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DIY Pineapple Cup

The pineapple craze is going strong and I don’t see an end in sight, nor do I want to. But what exactly are you supposed to do with them after you’re done taking all those pictures for Instagram? Other than just eating them, which (unless you’re allergic) is pretty much a no-brainer, you can put the rind to use!


Instead of throwing away the rind, try turning it into a pineapple cup!

In case you aren’t like my mom and don’t just happen to already own a pineapple de-corer, for this diy you will need one. That and a pineapple. Make sure to be very careful with the de-corer, they are pretty sharp.

Pineapple De-Corer Sharp!

This process is easy peasy!

Start by cutting off the top of the pineapple.
Pineapple Top

Then stand it up.
Standing Pineapple

Line up the de-corer with the center of your pineapple.Center De-Corer

Twist and pull!Twist and Pull Add the drink of your choice along with a fun straw.Flamingo Straw And ENJOY!Pineapple Cup

See? I told you it was easy!

Want do you plan to pour into your pineapple cup?




What I Keep in My Instagram Prop Box

In case you weren’t aware, Gilit has been sharing some pretty amazing and super helpful Instagram tips, so if you’re not following her Instagram  account (@thebannerie), you need to! Like, right now. (Editor’s note: you see why I love Bethany, right? I don’t force her to shamelessly promote me but she does it anyway.)

Speaking of Instagram, one of my favorite “tools” for when I’m taking flatlays is painter’s tape. So much so, that I keep a roll in my Instagram prop box.

Yes, I keep a box of props for photos that has everything from mini disco balls to washi tape!

Instagram Props

Here are some ideas of things you can keep in yours:

Mini Honeycomb Balls

Mini Honeycomb BallsI like them because they are inexpensive, cute and tiny! You can get a pack of 10 for only $7 from the Oh Happy Day Shop!


My personal favorite confetti comes from The Confetti Bar. It’s even customizable!

Fun Shaped Candles
Fun Shaped Candles

Chances are you’ve already met Lola the flamingo, but did you know that Lola is a candle?! The Bannerie has them for $10 less than the ones at Nordstrom!

Boss Banners
Boss Banner

You can use The Bannerie’s banners to share phrases like Gilit does. Thanks to her I’m obsessed with punching today in the face.

Personal Items
Personal Items

While I wouldn’t recommend keeping your phone in your prop box (you might need it for Instagram photos and the occasional phone call), I encourage you to think outside of the box! You can always use what you have on hand!

Do you have an Insta prop box? What do you keep in it?



What's in my Instagram prop box

5 Ways to Hack a Store Bought Cake

I’m no Martha so when I need a cake, I run to the nearest grocery store. It saves me the effort of making a cake myself and costs a heck of a lot less than a gourmet bakery cake, but store bought cakes look kind of …boring. Luckily, there are a bunch of easy ways you can upgrade a basic store bought cake. Here are five of our faves.

1. Wallpaper it: This is so genius and the outcome is so gorgeous, I’m having a hard time containing myself. You can buy a plain white frosted cake and do THIS tutorial via Alana Jones-Mann, a freaking cake genius.

Wallpaper Tropical Print Cake

2. A Cake Topper: Cake toppers are an easy way to really step up your cake game and you can buy it or DIY it. We love this cool looking cake topper from The Roc Shop. (Psst she just came out with the cutest new line full of tropical vibes!)


This is such a good example of how a DIY cake topper can bring your store bought cake to a whole other level. These Mini Mylar Letter Balloons from A Joyful Riot are hands down more effort than buying a topper, but SO very amazing.


3. Write your own message: Coco Cake Land shows you how to make simple writing look pretty, even if your handwriting sucks.


4. Flowers: Sometimes the simplest ideas are really the most genius, replace the frosting flowers with real ones. A Practical Wedding knows the deal.

APW store bought wedding cake hack

5. Cand-ify it: Use gumballs or lollipops to decorate your basic cake in cool patterns. Check out the how-to and other easy store bought cake upgrades on the Minted blog

store bought cake lollipop upgrade

Do you have ideas on how to decorate a plain sheet cake and make it look fabulous? We really like it when you share!


Psst. remember these alternative cake toppers?

DIY Photo Backdrops Perfect for Spring

Aside from the occasional snow flurry here or there, spring is in the air. Spring means more sunlight and that we’ll be seeing tons of flowers and pastel everything, how great is that?!

Why not use all of those things to your advantage? Need a photo booth for your next spring event? (Mother’s Day is just around the corner…) Try one of these spring inspired photo backdrops, because they are perfection!

