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Mia’s Flamingo and Pineapple Birthday Party

My baby turned TWO!!! A year ago, but whatever. I wrote this post also about a year ago but had so much trouble choosing photos it took me until now to publish. IN-SANE. (Mia’s third birthday is in two weeks. No joke.)

Party like a flamingoSo, my little darling is a little weirdo and sometimes she just stands on one foot and I thought that’s so perfect for the flamingo trend (which yes, some of us are tired of at this point but trend aside, I thought it was perfect). Also, she’s such a flamingo. I mean this is the girl that has accessorized from the minute she was able to lift accessories. This is the girl that wears tutus and sparkles as often as possible and tried to steal an old lady’s lipstick from her purse. This is the girl who somehow managed to find, take, and appropriate my grandmother’s rings that were on my dresser. At least she’s got good taste.

My favorite part of the decor was this focal point. We put flamingo books and art on the shelf with some flowers, I taped a bunch of fans to the wall covering the tv, and setup the dessert table with confetti and cupcakes. 
Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo

We got flamingo balloons from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop and the banner was made by me. Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo We found blue velvet Room and Board chairs on Craigslist pretty recently and I knew I had to cover them so I could relax and enjoy the party so we used some Turkish throws in pretty colors. And the birthday girl found some popcorn.Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoThe lighting around the table was totally not ideal, but I loved it in real life.
Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoWe put the flamingo favor bags on the piano and I stuck cupcake toppers in everything!Party like a flamingo Party like a flamingoI got flamingo wrapping paper from One Kings Lane and then bought a floral garland from Michaels to frame it and be our Photo Booth. Plus the gold glitter happy birthday banner, obvi.Party like a flamingoParty like a flamingo Photo Booth Party like a flamingo Photo Booth I know that last photo is so grainy, but I love it. And then Mia had her cake. Like we were in middle of singing happy birthday and Mia just leaned over and tok a big bite of her cake. I love this girl.

Party like a flamingo Mia_Party_22

In many ways Mia hasn’t changed much but I guess that’s for her third birthday party post. You know, in two weeks.

Happy birthday my little flamingo!

All photos taken by Emily Daar, who is also sisters with my future sister-in-law!

Mia’s First Birthday DIY Projects

I did a lot of DIY projects for Mia’s first birthday, so here they all are in one place for easy reference. You know, just in case you enjoy watching New Girl as much as I do (which is when I make stuff) and/or want to save money on buying everything:

DIY_Birthday_Projects via Shoes Off Please

Mia’s First Birthday DIY Projects

DIY Glitter Gold Cake Toppers

Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please

DIY Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY Cake Pop Centerpieces

Cake Pop Centerpieces via Shoes Off Please

DIY Glitter Number Cups and Pom-Pom Garland

Glitter Number Cups and Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY Favor Tags

DIY Favor Tags via Shoes Off Please

DIY Ribbon Garland

DIY Ribbon Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY No-Sew Shape Garlands

DIY no-sew shape garlands via Shoes Off Please

DIY Chalkboard (birthday poster)

DIY Chalkboard via Shoes Off Please

I did three other projects that I didn’t provide tutorials for: the crepe paper fringe layered garlands,  a felt birthday crown, and a confetti backdrop for the dessert table.

I made the fringe layered garland using the tutorial from A Subtle Revelry. For the confetti backdrop, I cut out circles and taped them to the wall. And as for the crown: it was pretty easy, but it was also one of my first sewing projects and I figured it out as I went along so I didn’t take pictures of the process.

felt birthday crowntuvia-and-mia-2

Those are all the DIY projects I did for Mia’s first birthday party. It took time, but I love making them, I make them with love for Mia, and at the end of the day I save money but still get the look I want for her party.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions about details or sources, I’ll be happy to help, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!


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