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Unicorn Typography Download with Sprout by HP

As a small business owner, I am constantly trying to streamline and make things more efficient. The most time consuming thing (other than actually putting banners together by hand) is taking all the photos and moving props around, trying to get the lighting right at the right time of day etc. It can be a nightmare if it’s a week of bad lighting.

Game changer? The HP Sprout. It’s insanely cool.

Sprout by HP- The Bannerie Workspace

I consider myself a really tactile person, but I’m on the computer a lot for the blog and business so the HP Sprout really lets you bring the technological and tactile world together in a way that’s conducive for creativity.

One of my favorite features is the Sprout Workspace. I cannot stop scanning things, seriously anytime something catches my eye I’m like “I must scan this now so I can play with it on the Sprout!” and fall over myself going back to the computer because I’m so excited. And it’s so hi-res which is of course, a MUST for bloggers and business owners.

It saves me a ridiculous amount of time because it automatically clips the image without a background and makes putting images together in different ways really easy (my four year old LOVES it and got the hang of it in under a minute: drag and drop)


I played around with some of my favorite confetti from The Confetti Bar (soon to be available at the Bannerie!), scanning it in, resizing and moving the letters around and made a free download for you.
be a unicorn

Exercising your creativity is being a unicorn, so I thought it was the perfect download for the Sprout. For full size image click here



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* This post was sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit awesome #SproutbyHP #CIY *

Top 10 Posts of 2014

I had this idea that really going for the Bannerie meant that the blog had to be all about parties and I said something to that effect. I love parties and they will always be a part of Shoes Off Please, but trying to keep the blog only about parties felt a little forced for me (and also…. I didn’t do it) and I’ve really missed doing nursery and interior posts.

My stats have more than doubled this year which is quite honestly a surprise since I haven’t been blogging much, but a lot of those numbers have to do with posts I wrote last year! Looks like you love the party DIYs and room roundups the most!

Here are your 10 favorite posts:

10. DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Toppers

Gold, sparkly, and edible (well the glitter part, not the skewers or wooden letters. I am definitely not recommending you eat skewers or wooden letters).


9. Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches Party (with mustache printables

This feels like so long ago! Aiden is four and a half now and that much closer to growing a real mustache. Though at his last haircut he asked the barber to make him bald so he could look like a ninja turtle. Bald and a mustache…that’s my boy!

8. Best Photobooth Backdrops

An oldie, but a goodie, I think I need to do a sequel because there are so many amazing DIY Photo Booth backdrops going on and a lot of them are so doable for the average mildly crafty person (and some need no craftiness, evil or otherwise)

7. DIY Drop Cloth Rug

Honestly, this is my favorite DIY to date. Our living room looks so different now because we sold those couches, bought a new gray one, found amazing blue velvet Room and Board chairs on Craigslist and have a white coffee table (which is actually a Land of Nod play activity table), but I’m so happy we have a photo of what it used to look like.

6. DIY No-Sew Shape Garland

Looks like no one wants to sew! I got a sewing machine this year and I have such a love/hate relationship with it, but this DIY is so easy, there’s really no need for a sewing machine or skills.


5. Shared Boys Rooms

No boats or cowboys here! I still really like these options, they feel fresh and fun.

4. Shared Nursery and Toddler Room Roundup (boys and girls)

Sometimes I’m so annoyed at myself for doing gender-specific nurseries and then I get annoyed at myself for trying to be PC about it so… it is what it is. Don’t read into it. This is actually one of my favorites because I had such hard time finding inspiration for Aiden and Mia’s shared room and it’s one of my most popular pins by far.

3. How to Put Together a Last Minute New Year’s Party

It’s not all nurseries for you guys! This became #3 in a matter of a few weeks and if it’s a matter of pulling together elements/inspiration for throwing a party, then I’d love to do more posts like that! If it’s all about procrastination, well I feel you and I’ll see what I can do about that!

2. Shared Toddler and Baby Girl Rooms

I really loved putting this roundup together. Over the years I’ve shared a room with my poor older sister (sorry and I love you!) and there’s something so special about sisters sharing a room (and a closet once we got to a certain age.)

