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The Best Party Hats

Have you noticed that people are really getting into party hats? I LOVE IT! People who are willing to be silly and to dress up are usually the most fun, whether they are kids or adults. So basically if you have fun party hats at your party or in your daily life, I love you.

Here are my favorite party hats, some you can buy, some you can make, all are welcome at my next party:

20 Best Party Hats


Little Blue Olive felt crowns and hats are the standard in first birthday party hats and make the cutest keepsakes

Little Blue Olive Hat and Crown

Wee Three Kids Shop crochet crowns are precious in the best way

Wee Three Kids Shop Crochet Crown

Geronimo Balloon confetti party hat screams PARTY!

Confetti Party Hats from Geronimo

Ban.Do party headband is a nice twist on the party hat tradition

band party headband

Oh Happy Day DIY party hat including a template.

Oh Happy Day Party Hat DIY

Studio DIY fresh flower party hats really up the game. I think they would be perfectly acceptable at a wedding. Also this glitter holiday party hat for obvious reasons.

studio diy party hats

A Pumpkin and a Princess also made DIY sparkly party hats. I never say no to sparkle.

DIY sparkly party hats

A Pretty Cool Life DIY party hat cupcake toppers are possibly the cutest thing ever.

Mini Cupcake Wrapper Party Hats | A Pretty Cool Life

Opening Ceremony pompom hats used store bought party hats and gussy them up. That’s my ideal.

Pom Pom Party Hats

Jacks & Kate made these genius sprinkled mini party hats. I know the hats are paper but I really want to just try a bite.

jacks and kate sprinkled mini party hats

Confetti hats! 100 Layer Cakelet always has the answer.

Confetti Party Hats | 100 Layer Cakelet

Disney (best name ever) from Ruffles and Stuff shared two awesome tutorials on A Subtle Revelry including hats with ruffles!

Ruffled Party Hats from Ruffles and Stuff via A Subtle Revelry

Just so we’re totally clear and there’s no confusion, my birthday is July 7th and this is what I want it to look like. Those hats are a must.

Best party hats EVER via 100 Layer Cake

Party headbands a la Julep (Minted’s blog) are also acceptable

Party headbands | Julep

Ambrosia Girl made this DIY wire birthday crown and I really love it because you can go so many directions with it

DIY wire birthday crown

I realize spelling out these letters can make me sound vapid but Oh. Em. Gee. THESE from Baby Jungle. And you can actually make them.

DIY toilet paper roll party crowns

The immensely talented and creative Merrilee of Mer Mag made these awesome New Year’s Eve hats which you can obviously adapt to any celebration (or daily life if that’s how you roll). Her blog is now at here so go get lose there for awhile and then get her book so your kids think you’re much cooler than you really are.

Mer Mag DIY New Year's Eve Party Hats

LACE CROWNS! Girl Inspired indeed.

DIY lace crowns

Polka Dot Chair has printable…. wait for it… polka dot party hats!


I just can’t say no to confetti. There isn’t enough self control in the world to make that happen. This is also really quick and I think it would be a super cute (albeit super messy) party activity. Just have the adults tie on the elastics after the kids decorate and they can put them on once they dry and then they can eat cake while wearing fun party hats. Heaven. Confetti Sunshine, I applaud you.


I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that I’ll be making any of these for Mia’s upcoming birthday party. BUT if anyone else wants to, that would bring me pure joy. It’s really just a time issue. Even though some of these are really quick and easy (or you can purchase and have someone else make for you) I have a tendency to go overboard with all the things I want to do, so this year I’m trying to stick to one or two things and I’ve already gotten the supplies and am forcing myself not to get more.

So… party hats. Do you love them as much as I do? Do you think they’re overrated? No, don’t tell me if you think they are because that would put our relationship in jeopardy. Unless you think we are so strong that we can withstand that kind of discrepancy. But maybe just don’t.


P.S. Honorable mention because I just saw it, Best Friends for Frosting disco ball party hat. Aw yeah!

Best Friends for Frosting DIY disco ball party hat

5 Gorgeous DIY Painted Curtains

One of the easiest ways to update the decor in your room is by switching up the curtains (pillows and painting are my other go-tos). There are a lot of ways to make or update your own curtains and my favorite is by painting them!

Here are five gorgeous painted curtains with tutorials so you can also make them!

