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Mini Flamingo Donuts

flamingo donut

You guys love flamingos, right?! Because I totally do, so it’s okay if you do too, I won’t judge! With that said, I will find any excuse to turn something into a flamingo and donuts are no exception. With a little fondant and a little patience, these mini donuts will be a hit at your next party!

What You’ll Need –

For the Pink Glaze (covers about 20 donuts) –


01. Take a hunk of white fondant and flatten it out like you would before cutting cookie dough. (Set aside a little bit for the white beaks.) With a toothpick, spread the tiniest amount of pink gel coloring in the center. I wanted pale pink flamingos and just a drop goes a long way.
02. Start kneading the fondant, folding it over and over…and over. It will look like a marble-y mess, but it will eventually even the color out and you’ll have pink! I also sprinkled some confectioner’s sugar on it to keep from sticking everywhere.

directions 2

03. Once you have the fondant finished and ready to use, start by rolling little pieces for the bird’s head. Take a knife to cut off the ends off to ensure they’re flat, then shape the necks. Do the same for the beaks, but just cut off one side with a knife and keep the other end round.
04. The fondant should be slightly sticky, so just attach the beak and sculpt as desired. Stick a toothpick in the bottom of the neck so it can attach to the donut. Once dry, color the tip of the beak black and add a little eye!
05. For the tail, take a little fondant and pinch it together. For the wings, make a teardrop and shape accordingly. (This is why I love fondant! It’s so easy to sculpt and if you mess up you can change it!)
06. Cut several toothpicks, about a 1/2 inch long, and attach to the backside of the wings. This will make sure the they stay in place!

donut glaz3

07. The glaze is real easy! First combine the milk and vanilla in a saucepan and heat on low until warm.
08. Slowly whisk in the confectioner’s sugar.
09. Once combined, add a small amount of pink food coloring. You want it to be close to the flamingo color, so start with a tiny amount again. Add sprinkles for a pop of color! They are donuts after all and no donut goes without sprinkles!

donut glaze 4

10. Add the tail pieces before the glaze hardens and they will hold perfectly!
11. Attach the head and wings to the donut once they are dry and you are good to go!

flamingos again 2

flaninogs 2

Not every flamingo has to look like the other one, and they don’t have to be perfect by any means. They are better that way! These would be so fun for a kid’s party and they can even make their own! Hope you make these guys for your next flamingo themed party!


For more sweet creations, head on over to my blog and check out my instagram!


Flamingo Party Hats with Sprout by HP

Moving is so so very hard (to be clear, I’m totally whining). And at least I get why we’re moving and got to actually make that decision. As far as the kids go, we’ve lived in this apartment since Aiden was 3 months old and Mia’s been here her whole life so it’s a HUGE adjustment. But I am determined to make it as fun and exciting as I can because I have this vision of me being a fun mom who makes life magical and sometimes I like to deliver on that. So I did the only natural thing and made “moving party” hats (in a flamingo pattern, obviously) using my HP Sprout.

Sprout by HP

I had scanned two flamingo candles using the HP Sprout Workspace earlier, so I put one flamingo right side up and the other upside down and then copied and pasted it into a pattern. Then I saved it in Photoshop as a pattern and used it to fill the party hat template  from Oh Happy Day.flamingo pattern wallpaper 600

flamingo party hat templatesHere’s the template with the flamingo pattern filled in.

I’ve packed most of my supplies already so instead of elastic I had to pin it to their hair but Mia was literally shouting “FLAMIIIINGOS!” I’ve trained her so well.  Aiden was like “um, I wanted dragons mom, why did you have to make flamingos?” but then he followed it up with, “I’ll just do it myself” (P.S. he totally can, the Sprout is super intuitive for kids and he thinks everything is a touch screen anyway)

DIY printable flamingo party hatsYou know what’s super awesome? My confetti and flamingo candles were already packed but I had the images saved from scanning them earlier so I was able to make a graphic just like I would if I was photographing them. Win.

