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Lindsay White: GANGSTA BOSS

Lindsay is the hard-working hottie behind Lot801, a children’s clothing brand that breaks gender stereotypes one outfit at a time. Everything is organic and made in the U.S. start to finish. Mia’s Lot801 leggings are her favorite (and mine). For real. They’re soft, you can tell they’re really good quality the second you touch them, and we love the print. Plus Lindsay is a badass. So I asked Lindsay: “what makes you boss?”

Lindsay White: Gangsta Boss at Lot801

Lindsay: ” What makes me boss? I’m not afraid to make decisions, even the hard ones. I get sh*t done and I’m brutally honest with any and everyone I work with. And most importantly, I always reach my goals by never giving up.”

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Erin Loechner: Unboss

For my first woman in the series of boss ladies,  I’ve got the lovely Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind. I met her this past Winter at Alt Summit and she was the niiiicest surprise, by which I mean that she was exactly as you would expect if you read her blog but I think I’m still beaming from her warmth. If you appreciate really good writing, impeccable taste, and a genuine kind-hearted smart person sharing their wisdom with you, then get lost on her blog and enjoy.

To me, being boss means so many things, one of which is owning who you are and from my perspective, Erin occupies her space so beautifully. However, she writes a lot about slowing down so I was really curious what her response would be.

Erin Loechner, Unboss

Gilit: What makes you boss?

Erin: ” I don’t feel like a boss of anything. Actually, I don’t want to be a boss of anything. I’m climbing down the mountain instead of up, scaling back in search of less instead of more. No more hustle, I say to myself. Enough, enough!”

I told you she’s wise. She writes more about being “unboss” here.

I love what Erin says so much, I asked Cristina Martinez to letter something she said for a free downloadable for you all.

Erin Loechner Quote Print

What do you think about Erin’s response? 



A Series of Boss Women (or ladies, or girls)

I am so very fortunate with the women that make up my family and friends (I secretly think we got the best ones, I just love them so much). And I have been so fortunate in the past year to have met so many incredible creative women. Seriously, they blow me away. And I want to share them with you.

Like a boss banner from the Bannerie via @chalkfulloflovevia @chalkfulloflove

I’m also taking to heart something I always tell other people, “if you don’t like doing something, don’t do it”. Obviously that doesn’t count for things that you have to do because you’re a functioning person in society with responsibilities like children and a job, but not for things that are not necessary.

I love talking to people (you!). I loooove hearing their life stories and their thoughts and why they do things and how they got to where the are. But you know what I don’t love? Thinking of questions before and sending them out to someone. Other people do it really well, but it doesn’t work for me. I prefer a conversation, a back and forth, give and take. So instead of doing something I don’t like, I am sending one question to my women of choice “what makes you boss?”

I love the answers so far because they vary so much! Everyone has their own path and that’s lucky because otherwise we’d just be bumping into each other all the time.

I can’t wait to share them with you and please, if you know someone you think should be shared with the world, let me know in the comments!


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P.S. I think you’re really boss for reading my blog

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