DIY Painted Curtains Roundup

1- Classic and easy striped curtains from the ever-hilarious Kelly at View Along the Way

DIY painted stripe curtains from View Along the Way

2- Beautiful and seriously professional looking chevron curtains from the Hunted Interior

DIY painted chevron curtains from the Hunted Interior

3- I LOVE this pattern from A Beautiful Mess and want to put it in our apartment somewhere

DIY painted spots curtains from a Beautiful Mess

4- Pretty ikat curtains from Proverbs 31 Girl

diy painted ikat curtains from proverbs 31 girl

5- I saw Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design‘s painted curtains on IG and I thought “wow, that’s a pretty pattern I wonder what company she got them from” SHE PAINTED THEM! Right!?!

diy painted marble jonathan adler inspired curtains from cuckoo 4 design


What’s your favorite? I’ve never painted curtains, but since I painted a rug I feel like I could handle it and most definitely want to in the future!


Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 2014 Edition

I have been a mom for almost four years now so I’m a tooootal expert….. Okay, fine I’m learning as I go and clueless as the next person parent, but I know what I would want for Mother’s Day and maybe it’s what you (or your mom) want too:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here’s the list of all the things that Tuvia can get for me

for being his baby mama:

6a00d8358081ff69e201a73dace9a8970d-800wi il_570xN.488958590_9wymil_570xN.441746995_attc

A plant. I know that’s weird, but I want a fiddle leaf fig plant bc they’re supposedly hard to kill and I love the life a plant brings to a room. That or a succulent. P.S. I killed a cactus once. Ikea sells fiddle leaf fig trees for pretty cheap and A Beautiful Mess has a great DIY planter tutorial. If you’d rather just buy, this hanging one is amazing though maybe not for fiddle leaf fig plants or succulents… I really don’t know though some have called me a plant expert. It was Aiden. And he used the term “green monster” but that’s basically the same thing.


Jewelry. duh. Crafts and Love yes please.

il_570xN.581724381_j9xx il_570xN.579369281_3d5dil_570xN.559419935_e61i

A cardFunny, pretty, meaningful or all three.


Flowers. Peonies, ranunculus, and anemones are my faves but just about anything bright and/or colorful makes me happy. Paper or felt flowers are also very acceptable.


Sequin covered anything like this hanger or camera strap for instance…


Some free time…maybe a manicure (it’s been a reeaallly long time), a massage (ooooh!!! I vote for that!), a long leisurely meal with my girls…OMG or someone to come and scour the whole apartment top to bottom while I’m not there. All acceptable.

Tickets! A concert, a play, a movie- I don’t care!

And basically anything from the Blogger’s Favorite Things Exchange. This was what my friend Alex of Northstory received:


And obviously this will be followed by a nice glass of wine as we sit by the fireside… okay I don’t like nice wine (give me a Malibu Bay Breeze any day!) and we don’t have a fireplace, but I’d love to spend the end of the day with my favorite whatshisface on the couch reminiscing about the good old days when we felt like good parents (Aiden was a freakishly easy baby.)

What’s on your list for Mother’s Day? What are you getting your mom? I’m giving mine the gift of being near me… I kid, but seriously I wish I could give all of you that gift slash get that gift from all of you because one of my favorite things of all time is meeting you guys in real life. 

Don’t forget to use code LOVEMYMAMA for $5 off anything in the shop and there’s an IG giveaway going on that’s ending soon so go enter!


Fabulous Things That Happened This Week

This past week was the end of Pesach (Passover) so I was absent from social media as some of you noted but when I started catching up I was so excited because these things happened:

some fabulousness in general…

This woman clearly got to where she is by working her tuchus off and an extraordinary amount of talent.

This makes me want to paint everything in our apartment a bright color.

This is the prettiest non-baby shower ever.

and some personal…

It makes me happy that Pearls & Pastries likes my sequin hanger on my wall too.

I love seeing Bannerie goodies in gorgeous rooms! (Psst…you can get your own here, just say I sent you.)

These ladies have fans for life (and forever after that and forever after that and forever..)

Here are some highlights from the photoshoot we did with Jihan Zecirli and Jennifer Iartu of Art/Mo (the ladies mentioned just above):


Maybe I’m blinded by love for my family, but these are amazing, right? Now we just have to decide what sizes to print so we can finally update our gallery wall!

Speaking of gallery walls… I can’t wait to share what we put together over my dresser! It’s coming a little after a really cute reader party on Monday so get excited!

Have a Great Weekend!


Guest Post: Black and White Decor

Do you ever find someone on Pinterest whose pins you are constantly re-pinning until you feel a little creepy and like maybe you should find your own pins but realize they’re so good at it that you’d rather just keep on being creepy? That’s Bree for me, and most often those re-pins are of black and white decor.

You may remember Bree from the feature on her son’s room, which completely coincidentally is black and white. She takes my 1AM filterless e-mails in stride so you can imagine how happy I am that she agreed to do a guest post on… black and white decor (how did you guess??)

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

Bree here, from Luna + The Boy. I’m so honored to be guesting here for my favorite bare footed gal-pal, Gilit.

