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Mia’s Flamingo and Pineapple Birthday Party

My baby turned TWO!!! A year ago, but whatever. I wrote this post also about a year ago but had so much trouble choosing photos it took me until now to publish. IN-SANE. (Mia’s third birthday is in two weeks. No joke.)

Party like a flamingoSo, my little darling is a little weirdo and sometimes she just stands on one foot and I thought that’s so perfect for the flamingo trend (which yes, some of us are tired of at this point but trend aside, I thought it was perfect). Also, she’s such a flamingo. I mean this is the girl that has accessorized from the minute she was able to lift accessories. This is the girl that wears tutus and sparkles as often as possible and tried to steal an old lady’s lipstick from her purse. This is the girl who somehow managed to find, take, and appropriate my grandmother’s rings that were on my dresser. At least she’s got good taste.

My favorite part of the decor was this focal point. We put flamingo books and art on the shelf with some flowers, I taped a bunch of fans to the wall covering the tv, and setup the dessert table with confetti and cupcakes. 
Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo

We got flamingo balloons from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop and the banner was made by me. Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo We found blue velvet Room and Board chairs on Craigslist pretty recently and I knew I had to cover them so I could relax and enjoy the party so we used some Turkish throws in pretty colors. And the birthday girl found some popcorn.Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoThe lighting around the table was totally not ideal, but I loved it in real life.
Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoWe put the flamingo favor bags on the piano and I stuck cupcake toppers in everything!Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoI got flamingo wrapping paper from One Kings Lane and then bought a floral garland from Michaels to frame it and be our Photo Booth. Plus the gold glitter happy birthday banner, obvi.Party like a flamingoParty like a flamingo Photo Booth Party like a flamingo Photo Booth I know that last photo is so grainy, but I love it. And then Mia had her cake. Like we were in middle of singing happy birthday and Mia just leaned over and tok a big bite of her cake. I love this girl.

Party like a flamingo Mia_Party_22

In many ways Mia hasn’t changed much but I guess that’s for her third birthday party post. You know, in two weeks.

Happy birthday my little flamingo!

All photos taken by Emily Daar, who is also sisters with my future sister-in-law!

Flamingo Party Hats with Sprout by HP

Moving is so so very hard (to be clear, I’m totally whining). And at least I get why we’re moving and got to actually make that decision. As far as the kids go, we’ve lived in this apartment since Aiden was 3 months old and Mia’s been here her whole life so it’s a HUGE adjustment. But I am determined to make it as fun and exciting as I can because I have this vision of me being a fun mom who makes life magical and sometimes I like to deliver on that. So I did the only natural thing and made “moving party” hats (in a flamingo pattern, obviously) using my HP Sprout.

Sprout by HP

I had scanned two flamingo candles using the HP Sprout Workspace earlier, so I put one flamingo right side up and the other upside down and then copied and pasted it into a pattern. Then I saved it in Photoshop as a pattern and used it to fill the party hat template  from Oh Happy Day.flamingo pattern wallpaper 600

flamingo party hat templatesHere’s the template with the flamingo pattern filled in.

I’ve packed most of my supplies already so instead of elastic I had to pin it to their hair but Mia was literally shouting “FLAMIIIINGOS!” I’ve trained her so well.  Aiden was like “um, I wanted dragons mom, why did you have to make flamingos?” but then he followed it up with, “I’ll just do it myself” (P.S. he totally can, the Sprout is super intuitive for kids and he thinks everything is a touch screen anyway)

DIY printable flamingo party hatsYou know what’s super awesome? My confetti and flamingo candles were already packed but I had the images saved from scanning them earlier so I was able to make a graphic just like I would if I was photographing them. Win.

What would you create with the Sprout by HP? I’ve been randomly scanning in cool fabrics as I notice them and the cloud storage is amazing so I’m not worried about not having enough “space” which is actually a huge deal for me as a serial photographer and screenshot-er

Gilit Cooper New Signature

* This post was sponsored by HP. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. This is legit awesome #SproutbyHP #CIY *

DIY Flamingo Party Hats

Make your own flamingo party hats #flamingoparty #letsflamingle

I have always had a bit of a crush on flamingos or ‘mingos as I sometimes affectionately refer to them. This crush has seemed to festoon into a full-blown obsession as of late, it seems I cannot enter a store or scroll through Instagram without one of those pink, adorable beauties catching my eye. So when Gilit and I teamed up I knew that our combined loved of parties and shared affinity for flamingos would be bound to result in some ah-ma-zing flamingo party ideas! The first (of I am sure many) flamingo-inspired ideas is a cute and super simple Flamingo Party Hat.



