Sara Tramp’s Instagram feed is dreamy, colorful, and I kind of just want to bathe in it. I asked her to share what it’s really like to take a photo for Instagram and she is so hilariously honest, you need to read this.

Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

People need to know that most Instagram photos are not glamorous behind the scenes! As in letting my ice cream melt down my hand while trying to get a picture while my boyfriend just stares at me in disbelief.

I’m not a colorful person, but I desperately want to be one and I think that reflects on my Instagram. I’ve chosen ice cream flavors based on what colors they are and how they’ll look on my camera.


Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

This avocado (which was cut open for breakfast) was just me alone in my kitchen, contorting myself into an awkward angle to shoot my hand with my phone in front of a piece of pink poster board I keep around (I’m currently having a full blown affair with warm greens on soft blushes… but who isn’t?)

Then I edited. First I used Snapseed to get rid of marks on the paper and color edit (the app has an amazing individual color editing feature and spot editor). Second I opened it in VSCO to preview how it would look in my feed (it uses the same 3×3 scroll format as Instagram which lets me play with how pictures will look in my feed next to each other)

VSCO is also great for skin tone and shadow editing (I try and remove as much shadow as possible from my images). Finally, I brought it into Instagram which is my favorite for cooling/warming photos, sharpening, and cropping them. It takes some patience but I could do this for hours. It’s very cathartic. That along with my having a serious Instagram addiction.

Happy ‘graming!

Sara’s feed is a great example of fantastic personal branding. Not only is each individual photo beautiful and on brand, but her feed as a whole is cohesive and recognizable. Check out Sara’s blog for more gorgeous photos and DIYs and obviously you should be checking out her Insta.


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