Getting Over Blogging Jitters

blogging jitters

Hi! So the lovely Gilit asked if I would introduce myself since I’ve been a contributor since June, showing you ways to play with your food. (For example these donuts and these toppers!) Shoes off Please is actually the first blog that I started to contribute to, and I am so happy I reached out to her! :) It took a lot of courage to do so, and I am excited, albeit nervous, to share how I got that courage and what it’s been like blogging and doing diy projects!


I work full time as an interior designer at a showroom and a marketing rep for two companies. It’s incredibly exhausting, so sometimes I just want to come home, curl up, and watch 10 episodes of Seinfeld in a row…don’t judge. I started my blog, sugar and bash, a little over a year ago in hopes to avoid becoming a couch potato and to roundup my favorite things, like a personal reference of sorts. I love design and just wanted to share it! It wasn’t until a few months ago that I wanted to do more diy projects and connect with other people.

D O N ‘ T  P R O C R A S T I N A T E !
Posting things on your blog is sort of terrifying at first. I was new at this, I didn’t know what people would say and I didn’t know if what I made was already out there?! It was hard. I spent most of my time writing down ideas and getting supplies. Once I took photos and was ready to post, it just didn’t seem good enough. There are so many A-MAZ-ING blogs out there and I compared myself wayyyyyy too much to others. (don’t do that, okay?!) Eventually I just got over it and felt that someone would care about what I had to say. You will learn so much along the way and your work will only get better! From this post a little over a year ago to this one here, you can see how my photos and styling have improved.

macaron cakestand

D I Y  W H A T  Y O U  A R E  C O M F O R T A B L E  W I T H
This awkward macaron stand was one of the first projects I did, ha! The idea was there and it would’ve been cute…except I didn’t know how to work with clay. I learned pretty quick to stick to things I knew I could do. I love working with fondant, sugar cookies, and all sort of sweets. I was also more confident because I knew I could get to the end without questioning what I was doing. What I really love is crafting and learning how to sew, weave, and work with clay. It also helps with inspiration and future project ideas. You just want to make sure you know what you’re doing before telling someone else how to do it. ;)

flamingo donut

R E A C H I N G  O U T  &  C O L L A B O R A T I N G
The best way to get your name out there is to collaborate or seek out a blog you can contribute something to. I actually saw Gilit was looking for contributors for her blog one night when I was in New York. Of course it was on Instagram and I totally got all fangirl on her, haha. When she said she liked my blog I immediately emailed her about the position and here we are! I’ve also collaborated with a few companies, coming up with some little promotion projects. Being honest and offering something to help their brand succeed will also help you. Look for small local companies that you would like to work with, I actually have had the best success with those. And if you’re too scared to call or email, just have some alcohol on hand! (Kidding!! Or am I??)

boozy s'mores shake

Wow, so here we are at the end of my novel. was that fun or what?! I think the best advice I can give you to get over the blogging jitters early on is to really just go for it. Your skills will improve over time and you will definitely learn so much along the way. I’m super comfortable with a camera, photoshop, and illustrator now! Just keep in mind literally everyone once started where you were. Just stay positive, keep an open mind, and when in doubt google the heck out of it!



Mia’s Toddler Room

My tool-toting tutu-wearing toddler has become a kitty, princess, and mermaid obsessed little girl. All of a sudden she loves everything pink and whimsical…where does she get that from? It’s a mystery we may never solve.

Up until now she was sharing a room with her big brother so working with the Land of Nod to make her new toddler room is a total dream come true and allowing some input from Mia (she is 2 after all and has the attention span of a gnat) this is what we came up with:

Mia's pink blue and yellow/gold toddler room

The Land of Nod Laura Blythman Mountains Poster Decal, Studio Mucci fringe tassel garland, The Land of Nod campaign nightstand, IKEA bed, Hello Tosha print, The Land of Nod Ashley Goldberg bedding, The Land of Nod clip lamp, Britt Castellano pillow, Overstock plastic molded rocker, Anthropologie letter (similar), One Eyed Dog ombre arrow hook (no longer sold) Wayfair pink leather ottoman.

We’ll probably also use some of what we had on the wall in our old apartment. We’re definitely getting there and I can’t wait to finish and share the reveal!

Gilit Cooper New Signature

Bringing the Palm Leaf Print Trend Home

I’m so not over the palm leaf print trend, I legit want my house to look like it belongs in Palm Springs and will bring in as much hot pink and plants that I can’t kill as possible. You can’t kill plants if they’re on fabric, can you?

Bring palm leaves inside with these fun accessories!
Pillow  // Wallpaper  // Acrylic Drinkware  // Floor Pillow // Shoes  // Sweatshirt // Deck Chair // Ottoman

How do you feel about this trend? Can’t get enough or totally over it?

Gilit Cooper New Signature

Back to School Party Ideas

back to school partayIt’s time for the little ones to go back to school and I assume some parents are jumping for joy. (Editor’s note: that is very much correct.) Getting back into a routine can be a daunting task, especially for kids, so let’s start it off with a party! There are so many great ideas out there to make it extra special and extra handmade. Here are my favorite party ideas!

B A L L O O N S !
These are like a necessity! No kid will be sad with balloons and they add so much color when thrown around. I love this apple balloon diy! There are also some cute photos you can take to capture moments like this.

P A R T Y  F A V O R S
Yes, please! Send the kids home with some treats and an adorable gift jar full of school supplies! This DIY offers free printables too!

Every party needs a backdrop or a banner to spruce up the walls. I love this one because it’s simple and totally a congrats moment when you head back to school. It means you graduated Summer, right?

