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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

We like to be selective about what toys we bring into our home. And I’m not saying everything is beautiful, wooden, or antique (I gave up on that five years ago when I realized our 6 month old didn’t have all the same values I did. Total shocker.) But when we get a toy for our kids, we want it to be something that  1- occupies them in a safe manner 2-fosters creativity and/or independence. I’ve put together a roundup of some of my favorite gift ideas for kids this holiday season. Some we have, some we’ve played with at other people’s houses, but they are all things we would bring into our home.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2015

1- Wooden blocks  Not to be completely obvious but these are classic for a reason. My five and three year old build together nicely for hours every weekend before they realize that they forgot to fight.
 Lincoln logs  Another classic, it’s also another way to think about building and putting things together and these things last for decades.

2- Marble mania  I can see my son going absolutely crazy for this. Although I asked him if he wanted to be a toy engineer and he tiredly replied “but then I’d have to save the world every day…AND build things… AND figure everything out.”

3- Kid-Sized table  I really love kid-sized things because it really empowers them. The kids know where the art supplies are and can just grab them and sit down at the table. And they do. Which means I get to collapse for a few minutes before the nighttime circus routine begins.

4- Play tent  I love tents for kids! It’s this small enclosed, private space just for them and it’s so magical. Yes, we build blanket forts on the regular but those have to come down at some point. Plus think of all the toys you could toss in there to hide when guests come over.

5- Play kitchen This is the play kitchen we got for Mia last year and not only I am completely jealous because obviously I want a pink kitchen of my own, but the girl has not stopped playing with it. It’s also fabulous as storage. Always a bonus because in our house, toys are like glitter. Or bunnies. Whatever, they’re everywhere unless they have a specific place to go.

6- Dress up  I firmly believe that every kid can benefit from dress up. They’re at a stage when they are unselfconscious and can let their imaginations run wild, nothing as ridiculous as responsibility or real life to get in their way. I save old scarves and jewelry for such things, but sometimes you really need the fake beard.

7- Rocking horse  Someone gifted this to Mia when she was born and at three years old she’s still completely enchanted with it. Extra points for durability, but may I suggest removing the batteries before you hand this over to your little one? You’ll understand within minutes.

8- Dollhouse  Don’t tell Mia, but she’s getting a dollhouse this year! She’s hinted enough, dropping like a hot potato the second she sees one and screaming bloody murder when she has to stop.

9- Globe To this day I am so ashamed at how little geography I know and I’m determined my kids never know that shame. It is shameful. AVOID THE SHAME!

10- Workshop We finally have a garage where my husband can go and build me ALL THE THINGS (right, babe?) and I think it would be the ultimate adorable bonding experience to have the kids work by his side (while I stare lovingly and supportively from the warm house)

You can see more gifts for kids at hayneedle.com

What are your favorite kid’s holiday gifts? Anything you got as a kid you really want your kids to have also? Or you’re determined they should never get because you know all the trouble you created with yours?


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This post was sponsored by hayneedle.com All ideas and opinions are mine. Especially that shameful geography one.

Treat Yo Mama: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Mother’s Day is getting closer and you best be treating yo mama right on this day! Here’s my guide to things I want you should get for your mother (or any other mama in your life) from cheap-and-easy to maybe-save-up-for-that:

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2015

Frends headphones  // RIFLE PAPER CO notepad // Anthropologie candle // Piperlime flats // Kendra Scott earrings // Kate Spade bag // Asos lip clutch //  Leif gemstone magnets

So, what’re you getting yo mama? Or what would the ultimate mother’s day gift for you be? I love presents (see everything above), but for me I think it would be an experience. A fun relaxed activity with the kids during the day that I have nothing to do with planning and then an awesome date night, which again I have to make no decisions for. Also maybe a prezzie. And a cookie. I really love cookies.


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P.S. Need help planning a Mother’s Day party? Check this post.

P.P.S. To all the fellas whose ladies sent them this link, don’t be intimidated, she just wants to know she is thought of and appreciated. There is no shame in asking her sister or friends what she wants. You’re awesome for reading this far.

Holiday Gift Guide for Gals

I am so thrilled to be included in Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed’s Holiday Gift Guide for Gals. Hop on over to her blog to take a look!

Lady Boss glitter banner from the Bannerie


She has a lot of ridiculously awesome DIYs (she is a Photo Booth GENIUS!) so you should bookmark her blog and go on a pinning frenzy when you can.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Though I have been collecting images and links for two months I have completely dropped the ball on getting it together for a post! HOWEVER, I was so honored to have the Bannerie be a part of several gift guides this year! I will share them as they come out :)

This E-Magazine Gift Guide is such a cool one. Basically, the Gift Guide is formatted so you can hover over the page or product and a link button will appear which will take you to the individual shops! Easy as pie… ba dum bum!

