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Serape Inspired Upcycled Barstool DIY

Something about this time of year makes me feel seriously inspired. Maybe it’s the barrage of Fall-time Pinterest DIYs that flood my feed. Or maybe the pumpkin-flavored everything has magical, creative powers. Fall is here (despite the lingering hot weather in Southern California), and I am excited.

Mike and I have had these barstools since we first moved in together like 8 years ago. They were free (from a friends garage). They have always been just sort of blah; there to just serve their purpose of hosting people’s bums. The barstools and I came to a crossroads. I didn’t love them, but I also didn’t want to just get rid of perfectly usable seating. Conundrum!

And then this DIY hit me like a ton of bricks. A simple upcycle-project would save these stools from imminent banishment. The stools and I sighed with relief.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Not great, right? Obviously, these chairs were just screaming for a makeover, and here is how I gave them a second–actually, third life.

Stuff you will need:
Barstools or chairs
White spray paint (with primer)
White spray paint (flat)
Fabric of choice
Staple gun / staples
Metallic gold leaf paint or spray paint

Step 1: Disassemble old bar stool

Flip your barstool over, and unscrew the top from the base. (This one was super easy)

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 2: Wipe down and clean stools and stool tops

Lysol wipes are your friend. You definitely want to make sure that the stool is squeaky clean before re-upholstering the top, and spraying the base.

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 3: Spray barstools with 1st coat of white spray paint (with primer)

I used this Krylon paint and primer. The first coat will look a little patchy, but that is ok. Get as much coverage as you can, using the entire can for both barstools.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Step 4: Allow first coat to dry, and apply 2nd coat of spray paint

Once first coat has dried (10-20 mins), apply the 2nd coat of spray paint. I used this Rust-oleum Flat White spray paint.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Step 5: Cut and staple fabric to seat tops

Make sure your fabric fits over the seat, all the way around. After you have sized your fabric, cut it and then begin to staple it to the underside of the seat top. (This is super fun!) I ordered my fabric from this etsy shop, and used this Stanley staple gun.

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 6: Paint it GOLD

When the barstool is dry and reassembled, customize your chair with gold, metallic detailing. I used this Martha Stewart guilding paint. I painted the knobs and the foot bar, and it really pulled the stool together nicely, in my opinion.

And here is the finished product:

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

I love Emily’s transformation! Totally different, right?

Gilit Cooper New Signature

Mia’s Toddler Room

My tool-toting tutu-wearing toddler has become a kitty, princess, and mermaid obsessed little girl. All of a sudden she loves everything pink and whimsical…where does she get that from? It’s a mystery we may never solve.

Up until now she was sharing a room with her big brother so working with the Land of Nod to make her new toddler room is a total dream come true and allowing some input from Mia (she is 2 after all and has the attention span of a gnat) this is what we came up with:

Mia's pink blue and yellow/gold toddler room

The Land of Nod Laura Blythman Mountains Poster Decal, Studio Mucci fringe tassel garland, The Land of Nod campaign nightstand, IKEA bed, Hello Tosha print, The Land of Nod Ashley Goldberg bedding, The Land of Nod clip lamp, Britt Castellano pillow, Overstock plastic molded rocker, Anthropologie letter (similar), One Eyed Dog ombre arrow hook (no longer sold) Wayfair pink leather ottoman.

We’ll probably also use some of what we had on the wall in our old apartment. We’re definitely getting there and I can’t wait to finish and share the reveal!

Gilit Cooper New Signature

A Picnic With Creatives in NYC

Creative NYC Details

Anytime I encounter a setting with oversized balloons, tassel garlands, and copious amounts of amazing food, I pretty much assume I’m in the right place. Such was the case last summer when I attended Creative NYC, a meetup/picnic in Riverside Park hosted by none other than Gilit Cooper. You know Gilit, right? Of course you do. She’s the whimsy-loving woman behind The Bannerie and this very blog, Shoes Off Please. And as I’m sure you can imagine, girl can throw a party.

Creative NYC Food

Creative NYC Details

Creative NYC Food

I had met Gilit back at Alt Summit about a month before, and when I heard that she was putting together this event for creatives in New York City, I jumped at the chance. Leapt, actually. After spending a week at Alt, one of the premiere blogging conferences in the country, I was itching for more interaction with some rad entrepreneurial-type women in my city.

