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Watermelon Favor Bags

DIY watermelon party favor bags

I am bound to run out of ways to incorporate watermelons into DIY projects, but today is not that day! When I was browsing the dollar store a few weeks ago I spotted these vibrant paper bags in pink, orange and lime green. I knew they had to be mine because they would be perfect to hand out party favors in, but the plain bags were a bit boring. So when I started on my watermelon crafting kick I just knew I had to turn those pink bags into fabulous Watermelon Favor Bags!

150 SUPPLY LISTPink Paper Bag
Lime Green Tape, 0.75 inches wide
Dark Green Tape, 1.5 inches wide
Black Vinyl
Treats, Candy and Prizes

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!


  1. Cut a long piece of dark green tape and adhere it to the paper bag, lining up the edge of the tape with the bottom of the bag, wrap the tape around the entire base of the bag. Repeat this process with the lime green tape just above the dark green tape.
  2. Using scissors cut your black vinyl into small squares, these will be the seeds of the watermelon. Adhere the black vinyl squares randomly to the pink area of the paper bag.
  3. Fill your bag full of treats, candy and prizes!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

Make a Watermelon Favor Bag!

This project is also a perfect party/craft activity for little ones and might I suggest making a super-sized version of my Mini Watermelon Piñata, then the kids could use the Watermelon Favor Bags they crafted to collect the piñata loot in!


*See more of Sarah’s glitter and talent on her blog Weekend Pursuits and Instagram @sadiutori

The Best Party Hats

Have you noticed that people are really getting into party hats? I LOVE IT! People who are willing to be silly and to dress up are usually the most fun, whether they are kids or adults. So basically if you have fun party hats at your party or in your daily life, I love you.

Here are my favorite party hats, some you can buy, some you can make, all are welcome at my next party:

20 Best Party Hats


Little Blue Olive felt crowns and hats are the standard in first birthday party hats and make the cutest keepsakes

Little Blue Olive Hat and Crown

Wee Three Kids Shop crochet crowns are precious in the best way

Wee Three Kids Shop Crochet Crown

Geronimo Balloon confetti party hat screams PARTY!

Confetti Party Hats from Geronimo

Ban.Do party headband is a nice twist on the party hat tradition

band party headband

Oh Happy Day DIY party hat including a template.

Oh Happy Day Party Hat DIY

Studio DIY fresh flower party hats really up the game. I think they would be perfectly acceptable at a wedding. Also this glitter holiday party hat for obvious reasons.

studio diy party hats

A Pumpkin and a Princess also made DIY sparkly party hats. I never say no to sparkle.

DIY sparkly party hats

A Pretty Cool Life DIY party hat cupcake toppers are possibly the cutest thing ever.

Mini Cupcake Wrapper Party Hats | A Pretty Cool Life

Opening Ceremony pompom hats used store bought party hats and gussy them up. That’s my ideal.

Pom Pom Party Hats

Jacks & Kate made these genius sprinkled mini party hats. I know the hats are paper but I really want to just try a bite.

jacks and kate sprinkled mini party hats

Confetti hats! 100 Layer Cakelet always has the answer.

Confetti Party Hats | 100 Layer Cakelet

Disney (best name ever) from Ruffles and Stuff shared two awesome tutorials on A Subtle Revelry including hats with ruffles!

Ruffled Party Hats from Ruffles and Stuff via A Subtle Revelry

Just so we’re totally clear and there’s no confusion, my birthday is July 7th and this is what I want it to look like. Those hats are a must.

Best party hats EVER via 100 Layer Cake

Party headbands a la Julep (Minted’s blog) are also acceptable

Party headbands | Julep

Ambrosia Girl made this DIY wire birthday crown and I really love it because you can go so many directions with it

DIY wire birthday crown

I realize spelling out these letters can make me sound vapid but Oh. Em. Gee. THESE from Baby Jungle. And you can actually make them.

DIY toilet paper roll party crowns

The immensely talented and creative Merrilee of Mer Mag made these awesome New Year’s Eve hats which you can obviously adapt to any celebration (or daily life if that’s how you roll). Her blog is now at here so go get lose there for awhile and then get her book so your kids think you’re much cooler than you really are.

