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A trench coat is one of the few garments that can be mixed and matched with what you wear. You can wear them in spring, and they will still match your clothes without looking too out of place. They are lightweight, which makes them perfect for layering on colder days. Trench coats are considered the best over coat for man as it helps them get a vast variety of colours and designs.

But why is the trench coat considered to be one of the best coats for all seasons? You can find trench coats in various styles, from casual cuffed to classic button-down collars. Trench coats can be worn with a business casual look, casual shirts and slacks, or a more formal outfit for work or even for your night out on the town. They are also versatile enough to be considered as an outer layer as well. Here, some significant reasons mentioned why people consider these coats the best for all seasons.

  • Not Only Functional but Stylish

The best element about a trench coat is that it is functional and stylish, giving you a modern and sophisticated look at the same time. You will surely find a trench coat that matches your style and preference.

  • Can Be Worn Under Other Coats and Jackets

However, the best part of this versatile garment is its ability to be worn under other coats or jackets. It can be done by using the inner pockets or putting on a vest underneath the coat. Just remember, though: as outerwear, trench coats usually come with hoods meant to seal out any cold outside elements like rain.

  • Available in Colossal Variety of Colors and Designs

Most trench coats for men come in different colours and designs. Select the one that you think will look best on you and that could be perfect for your everyday wear as well.

  • Perfect for all Seasons Especially for Women

For women, trench coats are perfect for all seasons. Not only they can be worn in the fall, but they are also stylish enough to wear on a sunny day. When worn during springtime, trench coats can easily give you a fresh and clean look without being too obvious.

  • Versatile

Often considered chic, trench coats were made famous by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. Marilyn Monroe wore a black women’s trench coat in her famous walk in the film ‘Some Like It Hot.’ The trench coat is very versatile in that it can be worn by both men and women regardless of their style.

Nowadays, you can find an all-weather trench coat that could keep you warm during the winter season as well. The trench coat is considered one of the best coats for all seasons because it keeps you warm and helps in look stylish. Once you pay attention to the mentioned information about these coats, it will help you know these coats better. Therefore, try to grab proper information about Trench coats so you won’t face any problem while buying the one.

During Christmas time the last thing you want to do is break the bank spending a lot of money on a holiday dress. However, you know you need to have at least a few dresses for family get togethers, going to church, or other social events you might be a part of during the holidays. When I’m trying to save money for buying fun presents for loved ones, I don’t want to worry about spending money on myself and buying dresses.

Instead of worrying about hunting down the perfect dress that might be expensive, be a deal hunter and find dresses that won’t break the bank. You can find dresses that make you feel lovely and elegant. There are a variety of different dresses that look amazing and are also very affordable. Here are some dresses that I suggest:

Jessica Simpson Dress, Strapless Sweatheart Floral Printed – $32.99

I’m a hug fan of Jessica Simpson because she’s become the fashion designer (in my opinion) of the century. She offers everything from perfume and jewelry to purses and dresses!

This particular dress is adorable because it has a floral print (which still works for the holidays!) and plus it’s affordable – only $32.99. Pair it with leggings and a sweet cami to put over your shoulders and you’ll be all set!

If you want to add some height, wear a pair of beige pumps or a pair of Jessica Simpson sparkly pumps. Continue to add more sparkle to your ensemble and make this Christmas the best one you’ve ever had!

Trixxi Plus Size Dress – $44.99

This Trixxi Plus Size Dress is black and slimming (it also comes in red). I love wearing black when I’m feeling particularly bloated because it takes away that awful feeling and hides whatever you don’t want to show off at the moment.

This sweet dress comes with fun details such as sleeves that are ruched at the elbows. The length is fairly modest as well; it goes down to about your knees. Dress to kill this holiday season in a nice black dress.

For accessories, find a clutch like the model to the left is holding. Or wear a pair of flats or heels, depending on your mood. Don’t forget to add some bling to your black dress and wear a sparkly necklace and earrings that shine.

Full Tilt Smock Tube Maxi Dress – $15.99

If you’re looking for a really affordable dress and also a longer dress that will keep your legs warm, this maxi dress is a great pick. It has a strapless smock top and contrast rope belt. Switch out the rope belt for something glitstening or contrasting in color.

