My first year as a business owner is coming to a close…I try to say in a very slow and serious business-like (and English) voice but all I’m really thinking is a high-pitched loud WHAAAA???!!!

Do you remember when I started?? I was just as terrified of success as I was of failing. Equally terrified. I am forever grateful that this year happened (or that I made this year happen) but if I could start from scratch again there would definitely be some changes. Surprisingly (to me), not that many though. I would maybe learn lessons more quickly but I think that the progression was natural and necessary for my first business.

I want to share everything with you! So much has changed (remember when I was painstakingly hand cutting every. single. letter. and making every. banner. on. earth?? Exhausting and a terrible business model.) I look at early pictures and I cringe! But I’m also grateful because it makes me feel better about my current photos. I’ve learned a ridiculous amount and I want to share all my lessons with you! It turns out that there were some things I knew all along but didn’t know that I knew them or how important they were. This was the most exciting and terrifying year ever. And I want to tell you ALL of it! But the nature of business/life is that there isn’t always the time we want when we want it.

So I’ve set up a few different posts of lessons I’ve learned that I wish I knew when I started (or that I did know and that were so helpful) including practical things like how to Instagram like a boss, how setting boundaries is good for your personal life and your business, and different skills that have been really useful (that you can learn online!)

ANNNND here’s your chance, babes! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to go for coffee, have a Skype date, or a quick phone call to “pick my brain” so if you have any questions you’ve been wanting to ask I’ve set up a super quick survey (I promise, it’s under five questions including filling out your name) and you can ask me ANYTHING! Business or personal! I will answer the most popular questions in a later post so get your burning questions out now!

For right now, as I so often say and always mean 1000%

lips confetti thank you

To every single one of you. I heart you big time. 

And to those of you who are having a hard start to your week, I give you this:

suck it monday_etsy_thebannerie

Phrase available as a banner in the shop now :)

Big sloppy wet smoochy kisses all over your faces whether you like it or not!!!
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