What would you create with the Sprout by HP? I’ve been randomly scanning in cool fabrics as I notice them and the cloud storage is amazing so I’m not worried about not having enough “space” which is actually a huge deal for me as a serial photographer and screenshot-er

Gilit Cooper New Signature

* This post was sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit awesome #SproutbyHP #CIY *

Boozy S’mores Shake with Homemade Marshmallow Vodka

boozy s'mores shake

I love a good s’mores more than anyone and I also happen to love anything with booze in it. (See where I’m going with this?!) These Boozy S’mores Shakes are literally the best thing I’ve made this summer! They are rich and filling, just the perfect dessert on a hot Friday night. They are also easy to make and the marshmallow infused vodka is so easy you’ll wonder why you never made it before!

boozy s'mores shake

What You’ll Need for Marshmallow Vodka –

  • Plain Vodka
  • 1 bag of marshmallows
  • coffee filter

What You’ll Need for 2 Shakes –

  • 6 scoops chocolate ice cream
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 15-20 large marshmallows
  • 2 graham cracker sheets
  • hershey chocolate bar
  • 6 ounces of marshmallow vodka

boozy s'mores shake

01. For the vodka, cut up the marshmallows exposing the gooey insides and put in a container. Add the vodka and keep overnight in the fridge. Most of the marshmallow pieces will dissolve, but you can use a coffee filter to strain it. The vodka adds a little more marshmallow flavor and it’s perfect for martinis down the road!

02. Set the broiler on high and dump 20 large marshmallows on a cookie sheet and set on the highest rack. Toast one side and let cool. Flip them over and toast the other side. Keep an eye on them because they will burn fast!

boozy s'mores shake03. In a blender add the milk, vodka, and chocolate ice cream and blend until smooth.

04. Add in the toasted marshmallows and blend until fully incorporated. These will give the shake a silky marshmallow-y taste we all love!

boozy s'mores shake
boozy s'mores shake

05. Add the hershey pieces and graham crackers in the blender, but pulse so they don’t blend entirely.

To add some pizzaz, drizzle chocolate or marshmallow syrup inside the glasses!

Add whipped topping and some more crushed graham crackers on top.

boozy s'mores shake boozy s'mores shakeHope you guys have a chance to make these beauties!


*see more Alyson magic on Sugar & Bash!*


Watermelon Favor Bags

DIY watermelon party favor bags

I am bound to run out of ways to incorporate watermelons into DIY projects, but today is not that day! When I was browsing the dollar store a few weeks ago I spotted these vibrant paper bags in pink, orange and lime green. I knew they had to be mine because they would be perfect to hand out party favors in, but the plain bags were a bit boring. So when I started on my watermelon crafting kick I just knew I had to turn those pink bags into fabulous Watermelon Favor Bags!

150 SUPPLY LISTPink Paper Bag
Lime Green Tape, 0.75 inches wide
Dark Green Tape, 1.5 inches wide
Black Vinyl
Treats, Candy and Prizes

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!


  1. Cut a long piece of dark green tape and adhere it to the paper bag, lining up the edge of the tape with the bottom of the bag, wrap the tape around the entire base of the bag. Repeat this process with the lime green tape just above the dark green tape.
  2. Using scissors cut your black vinyl into small squares, these will be the seeds of the watermelon. Adhere the black vinyl squares randomly to the pink area of the paper bag.
  3. Fill your bag full of treats, candy and prizes!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

This project is also a perfect party/craft activity for little ones and might I suggest making a super-sized version of my Mini Watermelon Piñata, then the kids could use the Watermelon Favor Bags they crafted to collect the piñata loot in!


*See more of Sarah’s glitter and talent on her blog Weekend Pursuits and Instagram @sadiutori

DIY Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

DIY Cactus Hooks

I’ve really been into ceramics lately and after receiving some adorable pieces from Quiet Clementine, I was inspired to create my own version. These faux ceramic cactus wall hooks turned out quite awesome, especially with their functionality and overall cuteness!

What You’ll Need – 

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

First cut out your cacti on the card stock. (Mine are simple hand drawn ones.) I had one cactus cutter but I wanted three different shapes for the hooks so it looked like a set. I also cut out a few flowery shapes to attach later. Work your clay and knead it real good so it’s easy to work with. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes, easy.  Use the card stock templates you cut for an outline and slowly trace with an x-acto knife. bake your clay hooks according to the instructions on the package.

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall HooksFaux Ceramic Cactus Wall HooksAfter the clay has dried, you can slightly sand out any imperfections. I used a little water and 220 grit sandpaper. I also glued on the small flowers here. For the hook part, I used some hobby wood, but you can use really anything since it won’t be seen. Take your drill and make holes for the screws to twist in. You can use some super glue here to enforce it. The other end goes straight into the wall.

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

I used 2 Acrylic green paints and mixed a little white in them for a lighter look! I also used the liquid gilding for the edges to create some gold detail because I just like gold, okay?! For some texture, I made some dots on the cacti and the flowers. When the paint dries, brush on the glaze. If it’s not smoothing out, mix it with a little water. The glaze gives it a ceramic/glossy look and honestly makes the finishing product look polished and soon your friends will be asking where you got these! (yay!)

