DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

*Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from another new contributor, Paige Poppe (best name ever). Paige is a small business owner (check out Studio Skate!) and an architecture student. I can’t wait to officially introduce her, but here’s her first Shoes Off Please post! 

Whether you’re a girlboss, or just need to get stuff done, an organized workspace is totally essential. But being organized doesn’t have to be boring! Transforming a pegboard into a desk organizer is not only functional, but can display art or motivational quotes to inspire you as well!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

As for supplies, you really only need the pegboard and hooks, but I’ll show you how to customize with mason jars, a rack, and a clipboard as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pegboard sheet (I used a 3’ x 4’
  • Package of assorted pegboard hooks
  • Pegboard rack
  • Mason jars
  • String
  • Scissors
  • A clipboard
  • Small clips

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, hooks

Prop the pegboard up on your desk and start placing your hooks for what you would like to hang or store.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, rack

First up, the rack is an awesome multi-purpose hook. It has multiple hooks if you have supplies to hang, but also doubles as a great shelf. Prop up some artwork or your favorite notebook to grab when you need it!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

Everyone needs a touch of glam in their office, don’t ya think? I do. Use a couple bar hooks to create a display for your favorite statement necklace. You can also pick up a few small clamps to quickly clip a note or sketch to your pegboard.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

And how perfect is this loop hook for storing scissors?! Keep it low so you can reach for them easily. Now, let’s talk about how to hang those cute mason jars shall we?

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, mason jars

Wrap a length of string around your jar a few times. Leave a bit of slack so you can slip the hooks though, and tie a knot. Next, slip the hooks through your string.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, mason jars

Then just slip the hooks into the holes as you would normally and it should hang easily! You’ve got a storage solution that takes the clutter off your desktop.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, girlboss

Finally, if you’ve got a clipboard, slip it onto a hook to display something motivational to remind yourself of the girlboss you really are!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, girlboss

Just a few inexpensive supplies and an afternoon of rearranging, and you’ve got yourself a bright (and encouraging) work station! I think you’ll be ready to kill you’re to-do list in your workspace. You go girl.

x, Paige

The Creative Entrepreneurs’ Guide: The Collective of Us

As most of you know I recently rebranded with the help of Cristina Martinez. The Bannerie feels SO much more in sync with me and my personality and my brand. Without question, this came about through my membership in the Collective.

Last Summer, I met Cyndie Spiegel at Alt Summit and when she announced a few months ago that she was a starting an exclusive collective of creative entrepreneurs I was all “LEMME IN!”

Cyndie Spiegel Business Coach

Going in, I was hoping to get support from other people who are in different fields but the same position and maybe some practical tips but I could NOT have anticipated what it really was for me. It was a complete EYE OPENER!

There were weekly phone calls via Skype with Cyndie and other Collective members and I think it was on the second phone call that these women just shattered what I thought about myself and the Bannerie. In a good way. I was focused on the Bannerie in such a specific way and was clearly at some turning point but didn’t know what to do next and with the help of the business coaching and my peers’ often brilliant insights, so much became clear to me!

I was peddling sunshine and gummy bears but what my brand was missing was my new favorite word: sass! I love cheeky, sassy, playful humor and I wasn’t utilizing this nearly enough! I did the best thing I could do for my business: I re-branded and re-focused.

Cyndie Spiegel Business Coach

In my experience, a lot of creative entrepreneurs have a million ideas and need help implementing or focusing and the Collective is where you will get that. If you have a day job and it’s not doing it for you, you’ve got dreams and ideas, drive and passion and you want to make that your life, THIS is where you should start! If you’ve already got a business and want to bring it to the next level, THIS is the place!

Cyndie Spiegel Business CoachI am so serious and selective about what I put my name on and/or behind (and anyone who has ever worked with me knows that!) so you know that this is something I really believe in. Oftentimes I find something online and bookmark it to check out for later but I’m going to encourage you to try and get into this right now! Sign up for the newsletter to get a day’s headstart on the Collective signup!

AND my darlings, FOR YOU BOSS LADIES ONLY, Cyndie is offering is offering an additional 30 minute “Idea Session” for any “Build It Like a Boss” package purchased. You’re looking for your next step? Here it is! Let me be super clear: this post is not sponsored. I am just this enthusiastic about this opportunity.


Gilit Cooper New Signature

Big Girl Room Roundup

You guys clearly love the room roundups and I love giving the people what they want (plus I love dreaming about decorating Mia’s future room), so here’s a roundup of more big girl rooms!

