Hey Dollface Vol. 3

Heeyyyy lovers!

First and foremost, I need a new TV show to watch because most things I have to wait to watch with Tuvia but he has class at night and I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to work all night long and I want to relax with a really good show. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.

Here are some other things have been going on:

  • Sarah  of Sarah Hearts did a follow-up post on the West Elm Meet + Make sponsors and she called me “witty” and “hilarious” so you know she’s got good taste.

Fall Y'all glitter letter banner

  • Remember that insanely wonderful Lisa Frank inspired wedding? Well, Friendors did a Feature on the Bannerie and all I can see is that I clearly didn’t work too hard on my handwriting and my answers aren’t funny (sorry Sarah!) buuut you do learn a little something. Also they’re coming to NY for an amazing photoshoot at the end of December so if you are a local vendor or model register at Friendors.com!

Custom glitter party banner

  • I’m having a giveaway in honor of Mia’s birthday and trust me, the winner of this party in a box is gonna be so happy! Head over to Instagram for how to enter- you’ve got until Sunday night!


  • I had my first wholesale order! It’s going to be my last for now. People have been asking for awhile and I decided to try it out (the shop isn’t open yet but I will let you know when it is!). I just want you to know that if you asked me, I really appreciate that you want Bannerie products in your store and I think you are awesome.


  • Lastly, I had an amazing conversation with Emily Ley, a woman whom I admire so much as a business owner, a designer, and a mother. She helped me focus and validated some business decisions that I wish I was too confident to need, but I’m not and I am so excited for the future, both of our family and the business. To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out what I want to share publicly and what I should just do. I’m a sharer (I wasn’t for most of my life so maybe now I’m making up for it?) and I legit love you guys but some things should stay behind the scenes.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner


What have you been up to my little love bunnies? And please, for glitter’s sake, what shows should I watch? #theimportantthings

the bannerie - Signature - new

P.S. Like my pretty new glittery signature? Me too :)

Tea Party Bridal Shower

Olivia Lin caught my eye on Instagram with this photo and the rest of the details are just as delicate and exquisite!

bridal shower tea party #paperflowers #diy

“This was my first time throwing a bridal shower and I was SUPER excited! The bride-to-be loves her cup of tea so a tea party theme instantly came to mind. She had offered to let us have it at her home, and I really liked the idea of bringing the garden feel indoors for her special day.

1-Garden Tea Party- Front DoorDeciding the theme was the easy part- now came the fun and challenging part of figuring out all the different decor elements! I say challenging because there are a MILLION ideas out there and it’s hard to narrow it down! I decided on decorating the party with the medium I have been working most with- paper. It’s colorful, light weight, inexpensive, and can be reused or eventually recycled.

2- Garden Tea Party- Dessert Table 3- Garden Tea Party Paper Flower Wall DecorI love Pinterest and how inspiration and tutorials are just a click away, but I think the trick is to take something you saw and put your own twist or touch on it! After a week of trying out different ideas, cutting out petals, twisting, hot glue gunning, and having tissue paper in shades of green everywhere, it was time to get everything to Emi’s and put it all together.

4- Garden Tea Party- Mini Flower Cupcakes 5- Garden Tea Party- Table Setting 6- Garden Tea Party- Table 7- Garden Tea Party- Flower Centerpiece 8- Garden Tea Party- Welcome Place Cards 9- Garden Tea Party- Leaf Garland 10- Garden Tea Party- Flower Decor I think that’s when the magic really happens when you see an idea in your head come to life! It was great watching all the elements come together and am really happy I got to be a part of this event! At the end of the day the bride had a wonderful time at her shower which was the most important part!

Here is the link to my blog post on putting a garden tea party together.”

Thank you so much for sharing Olivia! (She also sells the cutest cards and prints in her Etsy shop Atiliay.)

Do you have a party or craft you want to share? E-mail me at shoesoffpls(at)gmail(dot)com with at least 5 hi-res photos and a description of what you did. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Hey Dollface, Vol. 2

Hey Dollface!

It has been a killer few weeks trying to get everything in between the Jewish holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and spending time with my family but getting a week’s worth of work done in half the time? Not a fan of that part.

Here are some things that have been going on that I am a fan of!

-A Lisa Frank inspired FRIENDORS CONSULTANCY Inspiration Collaboration which I have shared on my Facebook and IG but I cannot get enough of!

Lisa Frank Wedding Inspiration. FOR LIKE EVER banner via the Bannerie

– -Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop owner, Cindy,  made this PARTY LIKE A FLAMINGO party for her six year old. Spy the banner?

Olivias party like a flamingo birthday (100 of 103)

-A modern Halloween kids party put together by Chelsey Mass on Mom’s Best Network. I LOVE how she used mini YAY letters as a popcorn topper. Now I need to top everything with glitter letters! (You’d think I thought of that before, but nope!)

Kid's Halloween Party with free download


– Jessica of The Confetti Bar made the most perfect confetti for Mia’s upcoming birthday party!  Remember this Store Spotlight?