Pink Polka Dot Party Hats
Pink Feathers
Pink, White and Black Card Stock
Flamingo Template (link at the bottom of post)
Double Sided Tape
Black Sharpie
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

1170X425 TO CREATE

  1. Print out the template provided and using scissors cut out the template shapes.
  2. Trace the template shapes onto the appropriate colored card stock — the flamingo head on pink cardstock twice, the face details on white cardstock and the beak on black cardstock — then cut out the shapes using scissors staying on the inside of the lines.
  3. Assemble the pieces of cardstock and adhere together using double sided tape.
  4. Using a black sharpie add an eye to the flamingo head.
  5. Make a bend (approximately 1/2″) at the bottom of the flamingo neck, insert the bent part of the cardstock into the slit on the side of the party hat to see where it looks best.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the placement, apply double sided tape to the folded part of the card stock and secure it to the inside of the hat.
  7. Using hot glue, attach a few feathers on the side of the hat to resemble wings.
  8. Place the party hat on top of your head and let’s flamingle!






Make your own flamingo party hats #flamingoparty #letsflamingleMake your own flamingo party hats #flamingoparty #letsflamingle

Make your own flamingo party hat #flamingopartyMake your own flamingo party hat #flamingoparty

Here is the Flamingo Party Hat Template! Have fun Flamingling!


*See more of Sarah’s glitter and talent on her blog Weekend Pursuits and Instagram @sadiutori

New in the Shop: Pink Flamingo Candles!

Pink flamingo candles are now available at The Bannerie!Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingolove Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty

They’re bright, they’re pink, and they’re gorgeous! Perfect on a birthday cake, cupcake, pancake, or giant soft cookie, the stainless steel legs keep these ‘mingos in place. Summer is coming, babes! There are limited quantities available, but show these flamingos some love and I’ll see what I can do about restocking ;)

pink_flamingo_candles_thebannerie copy



Pink Flamingo Candles at The Bannerie! #flamingoparty

Hey Dollface Vol. 3

Heeyyyy lovers!

First and foremost, I need a new TV show to watch because most things I have to wait to watch with Tuvia but he has class at night and I’ve recently decided that I’m not going to work all night long and I want to relax with a really good show. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated.

Here are some other things have been going on:

  • Sarah  of Sarah Hearts did a follow-up post on the West Elm Meet + Make sponsors and she called me “witty” and “hilarious” so you know she’s got good taste.

Fall Y'all glitter letter banner

  • Remember that insanely wonderful Lisa Frank inspired wedding? Well, Friendors did a Feature on the Bannerie and all I can see is that I clearly didn’t work too hard on my handwriting and my answers aren’t funny (sorry Sarah!) buuut you do learn a little something. Also they’re coming to NY for an amazing photoshoot at the end of December so if you are a local vendor or model register at Friendors.com!

Custom glitter party banner

  • I’m having a giveaway in honor of Mia’s birthday and trust me, the winner of this party in a box is gonna be so happy! Head over to Instagram for how to enter- you’ve got until Sunday night!


  • I had my first wholesale order! It’s going to be my last for now. People have been asking for awhile and I decided to try it out (the shop isn’t open yet but I will let you know when it is!). I just want you to know that if you asked me, I really appreciate that you want Bannerie products in your store and I think you are awesome.


  • Lastly, I had an amazing conversation with Emily Ley, a woman whom I admire so much as a business owner, a designer, and a mother. She helped me focus and validated some business decisions that I wish I was too confident to need, but I’m not and I am so excited for the future, both of our family and the business. To be completely honest, I’m still figuring out what I want to share publicly and what I should just do. I’m a sharer (I wasn’t for most of my life so maybe now I’m making up for it?) and I legit love you guys but some things should stay behind the scenes.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner


What have you been up to my little love bunnies? And please, for glitter’s sake, what shows should I watch? #theimportantthings

the bannerie - Signature - new

P.S. Like my pretty new glittery signature? Me too :)

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