I miss blogging on a regular basis so much and it’s making me sad.

I think one big thing holding me back is that I have this idea that my posts have to be so polished or so complete like a tutorial or a party (I have two big ones I still need to blog about!), but I think I’m going to start sharing smaller posts so I can blog on a more regular basis and hopefully getting back into the flow of things will help me get the other posts up for you! I’m gonna call it “Hey Dollface” because you are and because I can.


-Ashley of Sugar & Cloth made this gorgeous DIY watercolor abstract cake and used mini Bannerie glitter letters as a cake topper. As I promised IG followers, I will get the cake toppers listed! I have so many mini letters just waiting to be sent out (on toothpicks for cupcakes and bamboo sticks for cakes so you can do more than one line of words). It’ll happen. Just can’t promise when..

Sugar & Cloth DIY watercolor abstract cake with Bannerie glitter letter cake topper

-Tuvia and I made this video to enter the Alison Show BFF dance off and SOMEHOW didn’t win (RIGHT?!) Seriously scroll through that hashtag (#alisonsBFFdanceoff) on IG, some of it’s hiLARIOUS. If you want to see our full video and some outtakes, check out our YouTube channel that’s super sad and lacking in any good videos (other than this one, obviously).

alison show bff danceoff still2

-Apartment Therapy included my DIY drop cloth rug in an article on how to sneak color into your home. I’m in REALLY good company.

DIY dropcloth rug | Shoes Off Please

Alyssa was the first to order a SWEET LOVE banner and my first ever Bannerie wedding and she just shared a photo of how she repurposed her banner in her dreamy bedroom!

Bannerie SWEET LOVE glitter letter banner in a dreamy bedroom

-Cindy is the gorgeous and talented store owner and event planner behind Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop so I can’t wait to see more of her son Gavin’s “Camp Gavin” birthday party! She’ll be selling cake toppers like the one you see in her store soon!

Camping birthday party from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop. Glitter letter banner from the Bannerie.

-Amber of Wills Casa put together an inspiration board for her daughter for the Fall in Love challenge and titled it using Bannerie letters.

Wills Casa Ramona's room inspiration board

-It’s a fact that I love all bannerinas but this lady is beyond. Whitney Newton just shared some photos from her daughter’s birthday and they are delish.

Hot Pink Bannerie custom birthday letter banner

-I’m also combining my Shoes Off Please and Bannerie Facebook pages so now you will only find me on The Bannerie. Go ahead and like it so you get exclusive coupon codes (one is coming up!)

It’s been a busy week!

If you’ve got any Bannerie moments you want to share, tag me @thebannerie or use #thebannerie for a chance to be featured!