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STAY COLORFUL, BABE (free download)

One of my favorite things to do is share pretty things with you and when Kailah Ogawa sends me the files for the gorgeous phone and desktop backgrounds, I just explode into confetti and heart eyes. 



I love this for the obvious reasons, but also because it can be hard to fully be yourself sometimes. Other people can be so loud about who they are or who they think you are and it can be overwhelming. So I’m here to remind you to be whoever you are or whoever you want to be.

Stay colorful, babe <3 (it helps if you stalk Kailah on Instagram)

For more of free backgrounds check out this if you’re a boss or maybe you’re more of a unicorn 

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Slowing Down and Summer Vibes (free download)

headerHey babes! As some of you may know, I closed The Bannerie for the summer. I had been going back and forth on this for months: should I close it all down? Should I just sell a few banners? Should I just sell the flamingos and tattoos? When should I close?

Closing the Bannerie, even for a short while, terrifies me. There’s the fact that I’m not selling anything so, you know, money. But also, I’m not selling anything. So what purpose am I serving to my customers this summer?

In this moment, I’m struggling with how much to share because I love being an open book but I don’t want all my business all over the internet, I mean I do want my BUSINESS all over the internet…. you get what I’m saying, right? The crux of it is that we’re moving this summer and I have a unique opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with the kids for a few weeks before they go to camp and while we move, so I’m taking it.

When the kids go back to camp, I’ll open The Bannerie to orders for the flamingo candles and tattoos (because they’re both so perfect for summer and easier to ship out than banners), but until then I’m slowing down, spending time with my family, and working on behind the scenes stuff for the future.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with the blog, taking lots of trips with the kids and tracking my steps with my Jawbone UP MOVE (reaching my daily goal happens soooo much sooner when I’m running around with the kids all day! I’m going to have to up it!)

Here’s a new desktop wallpaper by Kailah Ogawa to help get in the summer mood. Kailah made it in two colors because summer is no time to skimp on color! And it looks gorgeous in both colors. And I begged her last minute to add it in pink and she’s amazing (check out her insta):


Summer Vibes Desktop Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPad Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 5 Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 Wallpaper (Aqua)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 plus Wallpaper (Aqua)


Summer Vibes Desktop Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPad Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 5 Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 Wallpaper (Pink)

Summer Vibes iPhone 6 plus Wallpaper (Pink)

Enjoy your summer! What are your plans? Any trips? Fab ideas for what to do with your five and two year old? I’m asking for a friend.

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Like a Boss (Free Wallpaper Download)

OMG it’s almost June! So much is happening in June and I’m trying really hard to be a civilized person and stay calm but AHHHHH!!!

I throw around terms like “boss” or “like a boss” but they really mean something to me. To me, it means owning what you are doing, putting on your adult pants and doing what needs to be done. I love what I do but it involves a lot of tedious work and things I don’t like to do . For example, I love designing the packaging and considering what it’s like to open and making it feel fun and like a gift, I feel like a sparkly elf. But I hate shipping. So tedious.

Doing it like a boss means I put on some music, turn on my printer and do it dancing to T-Swift. (Or anything from the Nineties).

Here’s a pretty reminder from Kailah Ogawa that whatever you do, remember to do it like a boss.
Like A Boss free wallpaper download // Kailah Ogawa for The BannerieLike A Boss free wallpaper download // Kailah Ogawa for The BannerieLike A Boss free wallpaper download // Kailah Ogawa for The Bannerie

Desktop Like a Boss Wallpaper Download

iPad Like a Boss Wallpaper Download

iPhone 5 Like a Boss Wallpaper Download

iPhone 6 Like a Boss Wallpaper Download

iPhone 6 Plus Like a Boss Wallpaper Download

Isn’t she amazing? For more of her work, check out her Instagram feed @kailahogawa



Free Downloadable Wallpaper (so everyone wins)

Have you entered the Bannerie Epic Birthday Giveaway yet? You’ve got a bunch of chances to win a ton of goodies right here!!

I like EVERYONE to win though, so here are three downloadable desktop wallpapers for you designed by the fab Tiny Love Design!

You Got This Downloadable Wallpaper Boss Babe Downloadable Wallpaper Like a Boss Downloadable Wallpaper

Click on links for downloads, right click and save or set as desktop wallpaper:

You Got This
Boss Babe
Like a Boss

Don’t forget to enter the epic giveaway!


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P.S. You are BLOWING ME AWAY with your comments on the last post. You are an inspiring bunch. I mean it, I get chills reading through it and I feel honored that you shared your accomplishments with me. Thank you.

New Free Printable (it’s got cake in it)

How I’m like my toddler: if you tell me I can’t have something, that’s the thing I want most.

With Pesach (Passover) just around the corner, I find myself thinking about cake and how I want it in my tummy. I don’t even really like cake. Unless it’s made of cookies…mmmm I wanted our wedding cake to be made of cookies (like a big giant hot lava chocolate chip cookie cake), but it wasn’t an option.

I guess I have to make up for it on every anniversary for the rest of our lives. Anyway, I love Julia Child and I love this quote so here you go. Download, print, and go get yourself some cake.

Julia Child Quote | Free Printable via Shoes Off Please


Tomorrow night is the beginning of pesach, so I’ll be out until the weekend when I’ll be co-hosting the ‘Friday Chaos’ Blog Hop! This will be my first time ever co-hosting so I’m really excited. Be sure to stop by on Friday and link up!

{Free Printables} Mustaches and Sunshine

I love free printables. I love ’em so much that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them.

Buy yourself some white card-stock and you can print out art (sometimes customized) in your own home. It’s such an easy way to change things up and you don’t have to feel bad about switching it out because it was free (not including cost of ink and paper).

So I’ve decided to make some of my own! For now, I have two prints and a page of labels. All you have to do is right click, save, and print (the resolution is good enough for an 8×10).

The first is an ode to the Beatles and mustaches because for whatever reason, mustaches are awesome and it made me happy when the decor trend caught on.

Love and Mustaches | Free Printable via Shoes Off Please

The second is the ever-present ever-necessary “you are my sunshine” print, perfect for a nursery or kid’s room.

You Are My Sunshine | Free Printable via Shoes Off Please

This is my first shot at making labels so obviously they had to be pink and they had to be chevron. The most durable option is to print on card-stock, laminate, and cut. Then you can use little velcro tabs to attach it to whatever you want to label and it’s easily switched out. Alternatively, you can print on sticker paper and stick it wherever you want.Free Printable | Pink Chevron Labels via Shoes Off Please

I’m open to requests and/or suggestions and I will update you if I make more. Enjoy!

P.S. Here are some of my favorites: floral favor tagsfloral cutlery tagschalkboard gift tagsI love everything about you print, and que sera sera print (which is up in the kids’ room)


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