Working from My Happy Place Like a Boss

I run The Bannerie, from top to bottom, all by myself. Since I use a lot of tools that would be a pain to carry around and rent is insane in NY, I work from home. As in, my office is literally in our bedroom. And because I am home for so many hours and don’t leave to work, I find it especially important to make it a happy place to work from.

Working From Your Happy Place

Working From Your Happy PlaceThat’s my main happy place, riiiight there: my shelves of supplies and photo props and what I mainly see all day long. My work is generally limited to this room, but I try not to be tied to a desk because then it definitely wouldn’t be my happy place. The point of being my own boss is so I don’t have to do that! The HP Stream tablet with Intel Inside® helps with that!

Working From Your Happy PlaceOne of my fave things about working from home, me and my bed are besties. And the HP tablet means I can work from bed comfortably.

It’s incredibly important that while I’m working (wherever that is) I’m always connected to the internet to respond to customers, upload new photos, and post to social media and that I have tons of cloud storage for all my photos and documents that I can access whenever I need to.

The HP Stream 8 has free 4G data right out of the box so WiFi is taken care of, 1TB of cloud storage free for a year (!) AND Office 365, also free for one year! The last thing I want to think about when I get something to help with accessibility and efficiency, is setting things up and the HP Stream 8 takes care of all of that for you.

Working From Your Happy Place Working From Your Happy Place


What’s your happy place to work from?



* This post was sponsored by Hp & Intel. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit awesome #WorkFromHappyPlace *

New in the Shop: Pink Flamingo Candles!

Pink flamingo candles are now available at The Bannerie!Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingolove Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty

They’re bright, they’re pink, and they’re gorgeous! Perfect on a birthday cake, cupcake, pancake, or giant soft cookie, the stainless steel legs keep these ‘mingos in place. Summer is coming, babes! There are limited quantities available, but show these flamingos some love and I’ll see what I can do about restocking ;)

pink_flamingo_candles_thebannerie copy



Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty

Erin Loechner: Unboss

For my first woman in the series of boss ladies,  I’ve got the lovely Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind. I met her this past Winter at Alt Summit and she was the niiiicest surprise, by which I mean that she was exactly as you would expect if you read her blog but I think I’m still beaming from her warmth. If you appreciate really good writing, impeccable taste, and a genuine kind-hearted smart person sharing their wisdom with you, then get lost on her blog and enjoy.

To me, being boss means so many things, one of which is owning who you are and from my perspective, Erin occupies her space so beautifully. However, she writes a lot about slowing down so I was really curious what her response would be.

Erin Loechner, Unboss

Gilit: What makes you boss?

Erin: ” I don’t feel like a boss of anything. Actually, I don’t want to be a boss of anything. I’m climbing down the mountain instead of up, scaling back in search of less instead of more. No more hustle, I say to myself. Enough, enough!”

I told you she’s wise. She writes more about being “unboss” here.

What do you think about Erin’s response? 



A Series of Boss Women (or ladies, or girls)

I am so very fortunate with the women that make up my family and friends (I secretly think we got the best ones, I just love them so much). And I have been so fortunate in the past year to have met so many incredible creative women. Seriously, they blow me away. And I want to share them with you.

Like a boss banner from the Bannerie via @chalkfulloflovevia @chalkfulloflove

I’m also taking to heart something I always tell other people, “if you don’t like doing something, don’t do it”. Obviously that doesn’t count for things that you have to do because you’re a functioning person in society with responsibilities like children and a job, but not for things that are not necessary.

I love talking to people (you!). I loooove hearing their life stories and their thoughts and why they do things and how they got to where the are. But you know what I don’t love? Thinking of questions before and sending them out to someone. Other people do it really well, but it doesn’t work for me. I prefer a conversation, a back and forth, give and take. So instead of doing something I don’t like, I am sending one question to my women of choice “what makes you boss?”

I love the answers so far because they vary so much! Everyone has their own path and that’s lucky because otherwise we’d just be bumping into each other all the time.

I can’t wait to share them with you and please, if you know someone you think should be shared with the world, let me know in the comments!