Creative NYC Details

And that’s exactly what I got. Looking around there was no mistaking that this was an event for bloggers and creatives. I mean, the signs were everywhere. Phenomenal décor: check. Impossibly good food: check. The goodiest of goody bags: check. A heapin’ helpin’ of inspiring boss ladies: check check check check CHECK.

Creative NYC

Creative NYC Food

Gathering with the women at Creative NYC was like taking a breath of fresh air. As we sampled lime sugar cookies, wore flower crowns, and gushed over our personalized glitter banners, there was just an immediate sense of connection between all of us. And it wasn’t just that we looked amazing in our flower crowns (but by the way, we super did). Instead, we were unified by traits far more profound: our love of creating and our desire for growth.

Creative NYC Guests

Creative NYC Guests

The more I do this whole blogging/writing/pursuing my dreams thing, the more I realize how important gatherings like these are. There’s just something so impactful about meeting with other creatives – in. real. life. Not just in Twitter chats or in comments sections, but face-to-face, eyeballs-to-eyeballs – actual human connection.

Because here’s the thing we so often forget about creative careers: sometimes it can get kind of lonely. I mean, don’t get me wrong: it can also be incredibly rewarding. Whether you do it full-time, part-time, or during your lunch break – any level of investment you can make into something you truly care about is totally worth it. But despite its perks, there is often an inherent isolation to the creative process. If you run a business from home, you likely know what it’s like to spend a good portion of your day alone. Or even if you don’t work remotely, perhaps you’ve had those confusing conversations with friends and family members who don’t exactly get what it is that you “do” (You blog? For a living? Whattttttt?)

Creative NYC Denise Photographs

And that’s why it’s pretty thrilling when a bunch of likeminded creative-type folks are able to gather in one place. It’s a reminder that we are not alone in this effort to make beautiful things. We aren’t crazy for doing the things we love. There are others like us who are making their way, building their own businesses, blogging, photographing, writing, designing, etc.IMG_0026

Creative NYC Details

Not only do meetups and creative gatherings provide a sense of community and understanding, but they also are a hotbed for inspiration. After spending time with the legit women at Creative NYC — which included such gems as Cyndie Spiegel from The Collective {Of Us}, Denise Ginley from Little Market Kitchen, Bethany Everett from Twenty Something Plus, and Jessica Bishop from The Budget Savvy Bride, to name a few – I left with roughly a gagillion new ideas for how to grow my blog. That kind of motivation is just inevitable when creative people get in the same place.

Creative NYC

All of that being said, if you’re thinking of organizing a meetup or an event for your local creative community, go ahead and get after it! It’s honestly one of the most worthwhile ways you could spend your time. And while you’re at it, wear flower crowns because, let’s be honest, they are festive and everyone looks amazing in them.

How do you connect with your local creative community? I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Much love,


Food: Denise Ginley | Photography: Denise Ginley and Gilit Cooper | Styling: Alicia Brandon and Gilit Cooper | Flower crowns: A Golden Garden

Bringing Color into the Office

I’ve mentioned working from home several times on the blog and that’s because it can feel so all-encompassing. Especially because my workspace is in our bedroom. There’s the delicate balance between my desire to make my office full of color and keep our bedroom calm. Pink Moroccan Ottoman for the office (Pop of Color with Wayfair)

This gorgeous soft papaya colored Moroccan Ottoman from Wayfair strikes that balance. It brings color in (and the most comfortable place to lean my feet while I work on the computer) but it plays well with our wood floor and jute rug. These textures play so well together, I can just stare at the combo.

Pink Moroccan Ottoman for the office (Pop of Color with Wayfair)

I love a piece that’s functional and pretty. And if it can also be pink, well then I’ve won.

Pink Moroccan Ottoman for the office (Pop of Color with Wayfair)How do you feel about color in your office? What about your bedroom? Are you more of a neutral bedroom kind of gal or do you love color?


Gilit Cooper New Signature

*This post was sponsored by Wayfair. I love my ottoman hardcore (aka all opinions expressed are entirely my own)*


Mini Pallet DIY

Everywhere I turn, I am seeing really cool creations made from wood pallets. Everything from bookshelves, outdoor furniture, coffee tables and even wall art. I am really digging all of these reclaimed wood deco-ideas.