Shared Baby and Toddler Girl Rooms

1. DIY Play Tents and Teepees

The number one viewed post was the roundup of DIY play tents and teepees! I’d love to hear if any of you actually made one. If we ever get a house and a playroom, this is the post I’ll be going to when I beg Tuvia to make one for the kids (I won’t have to beg, he’s totally into it).

Some of these are in the top ten for two years running so I’m taking the hint and will work on more room roundups this year (yay!) and more on party DIYs. I also think maybe it’s time to decide on what graphic and font I want to use on my photos to make it more cohesive! On the other hand, maybe not. Way to keep you hanging.

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Mother’s Day Printable and DIY Decor


I’m over on the Tiny Prints blog sharing a really easy paper flower DIY that you can utilize so many ways for Mother’s Day (and every other event in your life). I’d love if you could check it out and leave a comment so I know you did. Thanks lovers!

Pssst…you can print out that graphic on top as is and pop it in a frame or on the wall with washi tape or you can print and cut out the letters for a really simple letter garland. 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



Best of Movember (and a free mustache printable)

It’s Movember, the month dedicated to men’s health and fabulous mustaches. It began in 2003 with two guys sitting in a bar and has grown to become a huge international campaign to raise awareness about men’s health issues (read more here). As a lover of my man and all mustaches, I thought it only appropriate to dedicate a post to it, but it has been one hell of week around here.

So here’s a mini-post with some Movember tributes, images, and what not from around the web (plus a free printable at the end!):

Be Still My Heart: Best of Movember
I have to apologize but most of the best Movember images I found I wasn’t able to trace back to the original. If you know where anything is from please share. Thanks!

movember via shoes off pleasesource?
movember via shoes off pleasesource?
movember via shoes off pleasesource?

And since only the manliest of men (Ron Swanson) are able to grow a solid mustache, here’s how everyone can participate:

For le bebe: The mustachifier. I want to get one for Mia so badly because I think it’s hilarious, but 1- she only takes a pacifier when she goes to bed and sometimes not even then and 2- Tuvia doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do (obviously his sense of humor isn’t as refined)

For the ladies:

movember via shoes off pleasesource?

For the men who just can’t grow a good one: someone is offering them for free.

complimentary mustachecan’t find source

And here’s a free Movember printable because I can’t grow a ‘stache and I just don’t spend much time on my nails (on more than one occasion I’ve put nail polish on the single finger that will be visible in a blog photo.) To download just right click, save as, and do with it what you will (it’s an 8×10):

Free Movember Printable via Shoes Off Please


You can see my other mustache printables here and here.

Mia’s birthday is today (!!!) and her birthday party is on Sunday, but both kids have been sick for over a week and I’m thoroughly depleted/exhausted so I’m going to save all birthday whatnot for when we’ve recovered a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Aiden’s Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches (and free mustache printables!)

Yesterday morning we had Aiden’s party and I cannot be happier with how it turned out. Aiden and his friends are adorable and I loved the chance to see them all together.

Little kids in mustaches = always a yes! Adults should maybe stick to Movember

three of us (1 of 1)

I did a bunch of easy DIY projects for this party which I will breakdown over the next few weeks including: a table runner, birthday banner, mustache garland, photo props, photobooth (of sorts), streamer background, centerpieces with favor bags, glass milk bottles (a small update on the ones I made for Mia’s party), and printables.

highlights (2 of 10)

highlights (6 of 10)

highlights (5 of 10)

highlights (7 of 10) highlights (1 of 10)

highlights (9 of 10)

highlights (3 of 10)

highlights (4 of 10)

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off PleaseUsing a mustache as an umbrella..that’s how real men do it

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please

To start off I’ve included the printables I made super last minute (picture me Saturday night going “but there’s nothing on the wall with the food it looks stupid quick what should I do ahhh!” except less coherent.)

printables (2 of 2)

These are all meant to be printed on regular 8.5 x 11″ paper though I guess if you are fancypants (or want to use it more long term) you can print it on cardstock to make it sturdier.

