I’m doing an extra post this week because this feels like the second part of yesterday’s post and because tomorrow there will be a guest post!

In case you are just joining in, I’ll catch you up: we had a green lamp we got on sale from Target for Aiden’s room but it never quite fit. So I decided to repurpose it for our room based on this inspiration photo from Pinterest (which I am so sorry, I cannot find the original source, this is as far back as I can trace it)

Floor lamps: gold base, white shade with black ribbon

Like the photo, I wanted to spray the base gold, and paint the trim black. Womp womp.

spray paint fail

You are seeing correctly: it was green, I primed it, then sprayed it gold blue. Sigh.

So another trip to Michaels for actual gold spray paint, and black craft paint for the trim. I painted the base with actual gold paint this time, but wasn’t sure I liked the shape of the lamp in this color.

Pinterest Challenge: Lamp Makeover via Shoes Off Please

I decided to keep going with the shade and see how the whole thing turned out. For a minute, I considered hot gluing black trim over the green, but couldn’t find plain black ribbon in my stash…

Pinterest Challenge: Lamp Makeover via Shoes Off Please

… so I went with the original plan and painted the trim in Martha Stewart high-gloss beetle black craft paint and I love it!

All I did was put frog tape along the edge of the trim and press it down a little to make sure there was no bleed-through.

*on Amazon the paint is $4.99 but in Michael’s it’s $2.99 and our local one has it for 40% off*

Pinterest Challenge: Lamp Makeover via Shoes Off Please

I really like the shade now, but I was so excited about the Anthropologie-inspired tablecloth that I forgot to take a picture of the gold lamp base with finished shade!
Here’s one I took with my phone instead:
Pinterest Challenge: Lamp Makeover via Shoes Off Please
I’m not in love with how it turned out. I like the shade and I like the base and I like having a gold base with the shade buuuut I think the shape of this particular base in gold doesn’t work with the shade like I would want it to. It might just be it doesn’t work on my dresser…
Anyway that was the first Pinterest Challenge I accepted and I’m glad I did it regardless of whether it stays or not.
Anyone else have a Pinterest Challenge that wasn’t so successful? If you haven’t already, you should check out the linkups at YHL, Bower Power, Sparkle Meets Pop, and RedBirdBlue because some of these projects are ah-maz-ing!
Love, Gilit @ Shoes Off Please
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