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Slowing Down and Summer Vibes (free download)

headerHey babes! As some of you may know, I closed The Bannerie for the summer. I had been going back and forth on this for months: should I close it all down? Should I just sell a few banners? Should I just sell the flamingos and tattoos? When should I close?

Closing the Bannerie, even for a short while, terrifies me. There’s the fact that I’m not selling anything so, you know, money. But also, I’m not selling anything. So what purpose am I serving to my customers this summer?

In this moment, I’m struggling with how much to share because I love being an open book but I don’t want all my business all over the internet, I mean I do want my BUSINESS all over the internet…. you get what I’m saying, right? The crux of it is that we’re moving this summer and I have a unique opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with the kids for a few weeks before they go to camp and while we move, so I’m taking it.

When the kids go back to camp, I’ll open The Bannerie to orders for the flamingo candles and tattoos (because they’re both so perfect for summer and easier to ship out than banners), but until then I’m slowing down, spending time with my family, and working on behind the scenes stuff for the future.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with the blog, taking lots of trips with the kids and tracking my steps with my Jawbone UP MOVE (reaching my daily goal happens soooo much sooner when I’m running around with the kids all day! I’m going to have to up it!)

Here’s a new desktop wallpaper by Kailah Ogawa to help get in the summer mood. Kailah made it in two colors because summer is no time to skimp on color! And it looks gorgeous in both colors. And I begged her last minute to add it in pink and she’s amazing (check out her insta):


Summer Vibes Desktop Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPad Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 5 Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 plus Wallpaper (Aqua)


Summer Vibes Desktop Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPad Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 5 Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 plus Wallpaper (Pink)

Enjoy your summer! What are your plans? Any trips? Fab ideas for what to do with your five and two year old? I’m asking for a friend.

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How to Keep Moving with the Jawbone UP MOVE

Fitting in exercise can be so hard. Even half an hour a day. Do you wake up early and do it then? I’m so tired in the morning and once I’m up, there’s so much work to do. What about at night? Bwahahaha by the time the kids are in bed, the last thing I want to do is exercise. Plus if I’m being honest, I do a lot of computer work at night.

Back to honesty, I used to wake up early and go for a run around my neighborhood and I hardcore miss it. It was hard to wake up early at first, but then I started to look forward to it and my whole day was better. I do amazing thinking while I run. I love how it feels to push my body like that. Unfortunately for the past few years (by which I mean almost a decade now), any sort of running and it’s a guaranteed migraine. So I’ve felt stuck.

How to keep moving while you work with the  Jawbone UP MOVE

The week after I published my post about the Jawbone UP MOVE I got quite a few texts and messages “Does it really work? Do you really like it? Is it worth it?” Here’s my answer: For me, it’s a resounding yes.

I haven’t figured out how to exercise without getting sick. With the UP MOVE I’m so easily motivated to walk thousands of steps a day, move more, drink more water etc. Small enough that I don’t get a migraine, big enough that I am feeling better.

How to keep moving while you work with the  Jawbone UP MOVE

It’s that it’s being counted. When I didn’t know how many steps I was taking, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything and when I did anything I would get sick so I just sort of gave up. But it COUNTS. That’s a big deal. Walking to the post office, doing some errands, and walking back home can be a thousand steps. My eventual goal is ten thousand steps a day. Right now I’m at 6,000 and I’m reaching it. That’s so satisfying and these little wins help me move toward larger wins, which is ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

How to keep moving while you work with the  Jawbone UP MOVE


All I have to do is wear the wristband (which obviously I chose in a bright yellow) and sync it to the app on my phone. I lost the UP MOVE last week before Alt Summit and I was devastated. Would I still move around? Would it count? So here’s the thing: I was still so much more aware of movement. And being aware of it made me want to do more, even a little, whenever I could. So that’s great but I was really missing the counting. I also really like that it counts my sleep and motivates me to go to bed earlier because I love winning (aka achieving goals) and I set my sleep goal for 8 hours a night.

How to keep moving while you work with the  Jawbone UP MOVE


So I ordered myself a new one. And I’m so happy I did. You can set up “teammates” on the app and choose what updates they see and you can cheer each other on and as a social person, someone who needs accountability, and someone who loves helping others, it’s really kind of perfect. I like my UP MOVE smiley faces when I achieve my goals :)

Would  that make a difference to you? Having all of your exercise counted somehow?


