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My first year as a business owner is coming to a close…I try to say in a very slow and serious business-like (and English) voice but all I’m really thinking is a high-pitched loud WHAAAA???!!!

Do you remember when I started?? I was just as terrified of success as I was of failing. Equally terrified. I am forever grateful that this year happened (or that I made this year happen) but if I could start from scratch again there would definitely be some changes. Surprisingly (to me), not that many though. I would maybe learn lessons more quickly but I think that the progression was natural and necessary for my first business.

I want to share everything with you! So much has changed (remember when I was painstakingly hand cutting every. single. letter. and making every. banner. on. earth?? Exhausting and a terrible business model.) I look at early pictures and I cringe! But I’m also grateful because it makes me feel better about my current photos. I’ve learned a ridiculous amount and I want to share all my lessons with you! It turns out that there were some things I knew all along but didn’t know that I knew them or how important they were. This was the most exciting and terrifying year ever. And I want to tell you ALL of it! But the nature of business/life is that there isn’t always the time we want when we want it.

So I’ve set up a few different posts of lessons I’ve learned that I wish I knew when I started (or that I did know and that were so helpful) including practical things like how to Instagram like a boss, how setting boundaries is good for your personal life and your business, and different skills that have been really useful (that you can learn online!)

ANNNND here’s your chance, babes! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to go for coffee, have a Skype date, or a quick phone call to “pick my brain” so if you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask I’ve set up a super quick survey (I promise, it’s under five questions including filling out your name) and you can ask me ANYTHING! Business or personal! I will answer the most popular questions in a later post so get your burning questions out now!

For right now, as I so often say and always mean 1000%

lips confetti thank you

To every single one of you. I heart you big time. 

And to those of you who are having a hard start to your week, I give you this:

suck it monday_etsy_thebannerie

Phrase available as a banner in the shop now :)

Big sloppy wet smoochy kisses all over your faces whether you like it or not!!!
And don’t forget that you’ve got until the end of the month to enter the epic giveaway! I bet THAT would make your Monday better.

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Free Downloadable Wallpaper (so everyone wins)

Have you entered the Bannerie Epic Birthday Giveaway yet? You’ve got a bunch of chances to win a ton of goodies right here!!

I like EVERYONE to win though, so here are three downloadable desktop wallpapers for you designed by the fab Tiny Love Design!

You Got This Downloadable Wallpaper Boss Babe Downloadable Wallpaper Like a Boss Downloadable Wallpaper

Click on links for downloads, right click and save or set as desktop wallpaper:

You Got This
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Don’t forget to enter the epic giveaway!


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P.S. You are BLOWING ME AWAY with your comments on the last post. You are an inspiring bunch. I mean it, I get chills reading through it and I feel honored that you shared your accomplishments with me. Thank you.

The Bannerie Epic Birthday Giveaway


The Bannerie Birthday Extravaganza GiveawayIt’s only been/already been a year! That puts the cray in CRAZY! I’ll be writing more about what this year has been and lessons learned but for now, I want to celebrate the best most exhausting terrifying exciting year of my life so far by having a freakin’ epic giveaway! Y’all ready for this? Duh nuh nuh…

The Bannerie Epic Birthday Giveaway

The winner will get EVERYTHING in the above image and then some! Check out the details at the bottom of the post for how to win:

studio mucci garland2 copy Studio Mucci Tassel Garland / @studiomucci

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Love Oh Lou pink confetti bow
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INSANE giveaway, right? Enter right here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck my lovies!!!!

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La Petite Bloom Workshop (and Bannerie sale!!!)

Last week was insane, INSANE! So my executive decision for this week is that it’s going to be awesome. Starting with La Petite Bloom Workshop!

La Petite Bloom Workshop, Flower Bar (Bannerie banner)

Hosted by Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs & Ashley of Ashley Slater Photography, you learn how to do/make pretty things and you’re surrounded by pretty things. That’s my ideal situation. Honestly, these are really useful skills for so many jobs (calligraphy, ranging flowers, photography tips, styling!) and if it was in NY you can bet I would be there in a New York minute!La Petite Bloom Workshop, Flower Bar (Bannerie banner)

I was so excited to make some glitter signs for the workshop and think they should always be surrounded by gorgeous flowers! Read all about La Petite Bloom workshop details and watch a video on Michaela’s blogPhotos by Ashley Slater Photography & Katie Grace Photography.

There’s just one more week until the Bannerie birthday giveaway so make sure to follow along for a chance to win a TON of awesome stuff! Trust me, you want in.

And because it’s the last week before the giveaway ALL BOSS BANNERS are $5 off AND there’s a special price on all stock photos this week only!!!


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Why Having a Sprinkles Baby Shower is Genius

*Today’s post is from another contributor, Kimberly Myl of Lulu’s Event Design!