Today she’s got me talking Pinterest, in particular my craze for ‘black and white’. Like so many, if I didn’t have other responsibilities I could (would) spend my entire day pinning away, fantasizing about my dream home and rad little outfits for my one-year-old son, Boston.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

I’m not sure what it is that draws me to those slick black and white images, perhaps I never grew out of the contrast phase as a newborn. Something about it just gets me frothing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE colour, but prefer to use it in small doses to finish a space off and make it really pop.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

Instead of overdosing on rainbows, I love the use of textures and patterns, such as; wood, matte finishes, fur (faux of course) and metals.

When re-decorating, the first thing I check off is whether it’s a happy and friendly environment for my little one grow. Though there’s also a certain design criteria I’d like it to meet too. This living space ticks all of the boxes for me.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

White linen is high on my ‘favorite things’ list, there is nothing in this world nicer than waking up, wrapped in fresh white sheets with my two boys by my side. And being a co-sleeper, the ability to bleach them has certainly come in handy.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

If I wasn’t a serial plant killer, and Boston didn’t enjoy eating them, I would have potted goodness in every corner of my home. Regardless of your decorating style, plants literally bring rooms to life and make a house feel more homely.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

Matte black – to actually die for. There’s something uber chic and classy about it. Since spotting these on Pinterest recently, my morning OJ suddenly tastes rather average in our oh-so-common glassware.

Guest Post: black and white decor from Bree Churchill of Luna and the Boy

If all of the above speaks to you and you feel like scrolling through a few more black and white images, feel free to check out my Pinterest page.

Much love,

Thank you so much for sharing, Bree!

How many times did you laugh? And be honest with me, did you snort? Because I totally did. At least twice. I love Bree’s style and adore her shop, Luna and the Boy on Etsy where she sells the cutest monsters and creatures (and some jewelry!) that make the perfect gifts. You can stalk find her on FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy.


Be Still My Heart: this week on the blogosphere

Well… I had a post all set up for today and it’s gone somewhere. Don’t ask me where because I have no idea. It just up and disappeared. So here’s a short list of things that spoke to me this week that if you haven’t them already, you totally should.

Be Still My Heart

this week in the blogosphere

Young House Love showhouse master bath and closet (it was torture, torture I tell you to choose just one photo! Please go look at the rest of them so I can relax knowing that you’ve seen it, okay?)

Young House Love Showhouse Master Bath

Mandi of Vintage Revivals gave her niece a major bedroom makeover and now I bet everyone is thinking the same thing I am (“I could be your niece, Mandi!”)

Vintage Revivals Retro Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

She wasn’t the only one to get a makeover, Joy Cho recently created a stinkin adorable line for Land of Nod and shows it off in her daughter Ruby’s updated big girl room

Joy Cho for Nod Ruby's Big Girl Room

Concrete DIYs seem to be everywhere these days showing that it’s not as daunting as you (or um…I) would think. I LOVE this geometric concrete paperweight from Design Sponge that’s as much art as it is functional.

Design Sponge DIY concrete geometric paperweight A Beautiful Mess and Kelly Moore have a camera bag collaboration  (here are some more details). It’s out of my price range, but I imagine if you are a professional photographer this is well worth the investment. I mean that green! And the interior detail is so great because it makes such a great laptop bag and diaper bag.

A Beautiful Mess and Kelly Moore Camera Bag Collaboration

Those are some goodies that caught my eye this week. Enjoy!

Have a great Weekend!



Floral Finds on Etsy

I’ve been on Etsy a lot this past week (can you guess why?) and as I kept favoriting things I came across, I noticed a trend. So I made a treasury.Floral Finds on Etsy


floral finds text

Floral Finds on Etsy- paper flower garland Floral Finds on Etsy- colorful succulentsfelt wildflower ampersand from the felt flower shopPink Flower Garland from lillesyster, Large Succulent Plants from Succulents Galore, Felt wildflower ampersand from The Felt Flower Shop

Floral Finds on Etsy- wood vase Floral Finds on Etsy- yarn pom-pom flowers Floral Finds on Etsy- tissue paper flower garlands

Yarn Pom-Pom Flowers from Paint Me Pink, Wood Vase from My Flower Meadow, Tissue Paper Flower Hanging Garland from Love Lou Collective

There are a few more pretty things and shops on the actual Etsy treasury, go check it out for some amazing shops.

Do you have any favorite Etsy shops we should know about?

**I could not post this week without acknowledging all of you. I mean…WOW. Thank you so much for all of the support for my new Etsy shop. It’s a scary thing to do, to put yourself out there like that and your kind words (and emoticons) mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you!**

Have a Great Weekend! 


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