Mer Mag DIY New Year's Eve Party Hats

LACE CROWNS! Girl Inspired indeed.

DIY lace crowns

Polka Dot Chair has printable…. wait for it… polka dot party hats!


I just can’t say no to confetti. There isn’t enough self control in the world to make that happen. This is also really quick and I think it would be a super cute (albeit super messy) party activity. Just have the adults tie on the elastics after the kids decorate and they can put them on once they dry and then they can eat cake while wearing fun party hats. Heaven. Confetti Sunshine, I applaud you.


I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that I’ll be making any of these for Mia’s upcoming birthday party. BUT if anyone else wants to, that would bring me pure joy. It’s really just a time issue. Even though some of these are really quick and easy (or you can purchase and have someone else make for you) I have a tendency to go overboard with all the things I want to do, so this year I’m trying to stick to one or two things and I’ve already gotten the supplies and am forcing myself not to get more.

So… party hats. Do you love them as much as I do? Do you think they’re overrated? No, don’t tell me if you think they are because that would put our relationship in jeopardy. Unless you think we are so strong that we can withstand that kind of discrepancy. But maybe just don’t.


P.S. Honorable mention because I just saw it, Best Friends for Frosting disco ball party hat. Aw yeah!

Best Friends for Frosting DIY disco ball party hat

Mia’s First Birthday DIY Projects

I did a lot of DIY projects for Mia’s first birthday, so here they all are in one place for easy reference. You know, just in case you enjoy watching New Girl as much as I do (which is when I make stuff) and/or want to save money on buying everything:

DIY_Birthday_Projects via Shoes Off Please

Mia’s First Birthday DIY Projects

DIY Glitter Gold Cake Toppers

Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please

DIY Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY Cake Pop Centerpieces

Cake Pop Centerpieces via Shoes Off Please

DIY Glitter Number Cups and Pom-Pom Garland

Glitter Number Cups and Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY Favor Tags

DIY Favor Tags via Shoes Off Please

DIY Ribbon Garland

DIY Ribbon Garland via Shoes Off Please

DIY No-Sew Shape Garlands

DIY no-sew shape garlands via Shoes Off Please

DIY Chalkboard (birthday poster)

DIY Chalkboard via Shoes Off Please

I did three other projects that I didn’t provide tutorials for: the crepe paper fringe layered garlands,  a felt birthday crown, and a confetti backdrop for the dessert table.

I made the fringe layered garland using the tutorial from A Subtle Revelry. For the confetti backdrop, I cut out circles and taped them to the wall. And as for the crown: it was pretty easy, but it was also one of my first sewing projects and I figured it out as I went along so I didn’t take pictures of the process.

felt birthday crowntuvia-and-mia-2

Those are all the DIY projects I did for Mia’s first birthday party. It took time, but I love making them, I make them with love for Mia, and at the end of the day I save money but still get the look I want for her party.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions about details or sources, I’ll be happy to help, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!


So th

DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Toppers

Are you a good baker? I’ve had my moments, but they are by no means predictable (I made bricks this past weekend that were supposed to be cookies). And bakery birthday cakes can get expensive. Knowing the cake would be pretty plain, I wanted to make a cake topper that would stand out. DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please When I saw Oh Happy Day’s welcome home cake topper, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to make for Mia’s birthday cake. The tutorial is on her blog, I just changed it a teeny bit, which I’ll describe below.

DIY Glitter Birthday Cake Toppers

DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off PleaseI followed the directions except for one small step. I wasn’t able to find sanding sugar in gold, so I got edible gold sprinkles instead. This meant that more of the wooden letter might show through so I painted them gold first. This made the gaps less prominent (and more gold. Did I mention gold?) DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off PleaseDIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off PleaseDIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please Tip: The letters came out with the most even application when I applied the glue a little gloppily and really mushed it around in the sprinkles. Now you’re ready to eat! Okay, first let it all dry and then put it in the cake and then eat. Not the letters. The sprinkles are edible, but they’re covered in glue. And paint. And the letters are wooden so it would be super crunchy and possibly splintery. DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please Aiden helped me make the cake so I only thought it was fair that he help eat it. Plus we’re saving Mia’s first taste of cake for her actual birthday. Although if I’m being completely honest if she wasn’t napping when I finished we would’ve just given her cake now.DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please glitter-cake-topper-aiden DIY Glitter Cake Toppers via Shoes Off Please Check out Oh Happy Day for gorgeous photos of her welcome home cake topper

What do you do? Are you more of a baker or crafter? Or both? Or neither! I used this simple recipe for the cake and I fully intend on using this Real Simple tutorial for frosting Mia’s actual birthday cake.


