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Mia’s Toddler Room

My tool-toting tutu-wearing toddler has become a kitty, princess, and mermaid obsessed little girl. All of a sudden she loves everything pink and whimsical…where does she get that from? It’s a mystery we may never solve.

Up until now she was sharing a room with her big brother so working with the Land of Nod to make her new toddler room is a total dream come true and allowing some input from Mia (she is 2 after all and has the attention span of a gnat) this is what we came up with:

Mia's pink blue and yellow/gold toddler room

The Land of Nod Laura Blythman Mountains Poster Decal, Studio Mucci fringe tassel garland, The Land of Nod campaign nightstand, IKEA bed, Hello Tosha print, The Land of Nod Ashley Goldberg bedding, The Land of Nod clip lamp, Britt Castellano pillow, Overstock plastic molded rocker, Anthropologie letter (similar), One Eyed Dog ombre arrow hook (no longer sold) Wayfair pink leather ottoman.

We’ll probably also use some of what we had on the wall in our old apartment. We’re definitely getting there and I can’t wait to finish and share the reveal!

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Bringing the Palm Leaf Print Trend Home

I’m so not over the palm leaf print trend, I legit want my house to look like it belongs in Palm Springs and will bring in as much hot pink and plants that I can’t kill as possible. You can’t kill plants if they’re on fabric, can you?

Bring palm leaves inside with these fun accessories!
Pillow  // Wallpaper  // Acrylic Drinkware  // Floor Pillow // Shoes  // Sweatshirt // Deck Chair // Ottoman

How do you feel about this trend? Can’t get enough or totally over it?

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Couches with Bold Color

With our move quickly approaching (AHHHHH!!!!!), I’ve been dreaming of all the decor I’d want in our ideal home. Our couch is gray (and I love it), but in my dreams I would totally get a bright bold couch!

Couches with Bold Color

I love the lines of the Dot Bo sofa, but I’m totally partial to the color of the Joybird one on the bottom left. What do you think? Would you put a bright couch in your home? What color would it be?
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DIY Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

DIY Cactus Hooks

I’ve really been into ceramics lately and after receiving some adorable pieces from Quiet Clementine, I was inspired to create my own version. These faux ceramic cactus wall hooks turned out quite awesome, especially with their functionality and overall cuteness!

What You’ll Need – 

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

First cut out your cacti on the card stock. (Mine are simple hand drawn ones.) I had one cactus cutter but I wanted three different shapes for the hooks so it looked like a set. I also cut out a few flowery shapes to attach later. Work your clay and knead it real good so it’s easy to work with. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes, easy.  Use the card stock templates you cut for an outline and slowly trace with an x-acto knife. bake your clay hooks according to the instructions on the package.

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall HooksFaux Ceramic Cactus Wall HooksAfter the clay has dried, you can slightly sand out any imperfections. I used a little water and 220 grit sandpaper. I also glued on the small flowers here. For the hook part, I used some hobby wood, but you can use really anything since it won’t be seen. Take your drill and make holes for the screws to twist in. You can use some super glue here to enforce it. The other end goes straight into the wall.

Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks Faux Ceramic Cactus Wall Hooks

I used 2 Acrylic green paints and mixed a little white in them for a lighter look! I also used the liquid gilding for the edges to create some gold detail because I just like gold, okay?! For some texture, I made some dots on the cacti and the flowers. When the paint dries, brush on the glaze. If it’s not smoothing out, mix it with a little water. The glaze gives it a ceramic/glossy look and honestly makes the finishing product look polished and soon your friends will be asking where you got these! (yay!)

DIY Cactus Hooks
DIY Cactus HooksDIY Cactus Hooks

What do you think? Will you make these?! I’m also all for making other faux ceramic pieces!

You can check out more of my creations on my blog or follow me over on instagram!


Mini Pallet DIY

Everywhere I turn, I am seeing really cool creations made from wood pallets. Everything from bookshelves, outdoor furniture, coffee tables and even wall art. I am really digging all of these reclaimed wood deco-ideas.

My issue is finding space for such large endeavors. We are pretty maxed out in our house, and if I came home with a giant wood pallet, my husband might disown me. Or at the very least roll his eyes.

This brings me to this project; a scaled-down version of the pallet DIY craze. You’ll be amazed at not only how inexpensive this project is, but also how simple.