Big Girl Room Roundup

Top Row: In the Fun Lane, Wren’s Room, Young House Love, Clara’s Room, Design Sponge, Marlowe’s Bedroom


Second Row: Me Oh My Blog, Presley’s Big Girl Room, The Handmade Home, Fall Decor

_MG_9588 day_bed_handmade

Third Row: Charlotte Love, Goodhomes Magazine July 2013, Design Stiles, Leighton’s Big Girl Room, Sarah Stacey Design, Spanish Oaks

GOODHOMES JULY2013 L_bedroomSarah-Stacey-Interior-Design-Interior-Designers-Austin-Bohemian-Bedroom-and-Playroom

Bottom Row: Pillow Thought, Lexi’s Room, The Short and the Sweet of it, Mila’s Room

pillow thought-lexi's room Mila's Room Daybed


Man do I love these rooms, they’re all multi-dimensional and can easily transition from toddler to teen. Honestly, I could be so happy living in some of these rooms. Which one’s your fave? 


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I’m So Fancy

I’m over on Ashley Brooke Designs today as a “Fancy Friend”!

The Bannerie via Ashley Brooke Designs

Feeling super fancy and super cool because as the banner says #ILOVEABD! I really do though and I think you would too, check out her shop and you’ll get why in a second.


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10 Super Cute Valentine’s Day in a Box Ideas

**Editor’s Note: This is the first post from a new contributor, Bethany Everett! I will officially introduce her along with the rest of the team but for now go check out her blog Twenty Something Plus for some fashion and makeup goodness!**

There are tons of DIYs out there, but the party in a box  is having a major moment right now. With Saturday being Valentine’s Day, what better way to show someone that you love them, than with a box filled to the brim?

Valentine's Day gift in a box ideas #valentinesday #valentinesgifts


1- Ana of Blog Milk’s Valentine surprise for her daughter Emma on Cake Events Blog is the cutest idea for the mini in your life.


2- Better Homes and Garden shared a number of DIY gifts, including this romantic movie box. Just add a fire place and couch cuddles!


3- When it comes to the world wide web, you can find just about anything on BuzzFeed. They even teach you how the art of nailing Valentines Day in a box.


 4- Laurel of A Bubbly Life has a DIY Valentines Day in a box that is seriously what Valentines Day dreams are made of!


 5- Think you’re manchild won’t dig the idea? Chelsey of Bright and Bold proves otherwise.


 6- Want to get really creative? Think inside the box, like inside this giant heart gift box from Martha Stewart!

The Martha Stewart Show

7- Need to plan a date for the night? The Dating Divas have you covered with date night in a box!


 8- Confetti Sunshine has a party in a box DIY idea for just about everything! This one for chocolate lovers is also perfect for Valentine’s Day, because we all know we’re really more excited for the day after discount candy…


 9- Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave created a pink and red masterpiece.


 10- Valentine’s Day not your thing? Since this week is also technically Galentine’s Day and You Are My Fave totally gets that!


 Happy almost Galentine’s Day! It’s not too late to throw a party

Dream Studio with Polyvore

Last week I was at Alt (I’ll recap soon!) and it had me dreaming about the future. Obviously the majority of it was dreaming of my personal and business future, but for me I like to envision where I will be physically, what my surroundings will look like.

My workspace board on Pinterest has over 200 pins and there are very clear themes: I like feminine, clean, black, white, pink, and gold (I don’t veer very far from that in general, do I?)

I pulled together some of those elements into a Polyvore board: Dream Studio

Office Works lamp / Kate Spade New York Agenda / All Modern scales pillow / Pottery Barn XO  / Kate Spade acrylic stapler / Modcloth pencil case / Ferm LIVING wire basket / Jonathan Adler white ampersand / ABC Home pink chair / Blu dot desk

This was my first time using Polyvore and OMG it’s so easy! I usually use Photoshop which isn’t hard, but it does take time and this makes it even easier. Plus if you’re not familiar with Photoshop it’s such a great alternative!

Now we just need a house to put this pretty studio in…. No biggie.

What would your dream studio have? Mine has to have TONS of storage and be so organized and pretty so I can focus on either things and stay motivated!

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Alternative Valentine’s Day Banners

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick reminder that if you want a Valentine’s Day banner you have to order it by the end of this week because there is a two week turnaround! I’m adding a rush shipping option so there’s the same turnaround but I’ll use 2 day versus 2-5 day shipping and it will just be the cost difference, no extra :)

Here is the full Valentine’s Day line based mostly on things I say (I love your face) and things I find funny (talk nerdy to me):

I don't hate you Valentine's banner hello lover all about that bass let's get it on talk nerdy to me4 let's cuddle_ pink love your face


I’m going to write about Alt when I get a chance but I got back just in time for this New York blizzard and both kids are home so today is not the day! Tell me your favorite Valentine’s phrase! I had an Instagram contest to share funny banner ideas but didn’t have enough time to choose a winner and add a phrase to my shop so we’re going to do it for real for St. Patty’s day! Get your drunk caps on and start thinking!


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