Tuvia and I are planning a small family party to welcome Mia into the world. Which of course means: party prep! We want to keep the costs down, but since we want to welcome her in style that means a little more effort (plus I love this stuff).

We started planning when stores started putting out Valentine’s Day decor, so I took advantage and set the color scheme: red, pink, and white. There are a couple DIY projects I’ve been wanting to try and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

One thing I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest for awhile now is DIY circle or heart garlands like this and this. They all seem super simple except for the teeeeeny little problem that I don’t own a sewing machine (or sew, but that’s basically irrelevant).

So here’s my take on a no-sew DIY circle garland.

What you need:

  • paper
  • glue
  • paper punch
  • string


DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1 DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1 DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1 DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1For the paper I literally used Aiden’s construction paper, nothing fancy. Also, if you don’t have a paper punch, you can be not lazy and cut out your shape with scissors (which is what I did for this project, but a punch saves on a TON of time and effort)

First, I destroyed the paper by punching out as many circles as I could, trying to be strategic to get as many per page as possible. Partly because paper costs money, but mostly because whichever color I would use up would inevitably be the one Aiden desperately wants to draw on the next day. I chose red, pink, and white and went to town.

I measured how long I wanted my twine to be and then laid out the circles. First I tried for an ombre effect.


Then I tried switching off between colors.


The ombre seems the more sophisticated choice, but being a party for a baby I went with the more fun-looking option.


I laid out one row of circles of alternating white, pink, and red. Then I put two dots of glue next to each other, overlapping in the middle a bit. I pressed down the twine, put another dot of glue over the twine and pressed down a matching circle.


So, paper circle, glue, twine, glue, paper circle. That’s it.

DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1 DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1 DIY-no-sew-circle-garland-1

I’m planning on hanging it with washi tape since I found an ah-ma-zing deal at Michael’s. A pack of 25 rolls of washi tape, which normally went for $20 (and individual rolls can go for $2), but 4 rolls were missing. So I got 21 rolls of washi tape for 5 dollars! (Is anyone else singing that annoying-can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head $5 foot long song?)

DIY no sew circle garland 1

Stay tuned for more easy DIYs and then see it all come together once we have the party!