As most of you know I recently rebranded with the help of Cristina Martinez. The Bannerie feels SO much more in sync with me and my personality and my brand. Without question, this came about through my membership in the Collective.

Last Summer, I met Cyndie Spiegel at Alt Summit and when she announced a few months ago that she was a starting an exclusive collective of creative entrepreneurs I was all “LEMME IN!”

Cyndie Spiegel Business Coach

Going in, I was hoping to get support from other people who are in different fields but the same position and maybe some practical tips but I could NOT have anticipated what it really was for me. It was a complete EYE OPENER!

There were weekly phone calls via Skype with Cyndie and other Collective members and I think it was on the second phone call that these women just shattered what I thought about myself and the Bannerie. In a good way. I was focused on the Bannerie in such a specific way and was clearly at some turning point but didn’t know what to do next and with the help of the business coaching and my peers’ often brilliant insights, so much became clear to me!

I was peddling sunshine and gummy bears but what my brand was missing was my new favorite word: sass! I love cheeky, sassy, playful humor and I wasn’t utilizing this nearly enough! I did the best thing I could do for my business: I re-branded and re-focused.

Cyndie Spiegel Business Coach

In my experience, a lot of creative entrepreneurs have a million ideas and need help implementing or focusing and the Collective is where you will get that. If you have a day job and it’s not doing it for you, you’ve got dreams and ideas, drive and passion and you want to make that your life, THIS is where you should start! If you’ve already got a business and want to bring it to the next level, THIS is the place!

Cyndie Spiegel Business CoachI am so serious and selective about what I put my name on and/or behind (and anyone who has ever worked with me knows that!) so you know that this is something I really believe in. Oftentimes I find something online and bookmark it to check out for later but I’m going to encourage you to try and get into this right now! Sign up for the newsletter to get a day’s headstart on the Collective signup!

AND my darlings, FOR YOU BOSS LADIES ONLY, Cyndie is offering is offering an additional 30 minute “Idea Session” for any “Build It Like a Boss” package purchased. You’re looking for your next step? Here it is! Let me be super clear: this post is not sponsored. I am just this enthusiastic about this opportunity.


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