Gilit Cooper New Signature

P.S. I think you’re really boss for reading my blog

DIY Photo Backdrops Perfect for Spring

Aside from the occasional snow flurry here or there, spring is in the air. Spring means more sunlight and that we’ll be seeing tons of flowers and pastel everything, how great is that?!

Why not use all of those things to your advantage? Need a photo booth for your next spring event? (Mother’s Day is just around the corner…) Try one of these spring inspired photo backdrops, because they are perfection!

Spring Backdrops Collage

The obsession with finding creative ways to use fresh flowers is beyond real. So, almost needless to say Green Wedding Shoes nailed it! This flower wall is simple, easy and unbelievably pretty.


If you loved Gilit’s DIY Drop Cloth Rug, then brace yourself. The No-Sew Wedding Backdrop Michelle Edgemont did for A Practical Wedding is great for not only weddings, but so much more!


Fringe is in, and not just when it comes to clothes. The colors, the creativity, Oh Happy Day knows what’s up.


I’ve decided that Lovely Indeed has the cutest collection of photo backdrops, this Ombre Tissue Paper one is simply the bee’s knees.


You can use leftover supplies to recreate this Kathryn Godwin for Ruffled Blog Paper Punch Backdrop. How much do you want to just hang it up and leave it there forever? Light and airy, it really sums up the feeling of spring.



Putting Together a Mid-Century Modern Office

If all goes well, we’ll be moving soon (which makes me so sad and excited all at the same time). One of the things I’m most excited about is having my own office! I dream about my ideal workspace pretty often and what I’ve noticed is that there’s often an element of Mid Century Modern in my fave spaces.

Chairish challenged a group of bloggers to create a styleboard displaying a room of our choice, mixing different styles with Mid-Century Modern furniture. Um, yes please! I will of course, be creating an office style board!

The clean lines, vivid colors, and teak wood make Mid-Century Modern a particularly good style to mix up and the emphasis on excellent quality means it’s a reliable secondhand purchase, especially if it’s authentic vintage.

I chose the teak desk and Eero Saarinen for Knoll chair because they’re both classic and easy to accessorize. I love the Turkish rug to add interest and some color and added the desk organizer in bright yellow to pick up some of that color. The cheeky Ha Ha print provides a sophisticated dose of humor, the Southwestern basket goes so nicely with the rug, and the pineapple, well pineapples go with everything.

Do you love that Mid-Century Modern has made such a comeback? Do you have any pieces in your home? I love the whole philosophy behind the design (FIT grad here)


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Art Prints for the Office

Working from home has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of working from home in a two bedroom apartment is that I’m really limited in space. I’ve set up my office in our bedroom which means that anything I put up isn’t just in my office, it’s in our bedroom. My husband is ridiculously tolerant of all the pink and confetti, but I try to tone it down a little bit while still keeping it my happy place.

The Bannerie workspace

There’s this one wall between the windows and the doors to our porch that isn’t large enough to use as storage but is riiiiight there when I work. I NEED my work place to be pretty and inspiring or I will go completely stir-crazy at home. I’ve been looking for that perfect art print that strikes the balance between girly and fab but still bedroom-that-I-share-with-my-husband appropriate.

And the thing is that I love art. I LOVE ART. And we have a ridiculous amount of art prints, because I hate limiting myself to just a few pieces. So I need your help. Because even just narrowing it down for this roundup was painful- I WANT ALL THE ART!

Art for the Office // the Bannerie

 Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha by Kate Roebuck // Flowers by Alexandra Dzh // Pink India Swim by Lady Noble // Do What You Love by Kelly Nasuta // Lookin’ Good by Amy Schwager // Pining for Pineapple by Joni Tyrrell 

I am especially torn for this space because I love color and am invigorated when surrounded by it, but sometimes when I work I need designated white space and/or simplicity to let my mind (and eyes) rest. What do you guys think? You can see the vast and really well curated Minted art collection here.

Vote for your favorite in the comments!


Gilit Cooper New Signature

*This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own and I genuinely love and want all the art I posted. ALL OF IT.*

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