Glitter Number Cups and Pom Pom Garland

With a little under three weeks to go for Mia’s party, I’m trying to space out the projects I post because there are a few I’m not going to make until the night before (just because people have this thing about fresh food. Weirdos.)

On Friday I did two really quick, really easy projects that anyone can do:

Number Cups and Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

The first thing I did was add tape to the paper cups to make glittery “1”s. I ordered these cups from papermash (similar ones here) and saw the DIY on their website. It looked easy enough, and it is. I cut out the same length of tape for all the cups, cut a “1” out of it, and added it to the cups.

Number Cups via Shoes Off Please

The second was a pom-pom garland #garlandaddict Over the course of planning Mia’s first birthday party, I’ve changed my mind about the setup a billion times, which is obviously not an exaggeration at all. Anyway, my newest thought meant that I wanted to add another garland somewhere, but I didn’t feel like cutting more shapes and Aiden’s box of pom-poms were right there…

Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

I just took a needle and thread and went for it. Being a stellar blogger, I didn’t get shots of the process, but it was so easy and simple: measure the space for how long you want the thread to be and… push the needle through the pom poms. Yeah, not much I would’ve shown you there anyway.

I didn’t want to do a pattern so I just grabbed them as I went. And because there weren’t many pinks and purples left, I went for the spaced out look and I actually like it better.

Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

It proved to be impossible for me to get any shots of the garland that I liked because there’s almost NO natural light in this part of the house which meant overhead, artificial lighting making everything horribly yellow and there’s only so much Photoshopping one can do before things look crazy. I say it’s the DIY version of making someone look like they have flawless skin when they don’t.

Number Cups and Pom Pom Garland via Shoes Off Please

Only two more DIY Mondays till the party! Also Mia isn’t going to be a baby anymore. STOP FREAKING OUT! Fine, let’s freak out together. Sigh…



DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland (and Circle and Square)

The natural light in our apartment is practically nonexistent or harsh. So I tried something new. Actually three somethings new: 1- I set up shop in a new location: I covered the TV with the tablecloth I made and used that as my backdrop (I actually wanted to use plain white fabric, but don’t have any not in use i.e. sheets) 2- I attempted some *cringe* photo styling and 3- I shot in manual

DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please

I’m actually a little terrified to post this publicly because, while I love learning new things, I don’t like not doing them well and being my first attempt at three different things, I knew this wouldn’t be up to my standards. But if we never did anything that terrified us, how far would we get with the good things in life? This is a good example of how my head works: I’m terrified of heights so when I got the opportunity to bungee jump in New Zealand, I went for it. I’m still scared of heights but it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I highly recommend it even if you’re not terrified. (But you should be.)

On to the garlands!DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please


  • paper (I used cardstock, but I’ve used construction paper in the past)
  • string (I used thread, twine, and monofilament)
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • scissors
  • a thumbtack (or something else to make a small hole)
  • a needle
  • if you have any paper punches, that’s also helpful, but not necessary (unless you hate cutting as much as I do, then it’s very necessary)

DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off PleaseDIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please

DIY No-Sew Triangle Garlands:

1. Cut out 2″ strips of paper. Here’s the part where I overly explain: measure two inches along the entire strip of paper on both sides and make a little mark, then line up the ruler with both marks and draw a light line. Keep doing that every two inches and then cut along those lines and you’ll get two inch strips of paper

DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off Please

2. Cut strips into triangles. Cut at the corner and go diagonally across to make a triangle, then cut straight across for the next triangle. I found it easier to keep turning the paper around so I was always cutting on the same side since I’m a righty and I wanted to make sure to cut exactly on the angle, but you don’t have to.

