I do this really embarrassing thing where I take on other people’s accents or verbal tics (their fingerprint words if you will) especially when I think it’s adorable.

“Y’all” is one of those words. It is so far from my daily vocabulary but I just made fifty “FALL Y’ALL” banners and while it hasn’t snuck into my speech, it’s definitely made it’s way into my writing.

Fall Y'all Gold Glitter Letter Banner | the BannerieThese “FALL Y’ALL”s are gonna be in the swag bags in an upcoming West Elm Meet and Make event in Orlando, Fl with Sarah Khandjian of Sarah Hearts. I loooove West Elm and Sarah is my jam so I’m really excited about it.

What’s your ultimate Fall moment? Mine is wearing a yummy sweater, cozy boots, holding a cup of hot cocoa and watching “You’ve Got Mail.” What about a verbal tic? I can so easily identify others’ but my own is hard!