The Confetti Bar Custom Mix Flamingos and Pineapples confetti

What’s been going on in your lives? Any exciting news? Any Bannerie moments? Share in the comments! I cannot tell you how much it means to me when you share feedback and photos, it is the BEST!

The Best Party Hats

Have you noticed that people are really getting into party hats? I LOVE IT! People who are willing to be silly and to dress up are usually the most fun, whether they are kids or adults. So basically if you have fun party hats at your party or in your daily life, I love you.

Here are my favorite party hats, some you can buy, some you can make, all are welcome at my next party:

20 Best Party Hats


Little Blue Olive felt crowns and hats are the standard in first birthday party hats and make the cutest keepsakes

Little Blue Olive Hat and Crown

Wee Three Kids Shop crochet crowns are precious in the best way

Wee Three Kids Shop Crochet Crown

Geronimo Balloon confetti party hat screams PARTY!

Confetti Party Hats from Geronimo

Ban.Do party headband is a nice twist on the party hat tradition

band party headband

Oh Happy Day DIY party hat including a template.

Oh Happy Day Party Hat DIY

Studio DIY fresh flower party hats really up the game. I think they would be perfectly acceptable at a wedding. Also this glitter holiday party hat for obvious reasons.

studio diy party hats

A Pumpkin and a Princess also made DIY sparkly party hats. I never say no to sparkle.

DIY sparkly party hats

A Pretty Cool Life DIY party hat cupcake toppers are possibly the cutest thing ever.

Mini Cupcake Wrapper Party Hats | A Pretty Cool Life

Opening Ceremony pompom hats used store bought party hats and gussy them up. That’s my ideal.

Pom Pom Party Hats

Jacks & Kate made these genius sprinkled mini party hats. I know the hats are paper but I really want to just try a bite.

jacks and kate sprinkled mini party hats

Confetti hats! 100 Layer Cakelet always has the answer.

Confetti Party Hats | 100 Layer Cakelet

Disney (best name ever) from Ruffles and Stuff shared two awesome tutorials on A Subtle Revelry including hats with ruffles!

Ruffled Party Hats from Ruffles and Stuff via A Subtle Revelry

Just so we’re totally clear and there’s no confusion, my birthday is July 7th and this is what I want it to look like. Those hats are a must.

Best party hats EVER via 100 Layer Cake

Party headbands a la Julep (Minted’s blog) are also acceptable

Party headbands | Julep

Ambrosia Girl made this DIY wire birthday crown and I really love it because you can go so many directions with it

DIY wire birthday crown

I realize spelling out these letters can make me sound vapid but Oh. Em. Gee. THESE from Baby Jungle. And you can actually make them.

DIY toilet paper roll party crowns

The immensely talented and creative Merrilee of Mer Mag made these awesome New Year’s Eve hats which you can obviously adapt to any celebration (or daily life if that’s how you roll). Her blog is now at here so go get lose there for awhile and then get her book so your kids think you’re much cooler than you really are.

Mer Mag DIY New Year's Eve Party Hats

LACE CROWNS! Girl Inspired indeed.

DIY lace crowns

Polka Dot Chair has printable…. wait for it… polka dot party hats!


I just can’t say no to confetti. There isn’t enough self control in the world to make that happen. This is also really quick and I think it would be a super cute (albeit super messy) party activity. Just have the adults tie on the elastics after the kids decorate and they can put them on once they dry and then they can eat cake while wearing fun party hats. Heaven. Confetti Sunshine, I applaud you.


I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that I’ll be making any of these for Mia’s upcoming birthday party. BUT if anyone else wants to, that would bring me pure joy. It’s really just a time issue. Even though some of these are really quick and easy (or you can purchase and have someone else make for you) I have a tendency to go overboard with all the things I want to do, so this year I’m trying to stick to one or two things and I’ve already gotten the supplies and am forcing myself not to get more.

So… party hats. Do you love them as much as I do? Do you think they’re overrated? No, don’t tell me if you think they are because that would put our relationship in jeopardy. Unless you think we are so strong that we can withstand that kind of discrepancy. But maybe just don’t.


P.S. Honorable mention because I just saw it, Best Friends for Frosting disco ball party hat. Aw yeah!

Best Friends for Frosting DIY disco ball party hat

10 Lessons from a Business Newbie

In the six months I’ve been open (seven if you count the month I was closed), I’ve done some things right, made some mistakes, and learned some things. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, these are the lessons I would share in no particular order other than the one they occurred to me in.

business newbie

1- Look up delivery times before you make any promises. Scratch that. Promise when you will mail your package, but you cannot guarantee when it will be delivered. That is not in your control.

2- Don’t run out of supplies because then everyone will order at once and you will be reduced to a huddle on the floor begging your supply company to rush some over and telling them you don’t care that they don’t have any either.

3- Things that were once so hard you thought you would never figure it out become easier with time. They will become so natural and second nature to you that you will forget they were ever that hard in the first place.

4- Triple check to make sure you don’t send a box that’s for Abby to someone named Gia. Because weddings and fortieth birthday parties usually need different decorations. Totally hypothetical situation.

