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My name is Gilit (pronounced Geeleet, emphasis on the second syllable) and I’m really happy
you’re here because now we can commence our life-long friendship.

Whew, that was a big milestone!


ARTMONYC-55 copy

I live in Queens with the guy I affectionately call whatshisface and our two little punks who look different now but we haven’t gotten new family photos in a year… #ontopofthings. Mia has a lot more hair now, Aiden has less (we’ve gotten him a haircut since then).


I studied Advertising and Marketing and Visual Arts Management at FIT and I’ve had all sorts of jobs including but certainly not limited to: a gallerina, the library lady (minus the glasses, plus social media and exhibit skills), the camp art lady (Wet Hot American Summer is coming baaack!), and an artist’s assistant.

Girl Boss Glitter Gift Topper Tiny Prints x The Bannerie wrapping paper styled shootI write this blog where I post about DIY projects (they’re really easy or I wouldn’t do them because really, who has the time??), PARTIES (my happy place), and HOME DECOR (my love since I was five and sprawled out on the floor with all my mother’s magazines and moving all the furniture and decor in my room every other day).

I’ve also been known to do GIFT ROUNDUPS because I’m wild like that.


#GIRLBOSS banner from the BannerieI own a shop called the Bannerie where I sell cheeky glitter banners and other goodies for awesome people who like their parties and homes with a side of sparkle and fun. Bannerinas are all about humor, fun, and supporting each other.

I love my boss babes.


This friendship is gonna work, I can tell because 1- you got to this page and 2- you’re still reading. Let’s make it a two-way street, leave a comment below telling me about you!



P.S. I love taking photos and writing for other businesses too! If you wanna get in on that, e-mail me at thebannerie(at)gmail(dot)com and let’s talk!