Something about this time of year makes me feel seriously inspired. Maybe it’s the barrage of Fall-time Pinterest DIYs that flood my feed. Or maybe the pumpkin-flavored everything has magical, creative powers. Fall is here (despite the lingering hot weather in Southern California), and I am excited.

Mike and I have had these barstools since we first moved in together like 8 years ago. They were free (from a friends garage). They have always been just sort of blah; there to just serve their purpose of hosting people’s bums. The barstools and I came to a crossroads. I didn’t love them, but I also didn’t want to just get rid of perfectly usable seating. Conundrum!

And then this DIY hit me like a ton of bricks. A simple upcycle-project would save these stools from imminent banishment. The stools and I sighed with relief.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Not great, right? Obviously, these chairs were just screaming for a makeover, and here is how I gave them a second–actually, third life.

Stuff you will need:
Barstools or chairs
White spray paint (with primer)
White spray paint (flat)
Fabric of choice
Staple gun / staples
Metallic gold leaf paint or spray paint

Step 1: Disassemble old bar stool

Flip your barstool over, and unscrew the top from the base. (This one was super easy)

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 2: Wipe down and clean stools and stool tops

Lysol wipes are your friend. You definitely want to make sure that the stool is squeaky clean before re-upholstering the top, and spraying the base.

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 3: Spray barstools with 1st coat of white spray paint (with primer)

I used this Krylon paint and primer. The first coat will look a little patchy, but that is ok. Get as much coverage as you can, using the entire can for both barstools.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Step 4: Allow first coat to dry, and apply 2nd coat of spray paint

Once first coat has dried (10-20 mins), apply the 2nd coat of spray paint. I used this Rust-oleum Flat White spray paint.

Upcycled Barstool DIY

Step 5: Cut and staple fabric to seat tops

Make sure your fabric fits over the seat, all the way around. After you have sized your fabric, cut it and then begin to staple it to the underside of the seat top. (This is super fun!) I ordered my fabric from this etsy shop, and used this Stanley staple gun.

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

Step 6: Paint it GOLD

When the barstool is dry and reassembled, customize your chair with gold, metallic detailing. I used this Martha Stewart guilding paint. I painted the knobs and the foot bar, and it really pulled the stool together nicely, in my opinion.

And here is the finished product:

Upcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIYUpcycled Barstool DIY

I love Emily’s transformation! Totally different, right?

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