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* This post was sponsored by Jawbone. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit helping me move and changing my mindframe. I bought my own replacement Jawbone UP MOVE because I love it that much*

One Step at a Time with Jawbone

Nervous, vulnerable, and worried are all the things I’m feeling when I open my Jawbone UP MOVE box. Fitness and weight are very sensitive topics for me. I was really underweight as a kid, evened out as a teenager (also, hi boobs!) and then in the past seven years my weight has ballooned. It’s an awful feeling. And I have such a complicated relationship with food, that to diet or “deprive” myself of it on purpose just makes me full on panic. Seriously, I cry. I’m scared of being hungry.

Let’s say we change the word diet from meaning to deprive oneself to a lifestyle change. I like eating well, I feel lighter, better and refreshed. But I hate prepping my own food. Taking the time out of my very busy day to make myself food? There is little I want to do less. I don’t like thinking about it, I don’t like prepping it, and I don’t like making it.

There’s exercise. I’m actually like exercising. I love how it feels to move and push my body. I was really active as a kid and teenager, being on the sports teams, running in the morning, dancing all the time in my room. Now, if I push myself at all (which I always do because I am always in competition with myself) I get a migraine. And then I get really discouraged because if I’m only exercising a little, what does that do? It’s better than nothing I know, but I’m not a “better than nothing” person. And again, I have to stop and make time for it among the billions of other things I have to stop and make time for. With the husband, two kids, family, friends, The Bannerie, and the blog. That’s HARD! It sounds like a lot of excuses, but yhat is my personal very hard thing to do.

Jawbone Up Move

Back to now. I opened the box, set up the Jawbone UP MOVE with the app you can download on your phone and it was almost ridiculous. Instead of walking back from the kitchen, where I opened the box, to my bedroom/office, I ran. And instead of standing still while cleaning things up, I jogged in place. Nothing too intense, nothing that would give me a migraine. And these are just tiny moments of barely exercising but because the Jawbone counts every step, I felt like I had done something. And that immediate gratification inspired me to do more.

I took a few minutes and ate a better lunch. First of all, stopping to eat lunch is something I struggle with because I always know there’s more to do with the business/blog/family. But because I had taken care of myself in such a small way, it was just an easier decision.

I wear my UP MOVE on the wristband (I chose bright yellow) and if you press it, it lights up as far as you’ve gone towards your daily goal (I’m starting with 6,000 daily steps) and if you want more detail about your steps or sleep, just check your phone. The Jawbone makes it easy and that is exactly what I need.


I’m excited for what this can mean. Maybe not a whole lot of weight loss, but taking care of myself. And I’m nervous. What if I don’t follow through? What if it turns into nothing and I don’t even feel a difference? I’m not a quitter except for when it comes to taking care of myself so blogging about this keeps me accountable and I am grateful for that. I like parameters, deadlines, and sharing.

Update: I’ve had the UP MOVE for a few weeks now and I’m still keeping at it! Because every step is counted and logged, it makes every bit feel like something. And when I’ve achieved something it makes it easier to reach for more. And the Smart Coach always recognizes when you’ve reached goals or had little victories and it’s like having a personal cheerleader with no judgment, just encouragement and tips. I like where this is going.

What about you? Do you have a fitness story? What have your experiences been like? Is there something that helps you move? I’d love to hear about it!

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* This post was sponsored by Jawbone. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit helping me move and changing my mindframe*

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

We’ve come a long way and we have a long way to go, but today I would like to acknowledge the incredible women in my life.

International Women's Day


You are strong. You are smart. You are funny. You are passionate. You are resilient.

You are inspiring. I am talking about you.

Thank you for being in my life.


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P.S. That photo up there is a hint of something new coming to the Bannerie that a lot of you have asked about, one of you kept pushing me to do, and I finally did it. I’m really excited and will officially announce it soon <3

Pampers and CVS: Getting Through the Holidays (and a Giveaway!)