This is a situation where a tripod or another person would really come in handy, but I didn’t have either of those things so hopefully you get the picture from these pictures.

DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please 3. String them together If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you probably know that I can’t sew. And not fakely as in “no, I don’t know how to sew, I can just make an envelope pillow.”  I can’t sew. At all. So now forgive me because I called this no-sew, but actually you’re going to be using a needle and thread. But trust me on this- if I can do this, SO CAN YOU. DIY No-Sew Shape Garland | Shoes Off Please Using your thumbtack, poke a hole in the bottom center of the triangle and the top center. At first I tried using the needle to poke holes, but it killed my finger and my hole puncher is way too big so this worked out quite nicely. DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off Please Then thread the needle using the thingamabob and pull the needle through both holes. DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off PleaseDIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off Please Just keep stringing it through until you get your desired length. Bam. No-sew triangle garland.

DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off Please

DIY No-Sew Circle Garland:

I used started off using the same method but used a paper punch to make scalloped circles. You can trace the bottom of a cup and cut out circles yourself, but as a scissor-loather, I prefer to avoid tedious cutting when I can (though I’ve done it for my beautiful rambunctious niece’s party). Maybe if I had these gold scissors I’d be inclined to do it more often… DIY No-Sew Triangle Garland | Shoes Off Please Anyway, I got tired of my thumbtack sewing, so I went the route of my first no-sew circle garland I made for Mia’s party and glue sandwiched (paper circle + glue + paper circle = glue sandwich) DIY No-Sew Circle Garland | Shoes Off PleaseDIY No-Sew Circle Garland | Shoes Off Please

DIY No-Sew Square Garland:

You’re getting the picture, right? Just cut those strips and then cut them into squares. I didn’t get concerned with keeping them all the same size, but if you were: line up the ruler with the strip of paper and mark off every two inches, make straight lines with the ruler, then cut.

DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please

In the past I’ve also used tape (for Aiden’s mustache garlands) but it didn’t look as nice, so I thought I’d give the fake sewing a try. I think it’ll be my method from now on since it looks the nicest and is pretty easy.

DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please

The trick for most of these things is to do it while you watch something, but be careful because hypothetically you could be watching something that makes you laugh so much you cry and constantly mess up your garland shapes. Completely hypothetical.

DIY No-Sew Garlands | Shoes Off Please


Tell me everything you’ve ever done that terrified you and whether it was worth it! I realize this is so tiny in the scheme of life, but putting myself out there is still scary to me! 

Happy Columbus Day! 


DIY Ribbon Garland

I don’t know why a decorated highchair tickles me, but it does, so Mia is getting one for her first birthday party.

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

Gemma from The Sweetest Digs made this ribbon garland for her baby girl awhile ago and I looooved it. You can follow her easy step-by-step tutorial here.

All you need for supplies are wait for it……string and ribbon. For my string it came down to twine and pink yarn. Twine won because I wanted the colors of the ribbon to stand out.

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

It’s a ridonkulously easy project for such a pretty effect.

1. Choose your ribbon(s), in my case in the color scheme of the party.

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

2. Cut the ribbons to approximately the same size (I had about ten lengths of each).

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

3. Then you loop the ribbon in half and tie it onto the string of your choice.

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off PleaseTo reallly break it down: 1. loop the ribbon behind the string with one hand, then 2. with the other hand grab the ends of the ribbon and 3. pull those ends over the string through the loop and pull.DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

One of the ribbons I had on hand was wider than the others and didn’t knot so well, so I just cut it in half.

4. Keep knotting until you’ve got yourself a ribbon garland. The whole thing took me a little under an hour. You’d think it would take less time and I suspect if I did it again, it would be faster but just do it while you’re watching New Girl (I haven’t even started Breaking Bad so let’s not go there).

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

Simple, but it adds color and a whole lot of happy festiveness!

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

Mia likes it too! (I know she’s fuzzy in this picture, but that pose!)Mia

I like it so much, I just might put it up over Mia’s crib (yup, still changing my mind every other day about what to do there. She’s only 11 months old, nbd.)

DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

So what’d I tell you? Super easy, right? Would you make a ribbon garland? Where would you put it?


DIY Ribbon Garland | Shoes Off Please

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