I love maxi dresses but the biggest problem I have with them is that they sometimes come very long in length. I either have to hem the bottom or wear a pair of tall high heels.

You’ll also want to pair this strapless top with a cami or sweater depending on what’s in your wardrobe.

CSC Studio “One for All” Cap-Sleeve Mock Wrap Dress – $29.90

If you’re an ocean dreamer like me, then this dress is perfect. Don’t worry that it’s in a lovely shade of blue, embrace it and glam it up! This dress is made with an appealing v-neck, tummy-concealing wrap waist and easy stretch knit. This elegant dress is perfectly modest and lovely for a holiday party.

Wear grey or neutral flats with this dress since it’s already a shade of blue. You can add holiday elements such as a black necklace and elegant earrings.

Arrive to your party in style and stand out in the crowd because of this gorgeous blue dress!

Dolly and Me Heart Dress and Leggings Set – Toddler – $25.20

Let’s not forget about your adorable little one. She might be loving her doll so you can’t leave her out either! Dress your daughter in an adorable heart dress with matching leggings. Her doll can also match her and she can bring her to the party without anyone feeling like the doll will be out of place.

Don’t forget to bundle her up in a winter coat and adorable flats with socks. Give her an early holiday gift and pair her outfit with a cute and sparkly bracelet too.

She’ll feel comfortable and happy at the holiday party!

There are many more dresses to be discovered that are under $50. For my holiday dress I’m wearing a colorblock dress, which looks stylish and cute. I can’t wait to wear it!

If you haven’t bought a Mother’s Day gift by now, you’re probably finding yourself scrambling to find a last-minute present. Before you settle for what’s left in the flower department at the grocery store or resort to the old handmade card and macaroni necklace idea (let’s face it, you’re too old to get away with that anyway), check out our list below. You’ll find a dozen Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll cement your spot as Mom’s favorite kid. From personalized roses to scented slippers, these gifts are as special and unique as she is.

Name a Rose Gift Set

$34.99 at Perpetual Kid

Skip the bouquet and earn brownie points from Mom by giving her her very own personalized rose. The gift tin includes rose seeds, a care booklet, and a certificate that will allow her to officially name and register her flower.

Sonoma Lavender Dot Spa Bootie

$38.00 at Nordstrom

She’s been chasing us around for years, what better way to ease her aching tooties than with a pair of plush aromatherapy booties? Pop them in the microwave and zap for 30-60 seconds to enjoy the warmth and fragrance from these soft, lavender-scented slippers.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

$47.50 at Archie McPhee

There are few jobs more tiring than being a Mom. She’ll get the ultimate caffeine fix with this giant coffee cup, which holds up to 20 regular cups of joe. Yawns begone!

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Kit

$24.00 at Nordstrom

What was it that made Mom’s cooking always taste so comforting and delicious? Whether it was just a teaspoon of vanilla or an extra spoonful of love, Mom can proudly brand her baked goods with her autograph using this stamp set, which includes a stamp, ink pad, and pencil.

Mom Always Said Bangle

$58.00 at Kate Spade

Sold in both gold and silver (which is exclusive to the site), this bracelet comes inscribed with motherly advice, reminding us to eat our vegetables and floss our teeth. The perfect gift from one Mom to another.

MarieBelle Vanity Purse Chocolates

$75.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

From tissues and hand sanitizer to an extra pack of fruit snacks, Mom’s handbag always seemed to be packed with solutions for every unexpected emergency. Here’s a bag to give back: a purse filled with delicious chocolate ganaches and envelopes of gourmet hot cocoa.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book

$38.00 at Uncommon Goods

From our red dye #40 allergy to how old we were when we got that scar on our knee, Mom knows everything about us. But what do we really know about Mom? Get to know her with this Letter Book, which she can use to share her own personal thoughts, memories, and interesting facts about her life.

Solo and Revolution

$209.96 at QVC

We’d like to think we got our fantastic taste in music from Mom, who always had the house rocking with her epic record collection. With this turntable kit, she can dust off her vinyls and enjoy her favorite tunes all over again without having to learn how to operate an iPod. The device will also play cassettes, AM/FM radio, and CDs.

