I found Bree on Instagram (it’s definitely my favorite social media outlet nowadays) and the second I saw Boss’ room, I shamelessly begged Bree to let me share it. I’m going to let her tell you more about it, but this bald cutie and his pretty mama have totally captured my heart (and my room envy)

Boss' Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please

“I think it’s best to start with the important things, so first off, I am one very proud mother to a beautiful 8 month old boy, Boston Cooper Taylor, or Boss as we call him.”

Boss' Cool Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please

“He is my sun, my moon and all of my stars. Secondly, my name is Bree, I’m 21 years old and I live in Australia. I’ve always loved DIY but after becoming a mother this side of me really started to take over. This seems to be a common occurrence, am I right? It’s almost like child birth automatically signs us up to a secret mum/mom club where we suddenly live, love, breathe craft and chop all our hair off.”

Boss' Cool Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please “You’re probably wondering why it took until our baby was 8 months old to create this space. Basically, we we’re every obstetricians dream clients, ticked every box; young, fit and fertile! Unfortunately though, we still endured a bit of a rocky pregnancy. We are blessed that everything went splendidly in the end, but with my finishing work sooner than expected, the extra doctors bills and our first mortgage, financially, my dream nursery was not a priority. After 6 months of staring at bland walls for sometimes hours at a time during all-nighters and endless boob marathons, I’d had enough and finally got stuck into it.”

Boss' Cool Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please The room (like most these days) was initially inspired by an image on Pinterest, although after being influenced by our personalities, it ended up almost completely different. It’s far from your traditional baby blue boys room, but we’re not exactly your traditional family either.
So to us it’s perfect.. Perfectly us.”

Boss' Cool Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please

“Thanks again for sharing our little space, such an honor :)”


Thank you so much for sharing Boss’ nursery, Bree! 

I love that Bree didn’t force herself to put something together before she was ready and instead waited and thrifted and came up with this gorgeous mix of handmade touches. I adore that there are a lot of triangles but it doesn’t feel theme-y at all. I love all the patterns (the crib sheet, quilt, wall decals..etc.) And my absolute favorite thing is the doll Bree made!

Boss' Black and White Nursery via Shoes Off Please

Bree will be selling dolls like that after the holidays!!! They don’t have any buttons or anything dangerous on them and are chock-full of great sensory touches for your babe! Follow her on Instagram to find out when and get a shot at these fab handmade dolls


Pssst…. Bree was also kind enough to share a source list so you can take the inspiration and run with it!

On the walls:
Triangle Decals – Urban Walls
Snug Studio Alphabet Print – My Messy Room
going Danish Funny Bunny Print – Childrens Dept
Hammerpress No Whining Art Print – My Messy Room

OMM Design Honeycomb Parade in Pink – Childrens Dept
(Hung using yarn and washi tape).

In the cot:
Fitted Crib Sheet in Black Forest – Ivie Baby Shop on Etsy
Leonora Triangle Quilt Blanket – Ivie Baby Shop on Etsy
Lucky Boy Sunday Stanley DeLarge – Childrens Dept