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Oh Hey, Oh Happy Day

Look what I just saw! Oh Happy Day always does a roundup of favorite party ideas from the week and look at the bottom of this week’s roundup!


Woohoo watermelon favor bags! For the rest of the links in the roundup and a party wonderland, check out her original post! Sarah Adiutori, I’m not surprised, just don’t forget me when you’re so famous you can hardly remember this (her insta for your viewing pleasure).


Be Still My Heart

This week, there’s a good old fashioned “Be Still My Heart” of links that I love from this week.


I love how Nicole’s house is coming along and think that maybe I should move in…


I think that if we stepped into Kelly’s brain we would happily drown in confetti and pinatas and genius


I LOVE this sequin sweatshirt tutorial from A Beautiful Mess because I think I could actually do it and it’s completely adorable

6a00d8358081ff69e201a73d8697ae970d-800wiReichel of Copy Cat Chic does it again and finds Tolix cafe chairs for less. (Chic, easy to clean, and basically indestructible? WANT!)

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.46.03 PM


A camera party would totally be my jam…especially if Oh Happy Day threw it.



I know the Spring Cleaning post has been done to death, but The Everygirl has great specific suggestions and links for what to do with your things. Plus I like the pretty pictures.



Have you seen anything great this week? I also want to thank everyone for the party submissions! Keep ’em coming and I’ll start sharing them soon!

Have a Great Weekend



Aiden’s Party: DIY Photobooth, Photo Props, and Streamer Background

How was everyone’s Father’s Day? We celebrated my niece’s birthday and I can’t get enough of her! Also, I made a Father’s Day video interviewing Aiden and we discovered that he has no clue what Tuvia does for a living but correctly believes that his favorite activity is playing with him. 1 for 2, not bad.

Back to the Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches party!

I’m putting the “photobooth”, photo props, and streamer background DIYs all together because 1- I don’t want to drag out all the party details and 2- they’re all related.

(You might’ve seen a preview if you follow me on Instagram)

Photobooth Background

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"

Streamer BackgroundShoes Off Please | DIY Streamer Background

Photo PropsShoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props

DIY Photobooth Background:

Originally, I wanted to do a really cute background (like one of these photobooth backgrounds) and make a giant frame for the kids to take photos with but I didn’t see them lining up for spontaneously adorable photos that way. Plus we didn’t have an ideal spot for it.

Instead I made poster board shapes and pretended they were a photobooth (are you with me on this?).

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"

It took no time. I penciled the shapes on the back of the poster, cut them out, and taped them up. They’re pretty random: a cloud with raindrops, a speech bubble that said “Happy Birthday Aiden”, a bow, and a bowler hat.

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth" Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth" Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth" Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"

I might have put them too high because I based them on Aiden and he’s generally a head or two taller than his peers.

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"trying on a mustache in front of the “photobooth” before the party

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"

And we also put up a sign to encourage photo taking (you can download the free printable from here)

Shoes Off Please | DIY "Photobooth"

DIY Streamer Background

The streamer background was also really easy, but a little time consuming. I grabbed black and white crepe paper, cut them to the same length, taped them up top, twisted a couple of times, then taped them on bottom.

Shoes Off Please | DIY Streamer Background Shoes Off Please | DIY Streamer Background Shoes Off Please | DIY Streamer Background

They didn’t really go all the way behind the television, but Tuvia made it look continuous by putting streamers to the top of the television and then the other half below. Then I laid out all the props on the sideboard should any kid need to grab one and take a photo right then and there (that actually happened a few times)

Shoes Off Please | DIY Streamer Background

DIY Photo Props:

The photo props were technically really easy but I am nevercuttingagain. An obvious lie, I’m sorry for lying to all of you. And I didn’t even do all the cutting myself, my former camper/babysitter/friend Darya cut for me! I might have wanted to say “Mia will fend for herself! Put her down and start cutting!”  I didn’t, but it took restraint and I think you should all clap for me.

I downloaded free templates from Oh Happy Day onto cardstock, thinking that would be sturdy enough (it’s not, you should use foam board) and then scotch-taped the shapes onto lollipop sticks (you should use dowels and hot glue).

Shoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props

Shoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props Shoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props

You’ll be seeing them again at the Etsy party because judging by the response I got after the party from my friends, these things tend to excite adults more than kids. Silly kids.

Shoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props
This is also before the party, he put on shorts eventually

Shoes Off Please | DIY Photo PropsShoes Off Please | DIY Photo PropsShoes Off Please | DIY Photo Props

I think the photobooth/props/background would have gone over better with an older crowd but we got some really cute pictures and lesson learned!

Shoes Off Please | Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches Party

Next I’ll post about the mustache garlands, talk about the craft they did, and include a source list for everything, then it’s back to regular scheduling!

Shoes Off Please | Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches PartyCan’t resist this post-party cleanup picture. Aiden just HAD to be in on the cleaning and I loved saying “since you behaved so nicely, I guess you can help clean” and I almost kept a straight face

How do you feel about photobooths and photo props? For kids or adults? I think adults like them more but may be hesitant to admit it so I’ll just say it here for the record: I LOVE ‘EM. Who’s with me?


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