Mother's Day Brunch Inspiration

I remember the first time I made a Mother’s Day get together. It was the first one after Tuvia and I were married and we were in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan (which I totally miss- it was study in using vertical space and I have no photos). It wasn’t the first party I threw and it wasn’t very big, but I loved the chance to honor some moms in my life.

I’m so excited to get that chance again this year and am happily collaborating with Tiny Prints! Taking my cue from this Tiny Prints invitation I want to have lots of florals!

tiny prints mothers day invite

I love the fresh floral banner Studio DIY made, but mine will be with tissue paper flowers so I can make them ahead of time.


Passion shake put together a bunch of small vases with just a few buds and it looks so pretty. It’s a great way to make an impact for less money.


This giant paper flower tutorial from Design Sponge is amaaaazing. I may have had a blissful moment of insanity when I considered making our apartment into a ginormous paper flower garden…


I adore this berry basket bouquet from A Pretty Cool Life to put all the Mother’s Day flowers in. Another really easy centerpiece that’s so pretty and not expensive.

mothers day berry basket bouquet


I ordered a bunch of flowers from Flower Muse for all the mamas (and mamas to be) to take home after the brunch and in the meantime that means more flowers! Hey, anyone remember the time I told Tuvia I don’t like flowers in the beginning of our relationship? I have no idea why I said that or if I really did or if it was a miscommunication, but luckily he ignored me. Good times.



What are your Mother’s Day plans? Do you hang with family, friends or both? Also, I’m so curious, what would be your ultimate Mother’s Day gift??