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Mia’s Toddler Room

My tool-toting tutu-wearing toddler has become a kitty, princess, and mermaid obsessed little girl. All of a sudden she loves everything pink and whimsical…where does she get that from? It’s a mystery we may never solve.

Up until now she was sharing a room with her big brother so working with the Land of Nod to make her new toddler room is a total dream come true and allowing some input from Mia (she is 2 after all and has the attention span of a gnat) this is what we came up with:

Mia's pink blue and yellow/gold toddler room

The Land of Nod Laura Blythman Mountains Poster Decal, Studio Mucci fringe tassel garland, The Land of Nod campaign nightstand, IKEA bed, Hello Tosha print, The Land of Nod Ashley Goldberg bedding, The Land of Nod clip lamp, Britt Castellano pillow, Overstock plastic molded rocker, Anthropologie letter (similar), One Eyed Dog ombre arrow hook (no longer sold) Wayfair pink leather ottoman.

We’ll probably also use some of what we had on the wall in our old apartment. We’re definitely getting there and I can’t wait to finish and share the reveal!

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Bringing the Palm Leaf Print Trend Home

I’m so not over the palm leaf print trend, I legit want my house to look like it belongs in Palm Springs and will bring in as much hot pink and plants that I can’t kill as possible. You can’t kill plants if they’re on fabric, can you?

Bring palm leaves inside with these fun accessories!
Pillow  // Wallpaper  // Acrylic Drinkware  // Floor Pillow // Shoes  // Sweatshirt // Deck Chair // Ottoman

How do you feel about this trend? Can’t get enough or totally over it?

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An Honest Look at Styling for Instagram

Sara Tramp’s Instagram feed is dreamy, colorful, and I kind of just want to bathe in it. I asked her to share what it’s really like to take a photo for Instagram and she is so hilariously honest, you need to read this.

Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

People need to know that most Instagram photos are not glamorous behind the scenes! As in letting my ice cream melt down my hand while trying to get a picture while my boyfriend just stares at me in disbelief.

I’m not a colorful person, but I desperately want to be one and I think that reflects on my Instagram. I’ve chosen ice cream flavors based on what colors they are and how they’ll look on my camera.


Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

This avocado (which was cut open for breakfast) was just me alone in my kitchen, contorting myself into an awkward angle to shoot my hand with my phone in front of a piece of pink poster board I keep around (I’m currently having a full blown affair with warm greens on soft blushes… but who isn’t?)

Then I edited. First I used Snapseed to get rid of marks on the paper and color edit (the app has an amazing individual color editing feature and spot editor). Second I opened it in VSCO to preview how it would look in my feed (it uses the same 3×3 scroll format as Instagram which lets me play with how pictures will look in my feed next to each other)

VSCO is also great for skin tone and shadow editing (I try and remove as much shadow as possible from my images). Finally, I brought it into Instagram which is my favorite for cooling/warming photos, sharpening, and cropping them. It takes some patience but I could do this for hours. It’s very cathartic. That along with my having a serious Instagram addiction.

Happy ‘graming!

Sara’s feed is a great example of fantastic personal branding. Not only is each individual photo beautiful and on brand, but her feed as a whole is cohesive and recognizable. Check out Sara’s blog for more gorgeous photos and DIYs and obviously you should be checking out her Insta.


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Styling Your Interior for Instagram

If you don’t know Sam Ushiro of Aww, Sam yet well then first of all, you are so so very welcome for the intro of awesome into your life and second, let me just prepare you for the insane bouts of jealousy you’ll probably experience when you look at her photos. Grab a donut, curl up into your favorite cozy blanket, and pay attention because if you have ever had to take photos of your interior for Instagram then you know that a whole new set of rules apply. And here they are:
AwwSam apartment “Having recently moved into a larger studio space, I’ve had to figure out some techniques to photographing and styling on a larger scale. I used to live in the tiniest New York apartment, so I was very restricted to certain photo crops, and I never got the chance to photograph my interior space. When it finally came time to start photographing my interior space, I faced problems that I hadn’t dealt with before. Here are a few tips to decorating your space, how to get rid of those pesky shadows, and how to take the best Instagram photos of your space!

1. Utilize your space by using multiple planes within the photo. Everyone loves photos where the foreground is in focus and the background has a soft blur. Choose objects to put in different planes of your photo and set your focal point on an object in the foreground to achieve this look. It also makes for a more interesting photo when everything is not always in a straight line!

