So, Day 10′s assignment of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure was: Work on Your Goal Project

Since our goal project for this month is to put up the hooks in the hallway and we already had them, there are only two things to do: decide on placement and put them up

Aaaand since whatshisface was still feeling pretty sick and he takes pride in being the one to put everything up (seriously, I’m not allowed to), all we could do yesterday was decide on placement.

So we did.

We’re going to stagger the five hooks, the three floral ones higher and the two initials lower, all on the wall with the mirror (you can see pictures of the hooks inĀ this post).

IMG_0059 IMG_0062I’m not completely in love with the arrangement, but I DO love having hooks readily available for us to throw our outerwear on and I think along the other wall will just get in the way when we try to squeeze through with the stroller (a seriously frustrating daily endeavor).

10 Days! I feel like that deserves a mini celebration in itself! I see chocolate and peanut butter in my future…

How is your project moving along? You don’t have to do the Cure to do a project and either way, I’d love to hear about it! Hope everyone is enjoying the process as much as I am!