The Gift Guide features all small businesses with tons of great gifts for kids so get clicking! (And if you’re feeling lucky, there will be an amazing giveaway on Instagram this Friday)

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Have a great weekend!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 2014 Edition

I have been a mom for almost four years now so I’m a tooootal expert….. Okay, fine I’m learning as I go and clueless as the next person parent, but I know what I would want for Mother’s Day and maybe it’s what you (or your mom) want too:

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here’s the list of all the things that Tuvia can get for me

for being his baby mama:

6a00d8358081ff69e201a73dace9a8970d-800wi il_570xN.488958590_9wymil_570xN.441746995_attc

A plant. I know that’s weird, but I want a fiddle leaf fig plant bc they’re supposedly hard to kill and I love the life a plant brings to a room. That or a succulent. P.S. I killed a cactus once. Ikea sells fiddle leaf fig trees for pretty cheap and A Beautiful Mess has a great DIY planter tutorial. If you’d rather just buy, this hanging one is amazing though maybe not for fiddle leaf fig plants or succulents… I really don’t know though some have called me a plant expert. It was Aiden. And he used the term “green monster” but that’s basically the same thing.


Jewelry. duh. Crafts and Love yes please.

il_570xN.581724381_j9xx il_570xN.579369281_3d5dil_570xN.559419935_e61i

A cardFunny, pretty, meaningful or all three.


Flowers. Peonies, ranunculus, and anemones are my faves but just about anything bright and/or colorful makes me happy. Paper or felt flowers are also very acceptable.


Sequin covered anything like this hanger or camera strap for instance…


Some free time…maybe a manicure (it’s been a reeaallly long time), a massage (ooooh!!! I vote for that!), a long leisurely meal with my girls…OMG or someone to come and scour the whole apartment top to bottom while I’m not there. All acceptable.

Tickets! A concert, a play, a movie- I don’t care!

And basically anything from the Blogger’s Favorite Things Exchange. This was what my friend Alex of Northstory received:


And obviously this will be followed by a nice glass of wine as we sit by the fireside… okay I don’t like nice wine (give me a Malibu Bay Breeze any day!) and we don’t have a fireplace, but I’d love to spend the end of the day with my favorite whatshisface on the couch reminiscing about the good old days when we felt like good parents (Aiden was a freakishly easy baby.)

What’s on your list for Mother’s Day? What are you getting your mom? I’m giving mine the gift of being near me… I kid, but seriously I wish I could give all of you that gift slash get that gift from all of you because one of my favorite things of all time is meeting you guys in real life. 

Don’t forget to use code LOVEMYMAMA for $5 off anything in the shop and there’s an IG giveaway going on that’s ending soon so go enter!


Holiday Gift Guide: for the home, host, and hostess

Obviously the gift guide for her was a roundup of all things that I want, the gift guide for him is what I want to get Tuvia, and the gift guide for babies and kids is what I want to get Aiden and Mia. I’m certainly not going to add anything to a gift guide that I wouldn’t want, so rest assured that these are all 100% endorsed by me. Not financially, but I’ll vouch for their prettiness.

This is a roundup of great host/hostess gifts and I want it all for our home! Gold and glitter kick anyone?

Gift Guide: for the home, host, and hostess

Gift Guide for the home, host, and hostess / Shoes Off Please

1. Indigo Good Morning Beautiful Mug // Is there a better message to start your morning with?

2. Target Threshold Cocktail Decanter // For the party you are having and inviting me to- I’ll bring the decanter, you fill it.

3. Target Threshold Salt and Pepper Shakers // Another Target find, Threshold is hitting it out of the park this season!

4. Lulu & Georgia Bubble Cheers Coaster // Pretty, festive, practical, and inexpensive. Fab host gift.

5. CB2 Pinch Bowls // Just perfect. You can bring these with something inside and wrapped all pretty or bring them as is and use them for the party!

6. Furbish Studio Black and White Spotted Pillow // In general, I say not to buy someone art or home decor unless you absolutely know their style or know that they specifically want that thing, but this pillow…

7. Rifle Paper Co. Tin Recipe Box // So pretty and practical. And pretty. And you can include some of your fave recipes or some delicious cookies inside.

8. SHOPbymonika Glitter Serving Set // Do I need to explain why this is a perfect hostess gift? OKAY! It’s glittery!!!! And it’s a serving set. So, perfection.