This time of year is CRAZY! Multiply that by a bajillion when you have kids. And if your family is anything like mine (over 50 first cousins, anyone?) and there are tons of kids, it gets even crazier. Have you ever seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? It’s kind of like that, but we’re Jewish. So here are my tips for getting through the holidays: Pampers at CVS Giveaway 1- Plan, plan, plan. For us, that means figure out how many diapers we’re going to need, make sure we have enough wipes, extra outfits, tylenol, butt cream, snacks, drinks, the Elmo Loves Hugs book Mia can’t get enough of and the John Lithgow book on CD “Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo”.

2- Keep it organized. That’s a lot of stuff to carry around and if your kids are as cranky about being in the car as mine, or if you’re going to lots of different family, you’re going to need to know where things are at a moment’s notice.

3- Stick to your routine. And know when to break it. I believe that kids thrive on consistency and routine and we try to stick to ours as much as possible. However, when it’s a special occasion or holiday, we make exceptions even when we know the kids will be insanely cranky in the morning (or their hair will look like this:) Pampers at CVS Giveaway Inevitably, even with all the planning, organizing, and routine, you will forget something, and that’s what CVS is for!

True story: there is a CVS in Manhattan on 86th near our old apartment and I love it so much that when I’m nearby, I go visit. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve made a late night run to CVS for whatever we’ve run out of at the worst moment. Most likely diapers. Like most people I know, our kids were in Pampers Swaddlers from birth until they outgrew them. And now they make them in bigger sizes! That wetness indicator stripe? Bigger sizes. Snug fit? Bigger sizes. Well done, Pampers, well done. Pampers at CVS Giveaway I decided to test out the Pampers Cruisers promise that your babe can go 12 hours in them and I didn’t change Mia as often as usual. Guess what? No problem. It’s honestly a big deal to not have to change her so often because she hates having her diaper changed and would much prefer wreaking havoc on the apartment, concentrating on the areas I just cleaned (obviously).

Pampers at CVS GiveawayThey’re great when she crawls
Pampers at CVS GiveawayThey’re great when she cruises
Pampers at CVS GiveawayThey’re great when she insists on sitting in a pile of random toys and diapers

I’m pretty sure there’s a CVS near you because they’re basically everywhere and if you have a kid, you’re in luck. We’re giving away a Pampers at CVS coupon to one lucky reader! Pampers at CVS Giveaway Enter using the Rafflecopter below- this giveaway is just until Friday and is open to US residents only (sorry!) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck guys! And don’t forget there is still time to enter the Darby Smart giveaway on this page! (Psst. get an extra chance to win on Instagram!) And to everyone celebrating Christmas, enjoy!!!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Snowed In

Due to the snowstorm, I didn’t get home in time to finish pictures for what I was going to post today…


At least Aiden got to play in the snow a bit (has anyone seen his boots? Those Toms aren’t gonna cut it in this weather)
angry mia

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Mia’s angry face. She wanted my coffee. I said no. Angry face. Luckily, her angry face cracks me up and me cracking up cracks her up so all was well pretty quickly.

And just while we’re here.. the cereal to kid ratio in our car is nuts! Sometimes I’m tempted not to even bother with a new snack cup. And sometimes Mia just reaches under her leg and eats a leftover Cheerio. Whatchagonnado?

Come back on Wednesday for an actual post and the cutest little boy’s room 


Happy First Birthday Mia!

Mia’s first birthday was on Friday!! Her birthday party was yesterday and it was lovely. This was the invite I made on Photoshop:

Mia's First Birthday Invite with blur

We invited our siblings and parents (which actually adds up to a lot of people!) and kept it short for our little girl. There are tons of photos to go through and a lot more to clean up, but for now here are some pictures of the birthday girl on her actual birthday.


She’s wearing the birthday crown I made for her using felt and an old headband and a tutu from Target I got on clearance (which I had been eyeing since it was full price). She was still sick at this point and such a trooper for letting me take photos!IMG_0136

Happy birthday to our lovebug Miatita! You brighten up every space you are in with your smile and quick playfulness and we love you to bits! Methinks you’re going to be a troublemaker like your brother, but since that comes with a really smart, funny, affectionate package, that’s fine with me :) (But also maybe you can just skip the terrible twos which are really the terrible one and half to fours? Thanks!)


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