2. I’m a huge fan of natural light! Observe when your space gets the best natural light (this is different for everyone depending on which direction the windows in your apartment face). I turn off all other lights in my apartment, so shadows don’t come from above, and I always avoid times of the day when the light is shining directly into my apartment. Really bright natural light will cause photos to be blown out and will give harsher shadows.


3. Choose a color palette that works for you and your space. I’m constantly re-arranging pillows or moving around decorations to change what colors appear in my photos. And just to mix it up a bit for my followers! Choose props that best fit the colors of the area you’re photographing, you can always move the props again so don’t get stuck on one arrangement. It’s your space, so you can go crazy moving furniture around without judgement!

4. Know your space. If you have a smaller space, you may find yourself standing on top of kitchen counters or shooting through a door frame or hallway. (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it, and nobody will know what lengths you went to to get a great photo!) :) If there’s a hallway you can head down or a doorway you can shoot through to get a better view of your living room, go for it!

AwwSam Studio

5. Move objects slightly away from the wall. This prevents shadows on the wall behind your furniture and will allow viewers to focus more on the space. If you are still getting shadows, set up a large, white poster board facing the window or a piece of cardboard wrapped in tin foil to reflect the light and soften the photo.”

For more gorgeousness and examples of why you should be listening to Sam, check out her insta @aww.sam and her new blog filled with things like pink ombre cake shots and DIY taco purses. I’m not even kidding a little bit.

5 Steps to Make a Fabulous Fruity Flamingo Party

5 steps to throw your own fruity flamingo partyHello everyone, my name is Dawn from Not Just A Mommy and I’m thrilled to be here, sharing my Fruity Flamingo party table. My philosophy is every event is a celebration and you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

1. To set the scene, I love using wrapping paper as a table cover: it comes in a limitless array of colors and patterns, it’s inexpensive and it makes clean up a breeze. And when I can’t find exactly what I want,  I create my own by stamping butcher paper. Usually, I use a store bought stamp but this time I used a lemon. Head over to my blog and check out the how-to.


2- Reusable partyware is an important part of every hostess’s party arsenal: tissue decorations, cloth napkins, cake stands and platters are good investments and are ready at a party moment’s notice.


3- The secret to fabulous decorating is in the details. Place cards are one of my favorite touches on any table, all you need is a little piece of paper and your best handwriting. I cut a 4″ circle out of cardstock, folded it in half and wrote in guest names. You can also use them as food cards.


4- Paper straws make any drink festive, I never tire of them! I found fun pineapple and flamingo straws at Dollar Tree and swapped out their plastic straws for my paper ones.


5- Another party trick I love to use is wrapping drink bottles in coordinating paper. I’ve used all types of paper from cardstock and scrapbook paper to wrapping paper.


And since I love freebies, the fruity paper download I created and used on the drink bottles, I’m sharing for free! I designed it so you could trim it down and get 3 3 ½” x 7 ½” soda labels per sheet. It’s also versatile enough to be used to turn into napkin rings, fun tags and labels, whatever you want!

FREE FRUITY PAPER PRINTABLE – (click here to download)

I hope you have been inspired to have some fruity fun this summer! If you are looking for more colorful, summer party ideas, check out my Flamingo + Pineapple party!


Guest Editor for Brickyard Buffalo!

Sometimes I stop and realize that I’m doing things that a few months ago I would not have thought I would ever have the opportunity to do because they’re so freakin’ cool to me.

This is one of those things. I am CRAZY excited to be the guest editor for Brickyard Buffalo this week! It has been such a good experience, so so extremely fun to curate things that I know my audience would love, the BB team is a dream to work with and I love supporting makers that I know to be awesome.

Here are my faves:


Thimblepress push pop confetti and pineapple print

I use the confetti all the time for styling photos (plus ones I keep in case of spontaneous celebration). I had the pink pineapple print up in my favorite corner of my office, but now that we moved I can’t decide whether I want to keep it in the office or elsewhere in the house. I just want it everywhere, is the truth.

Aww.Sam pineapple pin

I love this flair so much! I wore it at Alt Summit and got so many “ooh! Where did you get that?”s. (P.S. Sam is a master stylist who will be sharing some tips on the blog next week!)