9. Kate Spade Gold Polka Dot Scented Candle // Kate Spade gold polka dot candle, yes please.

10. Furbish Studio Antler Jewelry Holder // I love this low-key take on the trend and it would look so pretty out with some of your new holiday jewelry

11. Anthropologie Carving Knife // Tuvia is the carver in our family and don’t you think he’d like it so much more with this knife? I think he would.

12. Maptote Champagne Wine Tote // Bring your wine or champagne in this tote and it’s two gifts in one!

13. Kate Spade NY Glitter Coasters // GLITTER!

14. Lulu & Georgia Mr. & Mrs. Cutting Board (calligraphy by Lindsay Letters) // Did Lulu & Georgia just make a cutting board a romantic gift? I think so.

15. West Elm Snuffer Set // I don’t specifically need a snuffer, but then I saw this and my needs changed. I think yours did too.

Which of these things do you need want? Anyone you need me to send an explicit hint to? I’m totally good for it.

Have a Great Weekend! 


Holiday Gift Guide: for baby & kids

I hardcore love my Instagram feed because there are so many great shops on it (run by fantastic women, btw). A majority of the gifts on this list are handmade and/or by small business owners that I follow in Instagram and I highly recommend that you do as well. Enjoy!

Holiday Gift Guide for Baby and Kids via Shoes Off Please1. House of Mia Mini Heart Leggings // I LOVE House of Mia and not just because she has great taste in names :) We have a pair of HoM leggings and they are so well-made and so soft and so cute. House of Mia is having some great Black Friday deals. There are a lot of details, check out her IG

2. Hello Apparel Navy Pullover // It’s cold out and as much as I love to throw Aiden into a shawl-collared sweater, a pullover is much more likely. This is a winner. Through December 2 40% off the entire shop + free shipping.

3. Whistle and Flute Je T’aime triangle shirt // LOVE. Everything is 15% off = a free tote with orders over $60 with code VENDREDINOIR starting 12am Friday

4. Faas Boho Moccasins // I have been coveting Faas Moccasins for some time. I bet Mia’s feet feel naked without them. She hasn’t said as much, but I can tell.

5. Beau Hudson Bling Bowtie // Bowtie. Every. Day. 30% off your whole order with code 30LETSPARTY in honor of her 30th birthday.

6. Little Bow and Arrow Leggings // I always prefer baby tushies in leggings because then you can really appreciate them (is it creepy if I’m talking about my baby…mostly) and I love this print. Starting at noon on Friday 25% off everything and first five orders $40 or more get a free constellation pillow. Code will be on IG and FB on Friday at noon.

7. Little Hip Squeaks Elodie Knotted Headbands // I remember when Little Hip Squeaks was so tiny and now they’ve grown into this incredible thing and I am so very happy for them. And ohmigosh how cute would Mia (or your baby) look in these headbands?? Little Hip Squeaks put together a great list of Black Friday sales on their blog and 25% off the entire store with code GOBBLE + free limited edition tote with purchases over $75.

8. Land of Nod Wee Wonderfuls Doll // I love everything in Land of Nod and this adorbs doll is no exception. Land of Nod currently has 15% and free shipping on your entire order with code SAVE15

9. Gingiber Fox Pillow // Pillow + fox = YES!! Gingiber is having a 30% off sale with the code THANKFUL. 

10. Max and Me Homewares Bebe Pillow // You know I love Max and Me and I luuuurve this gold sequin “bebe” pillow for glamming up your nursery or kids room.

11. Twig Creative Pixie Dust Wooden Camera- Oh Joy Collection // I don’t know how these two got together, but GENIUS. Gorgeous toy camera that will become a family treasure for sure. Twig Creative is having a sale this weekend, details were not yet announced at the time of this post.

12. Twig Creative Child’s Chair- Oh Joy Collection // This chair! Gorgeous, quality, not too kidsy, not too grownup. Love, love, love.

13. Ivie Baby Triangles Boppy Cover // I almost want to use my boppy again just so I can get this cover.

14. Spearmint Love Eco Cross Baby Blanket // Ever since I first saw Shari’s blanket, I can’t get it out of my head and I am so happy to be seeing it everywhere because she deserves it! (Find out more about her store hereNow through Black Friday get 20% off all blankets with code TAKE20

15. Baby Jives Cloud Mobile // Gorgeous, gorgeous baby mobile. Don’t you want to smush up in that cloud and take a nap while you gaze at the gold hearts and arrows? Baby Jives is also offering a discount through Monday, check out her IG for the deal info.

I got all the sale info like I always get wind of these (sometimes exclusive) deals: by following these lovely ladies on Instagram. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and beginning of Chanukah!

Have a great weekend!


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