A little over a year ago, I painted three mason jars white, put tea-lights in them, and used them as decor for a party for our brother and sister-in-law. It was crazy easy. (No pictures from the party because I was at the Rose Hartman opening at the FIT Library)Mia's Party Prep: DIY Mason Jar Decor: Shoes Off Please

Since then we’ve used them again to hold lights and sometimes as vases. I thought for Mia’s party, we would do a temporary upgrade.

So, you know when you have a brilliant idea and then it turns out that other people had that same brilliant idea? Yeah…it happened with this.

I saw a bunch of cute things in the Target dollar bins, like twine and heart ribbons…

DIY Mason Jar Decor : Shoes Off Please I thought they would be really cute on the mason jars, …..but so did Courtney of A Thoughtful Place. And she did it really well and photographed it beautifully, as you can see for yourselves here.

I thought of not doing it, or doing it and not posting about it, but there’s no rule that says two people can’t have the same idea (unless of course it’s copyrighted) and if I’m doing a series on pre-party DIYs, then this is part of it.Mia's Party Prep: DIY Mason Jar Decor : Shoes Off Please I used twine for one jar, the heart ribbons on the second, and two lines of washi tape on the third. I looove the heart ribbons.Mia's Party Prep: DIY Mason Jar Decor : Shoes Off Please I’m using the twine in other projects so I like that it ties in with other decor. Mia's Party Prep: DIY Mason Jar Decor : Shoes Off PleaseThe washi tape, aside from being crooked, didn’t come out as I liked so I will most likely switch it up with a different pattern using washi tape or use a pretty pink yarn that I am trying to do a smaller version of this with.

That leaves me with two more projects for the party! Neither one of them is a sure thing so you’re gonna have to come back to find out if I do them….intrigued?