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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

We like to be selective about what toys we bring into our home. And I’m not saying everything is beautiful, wooden, or antique (I gave up on that five years ago when I realized our 6 month old didn’t have all the same values I did. Total shocker.) But when we get a toy for our kids, we want it to be something that  1- occupies them in a safe manner 2-fosters creativity and/or independence. I’ve put together a roundup of some of my favorite gift ideas for kids this holiday season. Some we have, some we’ve played with at other people’s houses, but they are all things we would bring into our home.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2015

1- Wooden blocks  Not to be completely obvious but these are classic for a reason. My five and three year old build together nicely for hours every weekend before they realize that they forgot to fight.
 Lincoln logs  Another classic, it’s also another way to think about building and putting things together and these things last for decades.

2- Marble mania  I can see my son going absolutely crazy for this. Although I asked him if he wanted to be a toy engineer and he tiredly replied “but then I’d have to save the world every day…AND build things… AND figure everything out.”

3- Kid-Sized table  I really love kid-sized things because it really empowers them. The kids know where the art supplies are and can just grab them and sit down at the table. And they do. Which means I get to collapse for a few minutes before the nighttime circus routine begins.

4- Play tent  I love tents for kids! It’s this small enclosed, private space just for them and it’s so magical. Yes, we build blanket forts on the regular but those have to come down at some point. Plus think of all the toys you could toss in there to hide when guests come over.

5- Play kitchen This is the play kitchen we got for Mia last year and not only I am completely jealous because obviously I want a pink kitchen of my own, but the girl has not stopped playing with it. It’s also fabulous as storage. Always a bonus because in our house, toys are like glitter. Or bunnies. Whatever, they’re everywhere unless they have a specific place to go.

6- Dress up  I firmly believe that every kid can benefit from dress up. They’re at a stage when they are unselfconscious and can let their imaginations run wild, nothing as ridiculous as responsibility or real life to get in their way. I save old scarves and jewelry for such things, but sometimes you really need the fake beard.

7- Rocking horse  Someone gifted this to Mia when she was born and at three years old she’s still completely enchanted with it. Extra points for durability, but may I suggest removing the batteries before you hand this over to your little one? You’ll understand within minutes.

8- Dollhouse  Don’t tell Mia, but she’s getting a dollhouse this year! She’s hinted enough, dropping like a hot potato the second she sees one and screaming bloody murder when she has to stop.

9- Globe To this day I am so ashamed at how little geography I know and I’m determined my kids never know that shame. It is shameful. AVOID THE SHAME!

10- Workshop We finally have a garage where my husband can go and build me ALL THE THINGS (right, babe?) and I think it would be the ultimate adorable bonding experience to have the kids work by his side (while I stare lovingly and supportively from the warm house)

You can see more gifts for kids at hayneedle.com

What are your favorite kid’s holiday gifts? Anything you got as a kid you really want your kids to have also? Or you’re determined they should never get because you know all the trouble you created with yours?


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This post was sponsored by hayneedle.com All ideas and opinions are mine. Especially that shameful geography one.

Be Still My Heart: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is a ways away (June 16th for those of you who aren’t sure) but the next month is looking super busy for us so I thought I’d make a gift roundup now and then not-so-subtly figure out what Tuvia wants based on his reaction. No ties in this roundup, promise!

Father's Day Gifts Roundup via Shoes Off Please

  1. Jimi Hendrix Record: I love records, there’s something so romantic about them because it’s not just the music you love, it’s the history and Tuvia’s collection is getting pretty nice
  2. Awesome Dad T-Shirt: Every dad needs a dorky “dad” thing, I went for this instead of the classic “#1 dad” tie (which I may or may not have gotten for his first Father’s Day…)
  3. Classic Ray Ban Wayfarers: Classic, looks great on just about everyone, and I’ve been trying to get Tuvia to agree to these for two years
  4. Robot Cuff Links: I got these for Tuvia a few years back and they were a hit
  5. Jack Spade Wallet: A little classic, a little quirky.. I would have gone for a brighter one but Tuvia is more traditional with his wallet choices no matter how many times I try to gift him into something funkier
  6. Weber Smokey Joe Grills: Small enough for an apartment porch and amazing reviews
  7. Charcoal Chambray Bow tie: I loooove this and would be ever so grateful to the person that gets Tuvia to wear it non-ironically
  8. 3 Piece Grill Utensil Set: for the barbecue that you will be making with your new grill, obviously

And for a card I love this one because I always say Tuvia is my baby daddy. I also made two that you can download if you forgot to buy one ;) “You are Awesomepants” and “My Totally Awesometastic Fantabulous Dad” (download, print, cut along the lines, and fold!)

Father's Day Gifts Roundup via Shoes Off Please

In honor of Father’s Day I asked Tuvia if he had any advice for new dads and without hesitating he said “don’t forget to shower”. I don’t specifically remember him being stinky when Aiden was first born but it was all sort of a blur of happy sleeplessness.

Any plans for Father’s Day or gifts? We’re celebrating my nieces first birthday! You can see some pictures of the family party from when she was born here. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, Gilit @ Shoes Off Please

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