Every year mother’s day sneaks up on me (and I bet quite a few of you too). So this year I rounded up some gifts for the moms in your life. As for me, I can’t decide if I want something for me personally, or for the home. Who am I kidding? “for the home” is for me.

Mothers Day Gifts Roundup | For the Mom | Shoes Off Please

Lounging robespring awakening necklace, fanned rafia pendant necklace, mint tassel keychain, YSL lipstick (my sister wore this to a cousin’s wedding and I was immediately obsessed, it looks amazing on everyone!), falling leaf earringsstone ring 

I discovered Stella & Dot (source for some of the above goodies) a little bit ago and reeaaally liked them, but I recently realized just how hardcore my crush is. And then I won a navy ikat bag from them in a Natty Michelle giveaway! That’s the second one this month! The first two times in my life I won a giveaway and they were within a month of each other. A sign of good things to come I do hope :)

Speaking of good things, my sister got me a fab gift for my birthday this year that would be such a great mother’s day present: a 3 month subscription to Birchbox.


Basically, every month you get a pretty little box in the mail with a bunch of beauty samples. Then if you like something you can purchase the full-sized version from their shop and you can redeem and use Birchbox Points! How fab for a new mom or someone looking to try before they buy?

Mothers Day Gifts Roundup | For the Home | Shoes Off Please

I belong with you printturquoise tray (for breakfast in bed, of course), pink heart pillowmeet me in Paris printpink greek key blanket (it’s actually a baby blanket), blue spotted ikat pillowtribal pillow (I LOVE this pillow and am pretending it doesn’t clash with the curtains in our bedroom or ottomans in our living room)

Can you tell I’m craving a new throw pillow, some pattern, and prints from Etsy?

Mothers Day Gifts Roundup | from the kids | Shoes Off Please

Instagram photobook, the classic popsicle stick frame, reasons I love mommy jar, Celery art, fingerprint pendants, flower photos

For the younger crowd, I really like things that the kids can actually be involved in, like the craft stick frame. I always prefer something messy and genuinely made by Aiden then something pretty that he didn’t have much to do with.

I’m also kind of craving a DIY terrarium (harder to kill than flowers and breathes life into wherever it goes). I assume there are other moms who want plants, but aren’t interested in the effort it takes to keep them alive…right? Other moms?


And you can never go wrong with breakfast in bed surrounded by the people you love ♥

Honestly, I would love a video interview of Aiden. He’s so terribly funny and smart and I love looking back at all the little moments we’ve captured. Just in case it was missed: *cough* I want a video *cough* of the kids *cough* whew I need a throat lozenge.

Tuvia just asked if I care of my gift is practical or do I just want something pretty (obviously the answer is pretty over practical)…what do you guys think it is? I’m no good at waiting for gifts. WHAT IS IT, TUV?

What do you want to do for Mother’s day? Day with the kids? Day with the friends? Or do you like a big celebration with all the moms in your life?

P.S. I’ve read a few times now that a vertical image is more “pinnable” because of how it shows up on Pinterest boards, what do you think?