I love how pinatas are such a thing now. They are fun to make and you can stuff it with candy,  school supplies, and CONFETTI! These pencil pinatas will do quite nicely.

E D I B L E  P L A C E  C A R D S
They make your guests feel welcomed with a personal touch. Now, edible place cards are on a whole new level of cool.

M I N I  D E S S E R T S
Anything mini is my jam! You can create a dessert for each guest and let them have at it. I saw this mini bundt cake shaped like an apple and i just about squealed.

I wish all those parents (and kids) out there the best of luck!

For more creations, head on over to my blog and check out my instagram!



Back-To-School Eraser Gift Boxes

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Raise your hand if you L-O-V-E Back-To-School Season!! Nothing beats a brand-new pack of crayons, new sparkly gel pens and glue. Seriously, the amount of glue sticks I use in a year is obscene. So I stock up for the entire year each August because in the middle of February it is criminal what they charge for glue sticks.  Now, for all those parents out there, you are probably singing the praises of summer ending for a variety of other reasons, but for me it is all about the school supplies.

Inspired by everyone’s favorite mistake fixer, the eraser, I created these pink pillow gift boxes using the Martha Stewart Gift Box Tool. The tool allows you to make gift boxes in three different sizes, I created a template for this project and the medium sized gift box is the perfect fit! These little boxes are also the perfect size to stash a handful of school supplies in (or a gift card for a well deserving teacher!) and handout on the first day of school to your classmates or students.

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!


Martha Stewart Gift Box Tool
Pink Cardstock
Cutting Mat
Double-Sided Tape
Eraser Gift Box Template

Note: The instructions included with the Martha Stewart Gift Box Tool are very helpful and so is this video, it takes a little bit of practice, but you will be making perfect boxes in no time!


  1. Print the template onto pink cardstock.
  2. Remove the outer portion of the gift box tool, so you can create a medium-sized gift box.
  3. Place the cardstock on a cutting mat and align the tool with the left side of the paper.
  4. Score the cardstock using the scoring tool provided with the Martha Stewart Gift Box Tool on the top, right and bottom sides, then set the cutting arm to “2” and cut from the top-left corner to the top-right corner, then cut from the bottom-left corner to the bottom-right corner.
  5. Move the tool to the right, lining it up with the score mark you made. Then using the scoring tool, score the paper on the top, right and bottom sides, then using the cutting arm cut from the top-left corner all the way around to the bottom-left corner.
  6. Remove the cut pieces of cardstock carefully to avoid ripping your box.
  7. Fold your box on the score lines and assemble using double-sided tape.

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Make this Back-To-School DIY in minutes with a free printable template and our new favorite crafting tool!

Guys, since I have this handy gift box tool, I foresee a lot more gift box tutorials in my future — tell me what should I gift box-ify next?! I think everyone’s favorite banana snacking friends, the Minions, might be my next gift box muse!


*See more of Sarah’s glitter and talent on her blog Weekend Pursuits and Instagram @sadiutori

An Honest Look at Styling for Instagram

Sara Tramp’s Instagram feed is dreamy, colorful, and I kind of just want to bathe in it. I asked her to share what it’s really like to take a photo for Instagram and she is so hilariously honest, you need to read this.

Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

People need to know that most Instagram photos are not glamorous behind the scenes! As in letting my ice cream melt down my hand while trying to get a picture while my boyfriend just stares at me in disbelief.

I’m not a colorful person, but I desperately want to be one and I think that reflects on my Instagram. I’ve chosen ice cream flavors based on what colors they are and how they’ll look on my camera.


Hello Sara Tramp Instagram: behind the scenes

This avocado (which was cut open for breakfast) was just me alone in my kitchen, contorting myself into an awkward angle to shoot my hand with my phone in front of a piece of pink poster board I keep around (I’m currently having a full blown affair with warm greens on soft blushes… but who isn’t?)

Then I edited. First I used Snapseed to get rid of marks on the paper and color edit (the app has an amazing individual color editing feature and spot editor). Second I opened it in VSCO to preview how it would look in my feed (it uses the same 3×3 scroll format as Instagram which lets me play with how pictures will look in my feed next to each other)

VSCO is also great for skin tone and shadow editing (I try and remove as much shadow as possible from my images). Finally, I brought it into Instagram which is my favorite for cooling/warming photos, sharpening, and cropping them. It takes some patience but I could do this for hours. It’s very cathartic. That along with my having a serious Instagram addiction.

Happy ‘graming!

Sara’s feed is a great example of fantastic personal branding. Not only is each individual photo beautiful and on brand, but her feed as a whole is cohesive and recognizable. Check out Sara’s blog for more gorgeous photos and DIYs and obviously you should be checking out her Insta.


Gilit Cooper New Signature

DIY Pineapple Cup

The pineapple craze is going strong and I don’t see an end in sight, nor do I want to. But what exactly are you supposed to do with them after you’re done taking all those pictures for Instagram? Other than just eating them, which (unless you’re allergic) is pretty much a no-brainer, you can put the rind to use!


Instead of throwing away the rind, try turning it into a pineapple cup!

In case you aren’t like my mom and don’t just happen to already own a pineapple de-corer, for this diy you will need one. That and a pineapple. Make sure to be very careful with the de-corer, they are pretty sharp.

Pineapple De-Corer Sharp!

This process is easy peasy!

Start by cutting off the top of the pineapple.
Pineapple Top

Then stand it up.
Standing Pineapple

Line up the de-corer with the center of your pineapple.Center De-Corer

Twist and pull!Twist and Pull Add the drink of your choice along with a fun straw.Flamingo Straw And ENJOY!Pineapple Cup

See? I told you it was easy!

Want do you plan to pour into your pineapple cup?




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