Coco and Ollie flamingo print

So so beautiful and you should see what else Coco Tafoya has in her shop and what she offers at Deluxe Modern. She’s amazing. And so is her hair.

The Roc Shop tropical stir sticks

Nicole is such a rocker and all around fabulous designer at Nic Roc Designs, she’s cheeky, irreverent, and sophisticated and if I were redoing my wedding, she would be designing the invitation suite. Maybe I should get married again…remind me to ask my husband to re-propose (I make him do this on the regular so he’ll take it in stride) kitty tumbler and florabunda notebook

@circusofcakes image of kitty tumbler

10431872_1113602935320577_704094464_n is always a yes for me and I have such a soft spot for these two items because every morning in the summer I have my iced coffee and no joke having it in my pretty kitty tumbler is just the nicest way to start my day. I’m also a huge believer in notebooks and putting a pen to paper. Having a gorgeous notebook helps make sure that happens.

Britt Castellano sprinkles pillow and cactus print

bitt castellano cactus print

SPRINKLES pillow! Its a pillow… with sprinkles. SPRINKLES!

Hello Tosha lettered prints

Oh this babe! She’s so crazy talented and her specific style of hand lettering is my fave hands down. She’s also funny smart and thoughtful and it shows in her gorgeous work. ALSO she lettered the “you got this” and “treat yo self” tattoos!!!!

The Prop Shop flamingo prop set


So you know how every party is better with a photo booth and every photo booth is better with props? Here is a ready to go sparkly fabulous flamingo set. which is the best kind.

& Apparel sparkle enthusiast tee and pineapple belts (from the Bannerie collection!)


I wear this tee like every day for obvious reasons. And the belt, oh the belt. Bright stretchy fabric and gold pineapple clasp. It just makes everything better.

Little Arrow Shop FRI-YAY print

Omg I love this shop! I think its particularly important to celebrate the first day of the weekend because living your life celebrating all the things makes for a celebration-filled life. An obvious statement, but think about it…

Violet Tinder Studios watercolor fruit prints

Violet makes everything so FUN! I mentioned on Instagram but I’ll repeat it here, her feed is the color scheme of my soul.

Ayden’s Rose boho pomp pom hoops


A contributor to this blog, Emily started this shop not too long ago and look at this gorgeousness! Its a unicorn!

Chankklas women and children’s sandals

Am I using the word “gorgeous” too much? Its because all these things are and deserve that description! These are exquisite and for a very limited time they’re on sale along with the rest of these goodies so dont walk, dont run, HUSTLE YOUR TUCHUS on over to Brickyard Buffalo for these deals now!


So…what’re you gonna get?

Flamingo Party Hats with Sprout by HP

Moving is so so very hard (to be clear, I’m totally whining). And at least I get why we’re moving and got to actually make that decision. As far as the kids go, we’ve lived in this apartment since Aiden was 3 months old and Mia’s been here her whole life so it’s a HUGE adjustment. But I am determined to make it as fun and exciting as I can because I have this vision of me being a fun mom who makes life magical and sometimes I like to deliver on that. So I did the only natural thing and made “moving party” hats (in a flamingo pattern, obviously) using my HP Sprout.

Sprout by HP

I had scanned two flamingo candles using the HP Sprout Workspace earlier, so I put one flamingo right side up and the other upside down and then copied and pasted it into a pattern. Then I saved it in Photoshop as a pattern and used it to fill the party hat template  from Oh Happy Day.flamingo pattern wallpaper 600

flamingo party hat templatesHere’s the template with the flamingo pattern filled in.

I’ve packed most of my supplies already so instead of elastic I had to pin it to their hair but Mia was literally shouting “FLAMIIIINGOS!” I’ve trained her so well.  Aiden was like “um, I wanted dragons mom, why did you have to make flamingos?” but then he followed it up with, “I’ll just do it myself” (P.S. he totally can, the Sprout is super intuitive for kids and he thinks everything is a touch screen anyway)

DIY printable flamingo party hatsYou know what’s super awesome? My confetti and flamingo candles were already packed but I had the images saved from scanning them earlier so I was able to make a graphic just like I would if I was photographing them. Win.

What would you create with the Sprout by HP? I’ve been randomly scanning in cool fabrics as I notice them and the cloud storage is amazing so I’m not worried about not having enough “space” which is actually a huge deal for me as a serial photographer and screenshot-er

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* This post was sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit awesome #SproutbyHP #CIY *

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