Oh hey!!! I’ve put together allllll the questions I am asked the most often right here:

What’s your blog about? Shoes Off Please is about parties, DIY projects, and decor.

Why is your blog called “Shoes Off Please”? My husband and I have always wanted our home to be cozy and open, a place where you kick off your shoes! Plus, when I started the blog, our older son was crawling and we hated the thought of all the stuff we step on outside being brought inside so we made a shoes off rule and had a giant bin of socks in our entryway.

What do you use to edit photos/make collages? I use Adobe Photoshop for just about everything you see on the blog.

Who takes your photos? All of my photos are taken by me but if not, it will always be listed with a link to the photographer’s site.

Do you take submissions? I absolutely do, yes please and thank you! E-mail your bright, beautiful photos to: thebannerie (at) gmail (dot) com. You can read more about the submission specs here.

Do you do sponsored posts/ accept products for review? Yup, if it’s a good fit! E-mail me at thebannerie (at) gmail (dot) com

Are you on Instagram? Heck yes! My handle is @thebannerie, please come say hi!

Who designed your blog? I self-host on WordPress.org and the design elements like the header and icons were designed by Cristina Martinez (I highly recommend her!)

Can I post your party, room, or project on my blog? Yes, but please follow these guidelines: You may post one photo of the finished project with a link to the original blog post. Pinning to Pinterest is always encouraged :) (Best practices mean going to the actual post and pinning from there so whoever clicks on it can see where it came from even if it’s years later)

YOU MAY NOT post the entire content of any blog post, DIY step-by-step photos, or written instructions without written permission. 

If you are a print publication and would like to use an image or have any other questions about usage of a photo of mine, email thebannerie (at) gmail (dot) com

What’s “The Bannerie”? The Bannerie is my online store where I sell glitter letter banners and other curated goodies for awesome people. You can see more here.

Are you hiring? YES! I am looking for a blog intern with a good understanding of WordPress. Knowledge of Photoshop a huge plus. E-mail me at thebannerie (at) gmail (dot) com telling me why you would be a good fit and linking to your work.

Hope you found what you were looking for!


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