Heeyyyy lovers!

First and foremost, I need a new TV show to watch because most things I have to wait to watch with Tuvia but he has class at night and I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to work all night long and I want to relax with a really good show. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.

Here are some other things have been going on:

  • Sarah  of Sarah Hearts did a follow-up post on the West Elm Meet + Make sponsors and she called me “witty” and “hilarious” so you know she’s got good taste.

Fall Y'all glitter letter banner

  • Remember that insanely wonderful Lisa Frank inspired wedding? Well, Friendors did a Feature on the Bannerie and all I can see is that I clearly didn’t work too hard on my handwriting and my answers aren’t funny (sorry Sarah!) buuut you do learn a little something. Also they’re coming to NY for an amazing photoshoot at the end of December so if you are a local vendor or model register at Friendors.com!

Custom glitter party banner

  • I’m having a giveaway in honor of Mia’s birthday and trust me, the winner of this party in a box is gonna be so happy! Head over to Instagram for how to enter- you’ve got until Sunday night!


  • I had my first wholesale order! It’s going to be my last for now. People have been asking for awhile and I decided to try it out (the shop isn’t open yet but I will let you know when it is!). I just want you to know that if you asked me, I really appreciate that you want Bannerie products in your store and I think you are awesome.


  • Lastly, I had an amazing conversation with Emily Ley, a woman whom I admire so much as a business owner, a designer, and a mother. She helped me focus and validated some business decisions that I wish I was too confident to need, but I’m not and I am so excited for the future, both of our family and the business. To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out what I want to share publicly and what I should just do. I’m a sharer (I wasn’t for most of my life so maybe now I’m making up for it?) and I legit love you guys but some things should stay behind the scenes.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner


What have you been up to my little love bunnies? And please, for glitter’s sake, what shows should I watch? #theimportantthings

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P.S. Like my pretty new glittery signature? Me too :)