First, a little backstory: Once upon a time, there was a Pinterest challenge. As I was browsing through the linkup, I saw that someone made these gorgeous pillows! Someone had to tell her to start selling these babies so the world (I) could benefit from her talent! Womp wooomp, she’s got an Etsy shop! It’s called Max & Me Homewares and I love it. Read below to learn more about this lovely Aussie native:


Store Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off Please

1. How did Max & Me get started?

For years I had been tossing around the idea of starting an online store, but I honestly didn’t believe that anyone actually made money online. Then when I was pregnant with Lincoln I realized that I really didn’t want to put him into daycare and return to work after 6 months. So I bit the bullet and started listing things in my Etsy store. It took about a week to get my first sale and things took off really quickly from there!

Store Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off Please

2. Your wares are generally pink and/or sparkly, is this a conscious decision or do you just gravitate toward these things as I do?

I definitely gravitate towards them! I love all things gold, sparkly, pink and girly, but with two boys of my own I didn’t get much of a chance to use them. I love that I get to fill my shop with beautiful items that are perfect for little girls, it kind of fills that need :).

Store Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off PleaseStore Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off Please

3. What is your favorite thing that you ever sold in Max & Me?
Honestly it changes every week! I often find myself falling in love with custom orders that I make and using them as a permanent item in the shop. My customers obviously have great taste!! My current favorites are the gold love cushion, the gold foil heart cushion and the linen, pink and white mobile. Although right now I’m working on a gold, peach and white pom mobile that I’m falling head over heels in love with too.

Store Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off Please Store Spotlight on Max & Me Homewares via Shoes Off Please

4. What’s another store you think people should know about?
There are so many amazing stores out there that I absolutely love. Can I pick three?

1- Billy and Scarlet is another Aussie shop, she makes the most gorgeous nursery prints. I have one in Lincoln’s room and often include her work when I’m making mood boards.
2- Bip and Bop is one of my current favorite jewelry stores, I have half a dozen pieces from there and absolutely love them all!
3- I recently ordered Lincoln’s birthday invites from Paper Heart Company, the invitations were perfect, but it was the customer service that impressed me even more. Definitely a ten out of ten, they were amazing!

Thank you so much for being here, Tamsyn! And because she is completely lovely, Shoes Off Please readers get a 10% discount by entering MAXANDMETAKETEN at checkout. 

You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter showing off bits of her adorable kids and beautiful home!

Did you click on the Max & Me link yet? Here it is again so you don’t have to scroll back up (you lazy bum!) I have been coveting one of Tamsyn’s mobiles for quite some time now… anyone having a baby girl any time soon? Also I’m pretty sure we need all of the pillows.