Mini Pallet DIY

What you will need:

Wood shims
Hot glue gun
Paint / Chalkboard paint
Masking tape
Sand Paper

1. Start with Wood Shims

I found a package of 42 wood shims (1.25″ x 11.75″), at my local Lowe’s for $4.47. They look like this in their package:

Mini Pallet DIY

And this, out of their package:

Mini Pallet DIY

2. Arrange Shims

Arrange shims to create a square, using 2 shims as backing. Once you like your spacing, hot glue the pieces to the backing:

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

3. Sand, Mask & Paint

Sand your shims (or only partially sand, if you like the more rugged look). You can leave the bare wood, or paint a base coat. Then mask your pattern out with the tape. Paint the exposed wood, allow to dry and remove tape:

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

4. Chalk Board Sign

If masking is too abstract for you, you can also paint the whole pallet with chalkboard paint, and write a quote on it with chalk pen. (I distressed my chalk sign by scribbling on the dry chalk paint with actual chalk, and erasing it with a rag.)

Mini Pallet DIY

Mini Pallet DIY

You can use your mini pallets as wall art or even as a tray or trivet. There are a gazillion possibilities, and I would love to see what you come up with! Let me know what you thought of this DIY in the comments below.

Mini Pallet DIYMini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIY Mini Pallet DIYSee more of my easy DIY projects here!

xo, Em

Putting Together a Mid-Century Modern Office

If all goes well, we’ll be moving soon (which makes me so sad and excited all at the same time). One of the things I’m most excited about is having my own office! I dream about my ideal workspace pretty often and what I’ve noticed is that there’s often an element of Mid Century Modern in my fave spaces.

Chairish challenged a group of bloggers to create a styleboard displaying a room of our choice, mixing different styles with Mid-Century Modern furniture. Um, yes please! I will of course, be creating an office style board!

The clean lines, vivid colors, and teak wood make Mid-Century Modern a particularly good style to mix up and the emphasis on excellent quality means it’s a reliable secondhand purchase, especially if it’s authentic vintage.

I chose the teak desk and Eero Saarinen for Knoll chair because they’re both classic and easy to accessorize. I love the Turkish rug to add interest and some color and added the desk organizer in bright yellow to pick up some of that color. The cheeky Ha Ha print provides a sophisticated dose of humor, the Southwestern basket goes so nicely with the rug, and the pineapple, well pineapples go with everything.

Do you love that Mid-Century Modern has made such a comeback? Do you have any pieces in your home? I love the whole philosophy behind the design (FIT grad here)


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DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

*Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from another new contributor, Paige Poppe (best name ever). Paige is a small business owner (check out Studio Skate!) and an architecture student. I can’t wait to officially introduce her, but here’s her first Shoes Off Please post! 

Whether you’re a girlboss, or just need to get stuff done, an organized workspace is totally essential. But being organized doesn’t have to be boring! Transforming a pegboard into a desk organizer is not only functional, but can display art or motivational quotes to inspire you as well!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

As for supplies, you really only need the pegboard and hooks, but I’ll show you how to customize with mason jars, a rack, and a clipboard as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pegboard sheet (I used a 3’ x 4’
  • Package of assorted pegboard hooks
  • Pegboard rack
  • Mason jars
  • String
  • Scissors
  • A clipboard
  • Small clips

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, hooks

Prop the pegboard up on your desk and start placing your hooks for what you would like to hang or store.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, rack

First up, the rack is an awesome multi-purpose hook. It has multiple hooks if you have supplies to hang, but also doubles as a great shelf. Prop up some artwork or your favorite notebook to grab when you need it!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

Everyone needs a touch of glam in their office, don’t ya think? I do. Use a couple bar hooks to create a display for your favorite statement necklace. You can also pick up a few small clamps to quickly clip a note or sketch to your pegboard.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer

And how perfect is this loop hook for storing scissors?! Keep it low so you can reach for them easily. Now, let’s talk about how to hang those cute mason jars shall we?

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, mason jars

Wrap a length of string around your jar a few times. Leave a bit of slack so you can slip the hooks though, and tie a knot. Next, slip the hooks through your string.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, mason jars

Then just slip the hooks into the holes as you would normally and it should hang easily! You’ve got a storage solution that takes the clutter off your desktop.

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, girlboss

Finally, if you’ve got a clipboard, slip it onto a hook to display something motivational to remind yourself of the girlboss you really are!

DIY Pegboard Desk Organizer, girlboss

Just a few inexpensive supplies and an afternoon of rearranging, and you’ve got yourself a bright (and encouraging) work station! I think you’ll be ready to kill you’re to-do list in your workspace. You go girl.

x, Paige

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