DIY Cactus Hooks
DIY Cactus HooksDIY Cactus Hooks

What do you think? Will you make these?! I’m also all for making other faux ceramic pieces!

You can check out more of my creations on my blog or follow me over on instagram!


Mini Watermelon Piñata

Make a mini watermelon piñata!

While I can assure you that if I threw a Fruity Fiesta, I would l-o-v-e to deck out the party with a super-sized piñata in every fruit imaginable, I am sure my party guests would not enjoy the lack of mingling room it would provide. Luckily, I can satisfy my fruit piñata craving, provide substantial room for mingling and give each guest a little something to take home with them, all thanks to these Mini Watermelon Piñata!

miniwatermelonpinata_styled1 copy

1170X425 SUPPLY LISTPink, Light Green and Dark Green Crepe Paper, Streamers or Tissue Paper
Lightweight Cardboard (I used a Krispy Kreme box leftover from National Donut Day)
Mini Watermelon Piñata Template (link at bottom of post)
Black Card Stock
Double-Sided Tape
Clear Packing Tape
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
Fringe Scissors
Hole Punch
Candy, Treats and/or Small Toys (to fill the piñata with, I used these sour watermelon candies)

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

1170X425 TO CREATE

  1. Print out the template, cut out the triangle shape, trace it on to the lightweight cardboard twice and cut out two triangles. Out of the lightweight cardboard also cut out several strips, approximately 1 inch wide.
  2. Assemble the piñata base. Using packing tape, attach the strips to one of the triangles to create a triangle shaped box, if you are planning to add anything to the inside of your piñata, now is the time to do so. Place the other triangle on top of the box you created and attache with packing tape.
  3. Using double-sided tape attach pieces of tissue paper/streamers/crepe paper to the piñata base to cover all of the cardboard. Cover the top two-thirds of the piñata base with pink, and the bottom third with dark green.
  4. Create the decorative fringe. Using fringe scissors, cut and fringe the streamers leaving approximately ½ inch of uncut steamer at the top, this space is where you will attach your fringe to the mini piñata. Note: If you are using crepe paper or tissue paper, you will need to cut the paper into 1½ inch strips and then fringe.
  5. Using a hot glue gun attach the fringed tissue paper/streamers/crepe paper to the piñata base, starting at the bottom with the dark green and working your way up to the top. I did one row of dark green, one of light green and the rest in pink. You want to place your first row of fringed tissue paper/streamers/crepe paper, so that it lines up with the bottom of the piñata, the rest of the fringed tissue paper/streamers/crepe paper you add, make sure the bottom of the piece you are adding is approximately ½ inch above the bottom of the last placed fringed tissue paper/streamers/crepe paper.
  6. Using a hole punch, punch out several dots out of black card stock, these will be the seeds for the watermelon. Attach the dots randomly on the pink area of the piñata.

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta


Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Make a mini watermelon piñata! #fruityfiesta

Here is the Mini Watermelon Piñata Template! I hope these inspire you to plan a fruity fiesta!


5 Ways to Hack a Store Bought Cake

I’m no Martha so when I need a cake, I run to the nearest grocery store. It saves me the effort of making a cake myself and costs a heck of a lot less than a gourmet bakery cake, but store bought cakes look kind of …boring. Luckily, there are a bunch of easy ways you can upgrade a basic store bought cake. Here are five of our faves.

1. Wallpaper it: This is so genius and the outcome is so gorgeous, I’m having a hard time containing myself. You can buy a plain white frosted cake and do THIS tutorial via Alana Jones-Mann, a freaking cake genius.

Wallpaper Tropical Print Cake

2. A Cake Topper: Cake toppers are an easy way to really step up your cake game and you can buy it or DIY it. We love this cool looking cake topper from The Roc Shop. (Psst she just came out with the cutest new line full of tropical vibes!)


This is such a good example of how a DIY cake topper can bring your store bought cake to a whole other level. These Mini Mylar Letter Balloons from A Joyful Riot are hands down more effort than buying a topper, but SO very amazing.


3. Write your own message: Coco Cake Land shows you how to make simple writing look pretty, even if your handwriting sucks.


4. Flowers: Sometimes the simplest ideas are really the most genius, replace the frosting flowers with real ones. A Practical Wedding knows the deal.

APW store bought wedding cake hack

5. Cand-ify it: Use gumballs or lollipops to decorate your basic cake in cool patterns. Check out the how-to and other easy store bought cake upgrades on the Minted blog

store bought cake lollipop upgrade

Do you have ideas on how to decorate a plain sheet cake and make it look fabulous? We really like it when you share!


Psst. remember these alternative cake toppers?

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