Purple is my favorite color. It’s also the color of our dining room walls (did not think Tuv was gonna go for that one) and the major accent color in our living room and it makes me happy every time I notice it. There’s a life lesson: slow down and notice the purple walls

Naturally when I posted the drop cloth rug I made, I kept feeling the need to point out to people how much I love purple and how it’s the best color. So here’s a roundup of purple decor that I love.

Be Still My Heart: Purple Decor

Purple Decor, Shoes Off Please

I am in love with this kitchen. I love that it’s so clean and white with the wood table, woven basket and then BAM! Those chairs! (P.S. my future patio will have those chairs, maybe not in purple, but they’ll be there. And then you’ll come and sit on them and love them like I do)

Purple Decor | Shoes Off Please

This purple dining room a great example of how I go for drama over subtlety. I love the richness! Seriously I could just stare at this color all day..

Purple Decor | Shoes Off Please

I love this purple table (painted with car paint, a trick my sister used with some fantastic lighting in her house) and how interesting every piece in this room is.

Purple Decor | Shoes Off Please

Artist Kirra Jameson‘s living room has a great purple chair (plus everything else in it)

Purple Decor | Shoes Off Please

Then again, you can be more subtle about it like Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman’s living room (would anyone have ever put “subtle” in the same sentence as those two? They are seriously my fave couple)

Purple Decor | Shoes Off Please

 How do you feel about purple? Do you love it? Or *GASP* do you hate it? 

Have a great weekend!


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