There were three above the food: “excuse me, but I mustache you a question” (download here), “real men eat cookies” (download here), “I’d love to stay and chat, but I really mustache” (download here)

mustache a question

real men eat cookies really mustache

Above the drinks I thought “wet your whiskers” would be appropriate (printed horizontally, download here)

wet your whiskers

And to the right of the “photobooth”, encouraging our little guests to take pictures: “please don’t forget to pose for a picture” (download here)

don't forget to pose

Look at this kid! I’d say the day was a success!

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please

Aiden's Party: Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches, and free printable via Shoes Off Please

We even got a picture of the four of us where three of us are smiling and two looking at the camera. Success indeed.all four of us (2 of 2)

So over the next few weeks I’ll post all the DIY projects and trust me when I say they are all easy. Of course I cheated my way through some of them (using tape instead of hot glue) but I suspect some of you prefer it that way :)

Update: here are the links to the projects birthday banner, table runner, centerpieces, favor bags, photobooth, photo props, streamer background, mustache garland, mustache glass milk bottles, art project

What did you do over the weekend? Any mustache parties? Or just general mustache activities? I can’t imagine what those would be, but if you’ve been to one please do share!



MILK COOKIES AND MUSTACHES PARTY (with free mustache printables)

Be Still My Heart: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a ways away (June 16th for those of you who aren’t sure) but the next month is looking super busy for us so I thought I’d make a gift roundup now and then not-so-subtly figure out what Tuvia wants based on his reaction. No ties in this roundup, promise!

Father's Day Gifts Roundup via Shoes Off Please

  1. Jimi Hendrix Record: I love records, there’s something so romantic about them because it’s not just the music you love, it’s the history and Tuvia’s collection is getting pretty nice
  2. Awesome Dad T-Shirt: Every dad needs a dorky “dad” thing, I went for this instead of the classic “#1 dad” tie (which I may or may not have gotten for his first Father’s Day…)
  3. Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers: Classic, looks great on just about everyone, and I’ve been trying to get Tuvia to agree to these for two years
  4. Robot Cuff Links: I got these for Tuvia a few years back and they were a hit
  5. Jack Spade Wallet: A little classic, a little quirky.. I would have gone for a brighter one but Tuvia is more traditional with his wallet choices no matter how many times I try to gift him into something funkier
  6. Weber Smokey Joe Grills: Small enough for an apartment porch and amazing reviews
  7. Charcoal Chambray Bow tie: I loooove this and would be ever so grateful to the person that gets Tuvia to wear it non-ironically
  8. 3 Piece Grill Utensil Set: for the barbecue that you will be making with your new grill, obviously

And for a card I love this one because I always say Tuvia is my baby daddy. I also made two that you can download if you forgot to buy one ;) “You are Awesomepants” and “My Totally Awesometastic Fantabulous Dad” (download, print, cut along the lines, and fold!)

Father's Day Gifts Roundup via Shoes Off Please

In honor of Father’s Day I asked Tuvia if he had any advice for new dads and without hesitating he said “don’t forget to shower”. I don’t specifically remember him being stinky when Aiden was first born but it was all sort of a blur of happy sleeplessness.

Any plans for Father’s Day or gifts? We’re celebrating my nieces first birthday! You can see some pictures of the family party from when she was born here. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, Gilit @ Shoes Off Please

Free Printable: Alphabet Poster

Aiden’s been really into naming favorites recently: his favorite chair, his favorite pajamas, his favorite puma…etc. Currently, his favorite song is the “ABCDs” (as he calls them) and I realized I haven’t done an alphabet printable. For some reason, in my head, that should be the first one you make.

So here you are, a free “ABCD” printable in two color options with a white background or color background:

Free ABC Printable from Shoes Off Pleasehoes

Free ABC Printable from Shoes Off Pleasehoes

Free ABC Printable from Shoes Off Pleasehoes

ABC poster_4*As usual: the prints are sized 8×10″ and all you have to do is download or save and print! Feel free to use and share as much as you’d like, but please link back to here. Blog etiquette and all, thanks!*

Do you have an ABC poster in your nursery? We have one in Aiden and Mia’s room over the glider that Aiden loves and Mia can’t quite read yet, but she likes to look at it and gurgle.


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