Throwing a baby shower and not sure what theme to go with? Try a sprinkles baby shower! They’re as much fun as glitter, but without the clingy-stick-to-everything problem that glitter gives (although I do love me some glitter). You can imagine how excited my team and I were when we met with this amazing Mommy & Daddy to be and they threw out the sprinkles idea.

Sprinkles Gender-Neutral Baby shower

This baby shower has sprinkles everywhere! The gorgeous cake was riddled from top to bottom with rainbow sprinkles, and the cupcakes, cake pops and cookies were all blasted with vibrant sprinkles. An added bonus to using rainbow sprinkles is it means you’re not limited to color choices when decorating for the party, no color will ever clash with the sprinkles.

Sprinkles "it's a girl" baby shower

If you still don’t know the sex of the baby, using sprinkles will give you the chance to have a unisex themed party. They’re inexpensive, easy to get in bulk amounts and an easy clean-up at the end of the day.

BABY baby shower decorated balloon toppersSprinkle Baby Shower 7Sprinkle Baby Shower 8

We loved designing and seeing the candy buffet come together with every dessert picked to ensure there was a sprinkle somehow attached. It was important to the Mommy-to-be to really have the books they chose to read to their new baby so we used them as décor on the tables and their favorite book was used as the guest book where their guests could write a little wish for the baby.

baby shower sprinkles shower buffetSprinkle Baby Shower 3Sprinkle Baby Shower 9Sprinkle Baby Shower 10

So if you’re looking for a fun alternative to the typical baby shower colors, think SPRINKLES!

Sources: Maddy from Mad Hearts Photography captured truly amazing detail shots of this “It’s A Girl” Baby Shower. That amazing cake is from The Hudson Cakery, the coordinating candy buffet tags are from MLShaughnessy Designs and those super cute (and perfect) balloons are from Oh Shiny Paper Co.


 Kimberly signature

St. Patrick’s Day Housewarming Party with Wayfair

DIY St. Patrick's Day Party copy

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away! I’ve teamed up with some Wayfair Homemakers to host a Housewarming Party full of St. Patrick’s Day Party ideas so you don’t have to think about it. Now you are free to use your time to create mischief, shenanigans, and malarkey.

Just to set the bar really high, here are gorgeous ideas for your whole party from Wayfair

DIY St. Patrick's Day Party

And I shall call this “shamrock chic

DIY St. Patty's Day gold four leaf clovers

I LOVE this! Make stained glass shamrocks and take in a really good life lesson.

Stained Glass Shamrocks8


Ummm… Irish Cream Cheesecake. Gluten Free. Yes please.


St. Patty’s Day gingerbread house. You can occupy your kids for a good chunk of time and then you get to eat it! (Also, PJ was my roommate at Alt so you know she’s got great taste)



I’m not Irish but I freaking love the spirit of this holiday and these talented ladies know how to celebrate it! Do you have any St. Patty’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear them! Thanks for joining the party!


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Housewarming Logo

How to Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party (and free printables!)

Want to throw a top o’ the charts party for St. Patrick’s Day? Well you’re in luck!

Here’s some great ideas for what to buy, eat, or make for a fab and shenanigan-filled St. Patty’s Day party (PLUS free printables!):

How to Throw a St. Patrick's Day Party


Start by setting the mood with a wisteria and clover scented Candle from Holly Beeez.


No party is complete without a photo booth, and what does every photo booth need? Props! The Prop Shop has a fun and festive set of St. Patrick’s Day Photobooth Props. I mean, check out the bling on the sunnies!


Can you think of a better way to display all your rainbow colored drinks than with these French Square Plastic Bottles from The TomKat Studio? Nope, I can’t either.



Now, I’m not irish, but I’ll pretend to be for a smooch…especially in cake form! This Studio DIY Kiss Me I’m Irish Cake is great way to show spirit without having to go all out green.


Pizzazzerie shows you have to give your guests the gift of gold with these St. Patrick’s Day Hidden Pot of Gold Brownies.


And I just can’t get over these St. Patrick’s Day Phyllo Eclairs from Best Friends for Frosting!



A Subtle Revelry Shamrock Paper Fans Photograph by Jocelyn Noel Photography for A Subtle Revelry.


Love balloons, hate helium tanks? Oh Happy Day’s St. Patrick’s Day Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch DIY is a perfect, helium-free way to do a balloon display!


I can’t be the only one with a jar of pennies collecting nothing but dust. Put them to good use like Made by Marzipan!



These awesome free printables from Leah Conis will MAKE your party. Download here and here and check out more of her goodies in her shop Purple Chloe! I’ve already started my St. Patrick’s Day prep. Not only does Leah’s DIY Kiss Me banner look cute, it was really easy to put together!

Kiss Me Banner

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