I have been a mom for almost four years now so I’m a tooootal expert….. Okay, fine I’m learning as I go and clueless as the next person parent, but I know what I would want for Mother’s Day and maybe it’s what you (or your mom) want too:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here’s the list of all the things that Tuvia can get for me

for being his baby mama:

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A plant. I know that’s weird, but I want a fiddle leaf fig plant bc they’re supposedly hard to kill and I love the life a plant brings to a room. That or a succulent. P.S. I killed a cactus once. Ikea sells fiddle leaf fig trees for pretty cheap and A Beautiful Mess has a great DIY planter tutorial. If you’d rather just buy, this hanging one is amazing though maybe not for fiddle leaf fig plants or succulents… I really don’t know though some have called me a plant expert. It was Aiden. And he used the term “green monster” but that’s basically the same thing.


Jewelry. duh. Crafts and Love yes please.

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A cardFunny, pretty, meaningful or all three.


Flowers. Peonies, ranunculus, and anemones are my faves but just about anything bright and/or colorful makes me happy. Paper or felt flowers are also very acceptable.


Sequin covered anything like this hanger or camera strap for instance…


Some free time…maybe a manicure (it’s been a reeaallly long time), a massage (ooooh!!! I vote for that!), a long leisurely meal with my girls…OMG or someone to come and scour the whole apartment top to bottom while I’m not there. All acceptable.

Tickets! A concert, a play, a movie- I don’t care!

And basically anything from the Blogger’s Favorite Things Exchange. This was what my friend Alex of Northstory received:


And obviously this will be followed by a nice glass of wine as we sit by the fireside… okay I don’t like nice wine (give me a Malibu Bay Breeze any day!) and we don’t have a fireplace, but I’d love to spend the end of the day with my favorite whatshisface on the couch reminiscing about the good old days when we felt like good parents (Aiden was a freakishly easy baby.)

What’s on your list for Mother’s Day? What are you getting your mom? I’m giving mine the gift of being near me… I kid, but seriously I wish I could give all of you that gift slash get that gift from all of you because one of my favorite things of all time is meeting you guys in real life. 

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