There’s a craft trend that I’ve seen around Pinterest that looks so adorable and easy that I thought Mia’s little party was the perfect place to try it out: yarn-wrapped letters. Plus I love the concept of “from pin to home”. I pin so much, but really what’s the point unless I utilize the inspiration?

The one that really made me fall in love with it is from My Sister’s Suitcaselove_yarn_lettersHow wonderful is their use of the ombre trend?

My plan was to pull up their link, follow the tutorial, and have no problems. Buuuuut my computer has gone a little bonkers (Tuvia is going to attempt to fix it himself and I will definitely update when that happens). So I relied on my memory and logic.

I grabbed the cheapest “M” I saw at Michael’s that was around the size I wanted and a beautiful pink yarn. The middle part of the “M” is actually lopsided, but I thought it was kind of quirky and cute and other than making wrapping a little bit harder, it’s fine. I played around with the idea of doing ombre, but thought for my first wrapped letter I would start with one color.

*I am pretty ashamed of the yellow tone/lighting situation in the photos below, but I have signed up for a Photography 101 class online so starting in March I hope that you’ll see a difference!*Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off Please The concept itself is pretty simple: wrap the letter. But there are corners and angles to take into consideration. I remembered that Holly had used smaller pieces of yarn to cover the top and while I didn’t remember exactly how, I figured it was something like this: Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off PleaseSo I cut strips for the top parts and glued them down. Then I started wrapping around the edges and gluing it down as I went. IMG_0252 Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off Please After a bit, I realized that I didn’t have to glue each part and started only gluing in the back to make sure it was tight and neat. Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off PleaseI think the process itself didn’t take too long, but a certain someone kept waking up from her nap so it actually took three days of going back to it when I got a chance. I finished it two nights ago and I like the finished pictures is so much better. Maybe I should start paying attention to the time of day…Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off PleaseIMG_0267 Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off Please Yarn Wrapped Letter | Shoes Off Please I really like it and I’m so glad I went “from pin to home”! The plan is to start it out as party decor and then move it into the kid’s room.

Has anyone else created something Pinterest-inspired? Or created yarn-wrapped letters? 

I’m linking this to the Pinterest Challenge Winter Edition hosted by Katie, Sherry, Megan, and Michelle