My issue is finding space for such large endeavors. We are pretty maxed out in our house, and if I came home with a giant wood pallet, my husband might disown me. Or at the very least roll his eyes.

This brings me to this project; a scaled-down version of the pallet DIY craze. You’ll be amazed at not only how inexpensive this project is, but also how simple.

Mini Pallet DIY

What you will need:

Wood shims
Hot glue gun
Paint / Chalkboard paint
Masking tape
Sand Paper

1. Start with Wood Shims

I found a package of 42 wood shims (1.25″ x 11.75″), at my local Lowe’s for $4.47. They look like this in their package:

Mini Pallet DIY

And this, out of their package:

Mini Pallet DIY

2. Arrange Shims

Arrange shims to create a square, using 2 shims as backing. Once you like your spacing, hot glue the pieces to the backing:

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

3. Sand, Mask & Paint

Sand your shims (or only partially sand, if you like the more rugged look). You can leave the bare wood, or paint a base coat. Then mask your pattern out with the tape. Paint the exposed wood, allow to dry and remove tape:

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

4. Chalk Board Sign

If masking is too abstract for you, you can also paint the whole pallet with chalkboard paint, and write a quote on it with chalk pen. (I distressed my chalk sign by scribbling on the dry chalk paint with actual chalk, and erasing it with a rag.)

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

You can use your mini pallets as wall art or even as a tray or trivet. There are a gazillion possibilities, and I would love to see what you come up with! Let me know what you thought of this DIY in the comments below.

Mini Pallet DIYMini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIYSee more of my easy DIY projects here!

xo, Em

Putting Together a Mid-Century Modern Office

If all goes well, we’ll be moving soon (which makes me so sad and excited all at the same time). One of the things I’m most excited about is having my own office! I dream about my ideal workspace pretty often and what I’ve noticed is that there’s often an element of Mid Century Modern in my fave spaces.

Chairish challenged a group of bloggers to create a styleboard displaying a room of our choice, mixing different styles with Mid-Century Modern furniture. Um, yes please! I will of course, be creating an office style board!

The clean lines, vivid colors, and teak wood make Mid-Century Modern a particularly good style to mix up and the emphasis on excellent quality means it’s a reliable secondhand purchase, especially if it’s authentic vintage.

I chose the teak desk and Eero Saarinen for Knoll chair because they’re both classic and easy to accessorize. I love the Turkish rug to add interest and some color and added the desk organizer in bright yellow to pick up some of that color. The cheeky Ha Ha print provides a sophisticated dose of humor, the Southwestern basket goes so nicely with the rug, and the pineapple, well pineapples go with everything.

Do you love that Mid-Century Modern has made such a comeback? Do you have any pieces in your home? I love the whole philosophy behind the design (FIT grad here)


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Art Prints for the Office

Working from home has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of working from home in a two bedroom apartment is that I’m really limited in space. I’ve set up my office in our bedroom which means that anything I put up isn’t just in my office, it’s in our bedroom. My husband is ridiculously tolerant of all the pink and confetti, but I try to tone it down a little bit while still keeping it my happy place.

The Bannerie workspace

There’s this one wall between the windows and the doors to our porch that isn’t large enough to use as storage but is riiiiight there when I work. I NEED my work place to be pretty and inspiring or I will go completely stir-crazy at home. I’ve been looking for that perfect art print that strikes the balance between girly and fab but still bedroom-that-I-share-with-my-husband appropriate.

And the thing is that I love art. I LOVE ART. And we have a ridiculous amount of art prints, because I hate limiting myself to just a few pieces. So I need your help. Because even just narrowing it down for this roundup was painful- I WANT ALL THE ART!

Art for the Office // the Bannerie

 Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha by Kate Roebuck // Flowers by Alexandra Dzh // Pink India Swim by Lady Noble // Do What You Love by Kelly Nasuta // Lookin’ Good by Amy Schwager // Pining for Pineapple by Joni Tyrrell 

I am especially torn for this space because I love color and am invigorated when surrounded by it, but sometimes when I work I need designated white space and/or simplicity to let my mind (and eyes) rest. What do you guys think? You can see the vast and really well curated Minted art collection here.

Vote for your favorite in the comments!


Gilit Cooper New Signature

*This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own and I genuinely love and want all the art I posted. ALL OF IT.*

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