe it’s time to decide on what graphic and font I want to use on my photos to make it more cohesive! On the other hand, maybe not. Way to keep you hanging.

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