Spring Backdrops Collage

The obsession with finding creative ways to use fresh flowers is beyond real. So, almost needless to say Green Wedding Shoes nailed it! This flower wall is simple, easy and unbelievably pretty.


If you loved Gilit’s DIY Drop Cloth Rug, then brace yourself. The No-Sew Wedding Backdrop Michelle Edgemont did for A Practical Wedding is great for not only weddings, but so much more!


Fringe is in, and not just when it comes to clothes. The colors, the creativity, Oh Happy Day knows what’s up.


I’ve decided that Lovely Indeed has the cutest collection of photo backdrops, this Ombre Tissue Paper one is simply the bee’s knees.


You can use leftover supplies to recreate this Kathryn Godwin for Ruffled Blog Paper Punch Backdrop. How much do you want to just hang it up and leave it there forever? Light and airy, it really sums up the feeling of spring.



How to Throw a St. Patrick’s Day Party (and free printables!)

Want to throw a top o’ the charts party for St. Patrick’s Day? Well you’re in luck!

Here’s some great ideas for what to buy, eat, or make for a fab and shenanigan-filled St. Patty’s Day party (PLUS free printables!):

How to Throw a St. Patrick's Day Party


Start by setting the mood with a wisteria and clover scented Candle from Holly Beeez.


No party is complete without a photo booth, and what does every photo booth need? Props! The Prop Shop has a fun and festive set of St. Patrick’s Day Photobooth Props. I mean, check out the bling on the sunnies!


Can you think of a better way to display all your rainbow colored drinks than with these French Square Plastic Bottles from The TomKat Studio? Nope, I can’t either.



Now, I’m not irish, but I’ll pretend to be for a smooch…especially in cake form! This Studio DIY Kiss Me I’m Irish Cake is great way to show spirit without having to go all out green.


Pizzazzerie shows you have to give your guests the gift of gold with these St. Patrick’s Day Hidden Pot of Gold Brownies.


And I just can’t get over these St. Patrick’s Day Phyllo Eclairs from Best Friends for Frosting!



A Subtle Revelry Shamrock Paper Fans Photograph by Jocelyn Noel Photography for A Subtle Revelry.


Love balloons, hate helium tanks? Oh Happy Day’s St. Patrick’s Day Mini Rainbow Balloon Arch DIY is a perfect, helium-free way to do a balloon display!


I can’t be the only one with a jar of pennies collecting nothing but dust. Put them to good use like Made by Marzipan!



These awesome free printables from Leah Conis will MAKE your party. Download here and here and check out more of her goodies in her shop Purple Chloe! I’ve already started my St. Patrick’s Day prep. Not only does Leah’s DIY Kiss Me banner look cute, it was really easy to put together!

Kiss Me Banner


10 Super Cute Valentine’s Day in a Box Ideas

**Editor’s Note: This is the first post from a new contributor, Bethany Everett! I will officially introduce her along with the rest of the team but for now go check out her blog Twenty Something Plus for some fashion and makeup goodness!**

There are tons of DIYs out there, but the party in a box  is having a major moment right now. With Saturday being Valentine’s Day, what better way to show someone that you love them, than with a box filled to the brim?

Valentine's Day gift in a box ideas #valentinesday #valentinesgifts


1- Ana of Blog Milk’s Valentine surprise for her daughter Emma on Cake Events Blog is the cutest idea for the mini in your life.


2- Better Homes and Garden shared a number of DIY gifts, including this romantic movie box. Just add a fire place and couch cuddles!


3- When it comes to the world wide web, you can find just about anything on BuzzFeed. They even teach you how the art of nailing Valentines Day in a box.


 4- Laurel of A Bubbly Life has a DIY Valentines Day in a box that is seriously what Valentines Day dreams are made of!


 5- Think you’re manchild won’t dig the idea? Chelsey of Bright and Bold proves otherwise.


 6- Want to get really creative? Think inside the box, like inside this giant heart gift box from Martha Stewart!

The Martha Stewart Show

7- Need to plan a date for the night? The Dating Divas have you covered with date night in a box!


 8- Confetti Sunshine has a party in a box DIY idea for just about everything! This one for chocolate lovers is also perfect for Valentine’s Day, because we all know we’re really more excited for the day after discount candy…


 9- Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave created a pink and red masterpiece.


 10- Valentine’s Day not your thing? Since this week is also technically Galentine’s Day and You Are My Fave totally gets that!


 Happy almost Galentine’s Day! It’s not too late to throw a party
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