The Bannerie is open again! I’m in the middle of working on the re-brand and am SO excited about the direction the Bannerie is going in. We’ve got a new tagline and things have changed a little internally too.



What’s Changed:

Some colors, some fonts, some patterns :)

Quicker turnaround! There is a two to three week turnaround as opposed to four. It’s still just me hand making every banner but I’m hopeful that with some new things in place I can get you your banners much quicker.

#GIRLBOSS banner

The only custom options are names! You can add it to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner or order it on it’s own, but that is the one and only custom option I can offer right now.

Which means… I’ve got a product line! I’ve really been holding back and keeping it mostly bland and stepped out once or twice for custom orders but from now on I’m letting it all out! All the crazy, all the quirky, all the stuff that I wasn’t doing because I wanted to appeal to everyone. Just like life, you can’t please everyone plus I’m just so much better at being myself so I may as well be.

I don't hate you Valentine's banner


I’m also offering an option to turn any mini banner into a cake topper. There have been a lot of requests and I’ve played with it a little but in the interest of keeping this one person business running, this is the simplest way for me to fulfill Bannerina needs (and wants) and still get to sleep at night.

What hasn’t changed:

The service. I used to work almost literally 24/7 and it isn’t the way I want to live my life so I reevaluated, set hours and stuck to them. I highly recommend doing this if you are able to. It also means that when I’m working I am all there and better able to serve you!

shake it off banner

Everything else you’ve come to know and expect with the Bannerie! I work hard to make every Bannerie package look like a party and feel like a present. I love my Bannerinas and am always looking for ways to better and grow the business. Those are things that will never change.

Treat Yo Self glitter banner

Thank you, as always, for supporting the Bannerie. I’m headed off to Alt this week and I am so excited! I am much more focused than last year, I know what I want out of it, and this time I know people! See you on the other side!


P.S. For this who have inquired, for giveaways and collaborations, e-mail me at the bannerie(at)gmail(dot)com with details and I will get back to you as soon as I can if we are a good fit! If nothing else this past year I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask!