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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

We like to be selective about what toys we bring into our home. And I’m not saying everything is beautiful, wooden, or antique (I gave up on that five years ago when I realized our 6 month old didn’t have all the same values I did. Total shocker.) But when we get a toy for our kids, we want it to be something that  1- occupies them in a safe manner 2-fosters creativity and/or independence. I’ve put together a roundup of some of my favorite gift ideas for kids this holiday season. Some we have, some we’ve played with at other people’s houses, but they are all things we would bring into our home.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2015

1- Wooden blocks  Not to be completely obvious but these are classic for a reason. My five and three year old build together nicely for hours every weekend before they realize that they forgot to fight.
 Lincoln logs  Another classic, it’s also another way to think about building and putting things together and these things last for decades.

2- Marble mania  I can see my son going absolutely crazy for this. Although I asked him if he wanted to be a toy engineer and he tiredly replied “but then I’d have to save the world every day…AND build things… AND figure everything out.”

3- Kid-Sized table  I really love kid-sized things because it really empowers them. The kids know where the art supplies are and can just grab them and sit down at the table. And they do. Which means I get to collapse for a few minutes before the nighttime circus routine begins.

4- Play tent  I love tents for kids! It’s this small enclosed, private space just for them and it’s so magical. Yes, we build blanket forts on the regular but those have to come down at some point. Plus think of all the toys you could toss in there to hide when guests come over.

5- Play kitchen This is the play kitchen we got for Mia last year and not only I am completely jealous because obviously I want a pink kitchen of my own, but the girl has not stopped playing with it. It’s also fabulous as storage. Always a bonus because in our house, toys are like glitter. Or bunnies. Whatever, they’re everywhere unless they have a specific place to go.

6- Dress up  I firmly believe that every kid can benefit from dress up. They’re at a stage when they are unselfconscious and can let their imaginations run wild, nothing as ridiculous as responsibility or real life to get in their way. I save old scarves and jewelry for such things, but sometimes you really need the fake beard.

7- Rocking horse  Someone gifted this to Mia when she was born and at three years old she’s still completely enchanted with it. Extra points for durability, but may I suggest removing the batteries before you hand this over to your little one? You’ll understand within minutes.

8- Dollhouse  Don’t tell Mia, but she’s getting a dollhouse this year! She’s hinted enough, dropping like a hot potato the second she sees one and screaming bloody murder when she has to stop.

9- Globe To this day I am so ashamed at how little geography I know and I’m determined my kids never know that shame. It is shameful. AVOID THE SHAME!

10- Workshop We finally have a garage where my husband can go and build me ALL THE THINGS (right, babe?) and I think it would be the ultimate adorable bonding experience to have the kids work by his side (while I stare lovingly and supportively from the warm house)

You can see more gifts for kids at hayneedle.com

What are your favorite kid’s holiday gifts? Anything you got as a kid you really want your kids to have also? Or you’re determined they should never get because you know all the trouble you created with yours?


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This post was sponsored by hayneedle.com All ideas and opinions are mine. Especially that shameful geography one.

Fruit You Can Wear

While it’s summer, I love to acknowledge it in every way possible and one of my favorite ways is by wearing lots of fruity things! Whether you want to cover yourself in head to toe fruit or just accessorize, this list has you covered:

Fruit you can wear

clockwise: Watermelon Nail Stickers // Pineapple scarf // Watermelon shirt  // Lemon studs // Pineapple shoes // Strawberry shirt // Bananas sequin sweatshirt // Fruit pants // Strawberry clutch // Citrus clutch // Banana skirt // Lemon laptop sleeve // Lemon dress // Pineapple skirt // Fruit shirt

Have you found anything fabulous and fruity lately? Are you as concerned with making summer last as long as possible as I am?

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Awesome Things from Last Week

You may have read that I keep an “awesome folder” where I keep screenshots of everything wonderful that happens with the blog and business and I thought I’d share some from this week:

The Bannerie was a part of Studio DIY’s first ever Can’t Crop This Class swag bags! We sent over banners that said “LIKE A BOSS” and “YOU GOT THIS”

Studio DIY Can't Crop This Class Swag Bag

You guys know I’m always a sucker for a good nursery roundup, well check out this one from Redhead Baby Mama! She’s hosting a Wayfair Housewarming Party and sharing all sorts of kid’s bedroom decorating ideas and inspiration and included Aiden and Mia’s shared room!

Incredibly excitingly, I was interviewed by Maddie Eisenhart of A Practical Wedding about networking and saying no and being a young business.

Boss Babe metallic tattoo

We had our first post from our latest blog contributor Emily McAllister on DIY Painted Pots for Spring and it had a great response, thanks so much for the love!

And the completely fabu site Brit + Co included my DIY glitter cake toppers in this fun roundup (which I’ll be needing in a little over a year)!

I’ll be talking more about what this year has taught me about being a “boss” and will be having a small but boss giveaway (yes, another one!) starting this Wednesday.

What awesome things happened to you last week?


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Big Girl Room Roundup

You guys clearly love the room roundups and I love giving the people what they want (plus I love dreaming about decorating Mia’s future room), so here’s a roundup of more big girl rooms!

Big Girl Room Roundup

Top Row: In the Fun Lane, Wren’s Room, Young House Love, Clara’s Room, Design Sponge, Marlowe’s Bedroom


Second Row: Me Oh My Blog, Presley’s Big Girl Room, The Handmade Home, Fall Decor

_MG_9588 day_bed_handmade

Third Row: Charlotte Love, Goodhomes Magazine July 2013, Design Stiles, Leighton’s Big Girl Room, Sarah Stacey Design, Spanish Oaks

GOODHOMES JULY2013 L_bedroomSarah-Stacey-Interior-Design-Interior-Designers-Austin-Bohemian-Bedroom-and-Playroom

Bottom Row: Pillow Thought, Lexi’s Room, The Short and the Sweet of it, Mila’s Room

pillow thought-lexi's room Mila's Room Daybed


Man do I love these rooms, they’re all multi-dimensional and can easily transition from toddler to teen. Honestly, I could be so happy living in some of these rooms. Which one’s your fave? 


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Top 10 Posts of 2014

I had this idea that really going for the Bannerie meant that the blog had to be all about parties and I said something to that effect. I love parties and they will always be a part of Shoes Off Please, but trying to keep the blog only about parties felt a little forced for me (and also…. I didn’t do it) and I’ve really missed doing nursery and interior posts.

My stats have more than doubled this year which is quite honestly a surprise since I haven’t been blogging much, but a lot of those numbers have to do with posts I wrote last year! Looks like you love the party DIYs and room roundups the most!

Here are your 10 favorite posts:

10. DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Toppers

Gold, sparkly, and edible (well the glitter part, not the skewers or wooden letters. I am definitely not recommending you eat skewers or wooden letters).


9. Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches Party (with mustache printables

This feels like so long ago! Aiden is four and a half now and that much closer to growing a real mustache. Though at his last haircut he asked the barber to make him bald so he could look like a ninja turtle. Bald and a mustache…that’s my boy!

8. Best Photobooth Backdrops

An oldie, but a goodie, I think I need to do a sequel because there are so many amazing DIY Photo Booth backdrops going on and a lot of them are so doable for the average mildly crafty person (and some need no craftiness, evil or otherwise)

7. DIY Drop Cloth Rug

Honestly, this is my favorite DIY to date. Our living room looks so different now because we sold those couches, bought a new gray one, found amazing blue velvet Room and Board chairs on Craigslist and have a white coffee table (which is actually a Land of Nod play activity table), but I’m so happy we have a photo of what it used to look like.

6. DIY No-Sew Shape Garland

Looks like no one wants to sew! I got a sewing machine this year and I have such a love/hate relationship with it, but this DIY is so easy, there’s really no need for a sewing machine or skills.


5. Shared Boys Rooms

No boats or cowboys here! I still really like these options, they feel fresh and fun.

4. Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup (boys and girls)

Sometimes I’m so annoyed at myself for doing gender-specific nurseries and then I get annoyed at myself for trying to be PC about it so… it is what it is. Don’t read into it. This is actually one of my favorites because I had such hard time finding inspiration for Aiden and Mia’s shared room and it’s one of my most popular pins by far.

3. How to Put Together a Last Minute New Year’s Party

It’s not all nurseries for you guys! This became #3 in a matter of a few weeks and if it’s a matter of pulling together elements/inspiration for throwing a party, then I’d love to do more posts like that! If it’s all about procrastination, well I feel you and I’ll see what I can do about that!

2. Shared Toddler and Baby Girl Rooms

I really loved putting this roundup together. Over the years I’ve shared a room with my poor older sister (sorry and I love you!) and there’s something so special about sisters sharing a room (and a closet once we got to a certain age.)

Shared Baby and Toddler Girl Rooms

1. DIY Play Tents and Teepees

The number one viewed post was the roundup of DIY play tents and teepees! I’d love to hear if any of you actually made one. If we ever get a house and a playroom, this is the post I’ll be going to when I beg Tuvia to make one for the kids (I won’t have to beg, he’s totally into it).

Some of these are in the top ten for two years running so I’m taking the hint and will work on more room roundups this year (yay!) and more on party DIYs. I also think maybe it’s time to decide on what graphic and font I want to use on my photos to make it more cohesive! On the other hand, maybe not. Way to keep you hanging.

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Hey Dollface Vol. 3

Heeyyyy lovers!

First and foremost, I need a new TV show to watch because most things I have to wait to watch with Tuvia but he has class at night and I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to work all night long and I want to relax with a really good show. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.

Here are some other things have been going on:

  • Sarah  of Sarah Hearts did a follow-up post on the West Elm Meet + Make sponsors and she called me “witty” and “hilarious” so you know she’s got good taste.

Fall Y'all glitter letter banner

  • Remember that insanely wonderful Lisa Frank inspired wedding? Well, Friendors did a Feature on the Bannerie and all I can see is that I clearly didn’t work too hard on my handwriting and my answers aren’t funny (sorry Sarah!) buuut you do learn a little something. Also they’re coming to NY for an amazing photoshoot at the end of December so if you are a local vendor or model register at Friendors.com!

Custom glitter party banner

  • I’m having a giveaway in honor of Mia’s birthday and trust me, the winner of this party in a box is gonna be so happy! Head over to Instagram for how to enter- you’ve got until Sunday night!


  • I had my first wholesale order! It’s going to be my last for now. People have been asking for awhile and I decided to try it out (the shop isn’t open yet but I will let you know when it is!). I just want you to know that if you asked me, I really appreciate that you want Bannerie products in your store and I think you are awesome.


  • Lastly, I had an amazing conversation with Emily Ley, a woman whom I admire so much as a business owner, a designer, and a mother. She helped me focus and validated some business decisions that I wish I was too confident to need, but I’m not and I am so excited for the future, both of our family and the business. To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out what I want to share publicly and what I should just do. I’m a sharer (I wasn’t for most of my life so maybe now I’m making up for it?) and I legit love you guys but some things should stay behind the scenes.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner


What have you been up to my little love bunnies? And please, for glitter’s sake, what shows should I watch? #theimportantthings

the bannerie - Signature - new

P.S. Like my pretty new glittery signature? Me too :)

Hey Dollface, Vol. 2

Hey Dollface!

It has been a killer few weeks trying to get everything in between the Jewish holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and spending time with my family but getting a week’s worth of work done in half the time? Not a fan of that part.

Here are some things that have been going on that I am a fan of!

-A Lisa Frank inspired FRIENDORS CONSULTANCY Inspiration Collaboration which I have shared on my Facebook and IG but I cannot get enough of!

Lisa Frank Wedding Inspiration. FOR LIKE EVER banner via the Bannerie

– -Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop owner, Cindy,  made this PARTY LIKE A FLAMINGO party for her six year old. Spy the banner?

Olivias party like a flamingo birthday (100 of 103)

-A modern Halloween kids party put together by Chelsey Mass on Mom’s Best Network. I LOVE how she used mini YAY letters as a popcorn topper. Now I need to top everything with glitter letters! (You’d think I thought of that before, but nope!)

Kid's Halloween Party with free download


– Jessica of The Confetti Bar made the most perfect confetti for Mia’s upcoming birthday party!  Remember this Store Spotlight?

The Confetti Bar Custom Mix Flamingos and Pineapples confetti

What’s been going on in your lives? Any exciting news? Any Bannerie moments? Share in the comments! I cannot tell you how much it means to me when you share feedback and photos, it is the BEST!

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