5- Kill ‘em with kindness. Sometimes people will be upset. Sometimes it will be your fault. Respond with kindness.

6- Make friends in the business. Their support and advice will become invaluable. And on that subject…

7- You know your business and brand better than anyone else, so if someone’s suggestion doesn’t sit well with you, don’t take it. This is, after all, your business.

8- Care. Care about every single package that goes out. Care about what that package looks like. Care about how it will feel to open that package. Care about it all and your customer will feel it.

9- Don’t forget to make time for life. Having your own business is hard and time consuming in a from-the-second-I-wake-up-to-the-second-I-close-my-eyes-and-even-then-I-dream-about-it kind of way. It’s hard to not work on something when it needs to be done, but you and your business will be better if you take a break and live your life a little! Or so I’ve heard.

10- Never stop learning or improving. These lessons are pretty all encompassing so you likely don’t need to read or learn anything else about business (B school? Pshaw, Gilit’s got a post on this!) but you should anyway. Read, research, talk to people, get a mentor, try things. Whatever you do, always keep your eyes and ears open, but as my mom says, not too open that your brain falls out.

Those are some of the lessons I’ve learned this year. My store hasn’t been open that long, but it’s been open longer than a store that’s been open for not as long so maybe one of these lessons will be helpful. Some of these lessons come naturally to me, some of them I had to learn through experience, and one especially, was a lesson someone told me before I started and I could not be more grateful.

Do you have any invaluable lessons? A mistake you’ve made? Something you’ve done really right? I’d love to hear in the comments!

It’s Fall Y’all

I do this really embarrassing thing where I take on other people’s accents or verbal tics (their fingerprint words if you will) especially when I think it’s adorable.

“Y’all” is one of those words. It is so far from my daily vocabulary but I just made fifty “FALL Y’ALL” banners and while it hasn’t snuck into my speech, it’s definitely made it’s way into my writing.

Fall Y'all Gold Glitter Letter Banner | the BannerieThese “FALL Y’ALL”s are gonna be in the swag bags in an upcoming West Elm Meet and Make event in Orlando, Fl with Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts. I loooove West Elm and Sarah is my jam so I’m really excited about it.

What’s your ultimate Fall moment? Mine is wearing a yummy sweater, cozy boots, holding a cup of hot cocoa and watching “You’ve Got Mail.” What about a verbal tic? I can so easily identify others’ but my own is hard! 


Hey Dollface vol.1

I miss blogging on a regular basis so much and it’s making me sad.

I think one big thing holding me back is that I have this idea that my posts have to be so polished or so complete like a tutorial or a party (I have two big ones I still need to blog about!), but I think I’m going to start sharing smaller posts so I can blog on a more regular basis and hopefully getting back into the flow of things will help me get the other posts up for you! I’m gonna call it “Hey Dollface” because you are and because I can.


-Ashley of Sugar & Cloth made this gorgeous DIY watercolor abstract cake and used mini Bannerie glitter letters as a cake topper. As I promised IG followers, I will get the cake toppers listed! I have so many mini letters just waiting to be sent out (on toothpicks for cupcakes and bamboo sticks for cakes so you can do more than one line of words). It’ll happen. Just can’t promise when..

Sugar & Cloth DIY watercolor abstract cake with Bannerie glitter letter cake topper

-Tuvia and I made this video to enter the Alison Show BFF dance off and SOMEHOW didn’t win (RIGHT?!) Seriously scroll through that hashtag (#alisonsBFFdanceoff) on IG, some of it’s hiLARIOUS. If you want to see our full video and some outtakes, check out our YouTube channel that’s super sad and lacking in any good videos (other than this one, obviously).

alison show bff danceoff still2

-Apartment Therapy included my DIY drop cloth rug in an article on how to sneak color into your home. I’m in REALLY good company.

DIY dropcloth rug | Shoes Off Please

-Alyssa was the first to order a SWEET LOVE banner and my first ever Bannerie wedding and she just shared a photo of how she repurposed her banner in her dreamy bedroom!

Bannerie SWEET LOVE glitter letter banner in a dreamy bedroom

-Cindy is the gorgeous and talented store owner and event planner behind Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop so I can’t wait to see more of her son Gavin’s “Camp Gavin” birthday party! She’ll be selling cake toppers like the one you see in her store soon!

Camping birthday party from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop. Glitter letter banner from the Bannerie.

-Amber of Wills Casa put together an inspiration board for her daughter for the Fall in Love challenge and titled it using Bannerie letters.

Wills Casa Ramona's room inspiration board

-It’s a fact that I love all bannerinas but this lady is beyond. Whitney Newton just shared some photos from her daughter’s birthday and they are delish.

Hot Pink Bannerie custom birthday letter banner

-I’m also combining my Shoes Off Please and Bannerie Facebook pages so now you will only find me on The Bannerie. Go ahead and like it so you get exclusive coupon codes (one is coming up!)

It’s been a busy week!

If you’ve got any Bannerie moments you want to share, tag me @thebannerie or use #thebannerie for a chance to be featured!




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