Garden Gourmet Apron

$33.99 at ModCloth

We love this vintage-inspired cotton apron and we think Mom will, too. It’s a throw back to the 1950s, with cute polka dots, a ruffled hem, and a charming floral print.

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

$159.99 at The Sharper Image

Help Mom unload all those pics she’s been snapping with her cell with this iPhone Photo Cube printer. Plus, it’ll not only prints pics from her phone, but it’ll charge it, too! The handy compact device is compatible with most iPhones as well as iPod touch, iPad, and Android smartphones.

Kate Spade Rain or Shine NOOK Cover

$29.50 at Barnes & Noble

Keep Mom’s beloved NOOK Simple Touch safe and sound with this chic Kate Spade eReader cover. Designed to look like a chic New York magazine, the case also features a special metallic spade detail on the back that conveniently activates the NOOK power when pressed.

basq Loving Touch Gift Set

$60.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

This gift set from basq is the perfect way to pamper a new Mom. The glittery, unique keepsake box, which design was inspired by Disney‘s famous “It’s A Small World” ride, includes a body butter, sleep mist, calming oil, and a cleansing bar. Because all of the included products are hypoallergenic, they can be enjoyed by Mom and baby alike.

My birthday is around the corner (Friday actually) and even though I always look forward to presents I’m honestly not looking forward to turning a year older. Since I have now approached my late twenties I am going to hold on like there is no tomorrow. I’m always grateful for the gifts that I receive and honestly the gift of being surrounded by my family is gift enough for me this year. However, everyone has a dream birthday wish for items that they know they probably won’t receive but they can want. What’s yours? I’m about to tell you mine.

I try to purchase Betsey Johnson accessories and clothing items sparingly just because her brand is pretty wild. I love the bold colors and the fun personality of it all, but some of her styles are just a little too out there for me. No offense Betsey Johnson. However, this dolphin ring is calling my name. It has the perfect touch of sparkle and ocean dreams in one ring.

If you know me then you know that I LOVE anything Juicy Couture. So my dream birthday would not be completely without their magnificent designs. I’ve always wanted one of the classic Juicy Couture bracelets, especially the Heart Charm Bracelet. It has a Juicy Couture heart and name on the bracelet. Perfection!

I’d also like to purchase a new comforter for my new apartment in California. Obviously it needs to be something that will work for both my boyfriend and I. Suggestions? I love this comforter below because it has great colors that I think we both would love. The blue, brown, and beige colors give me a lot of options in regards to decorating the room. It also is a 7 piece comforter set for a great price: $64.95. I love it!

I probabaly wouldn’t have very many occasions to wear these, but I think a pair of cowgirl boots would be so much fun! I think I would have to arrange for a horse back riding lesson or activity to make sure I get proper usage out of them of course. Or – perhaps when I visit places in Utah during the fall time they would keep my feet warm! This is such a rad pair of boots with turquoise (my favorite color) contrast color inlays! What I would really like is a pair of $600 cowgirl boots from Shopbop; a girl can dream. Maybe if I really save up I can use our handy JoeShopping.com Shopbop coupons to help a girl like me out.

My list could go on and on simply because I love to shop and that’s why I’m very thankful for JoeShopping. Hopefully in the future I’ll gradually be given a few of these gifts or I can save up some $ and get a few myself.

Bacon. Just the mention of the word gets a reaction from most people. Bacon is a fan favorite, and your bacon fan knows that better than anyone. But what do you get for the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list, besides actual bacon? We have a few suggestions.

Sorry, sausage.

Bacon Chemistry T-Shirt


If bacon had been on the Periodic Table when we were in school our chemistry grade would have been a lot higher — and our experiments much tastier. Dress your bacon fan accordingly.

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Sizzling Bacon Bar


Move over peanut butter, now there’s something baconier in your chocolate. That’s right, we went there. Bacon + chocolate = awesome.

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Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages


Is the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list tired of the way real bacon leaves their wounds unhealed, greasy, and slightly infected? Of course they are. These bacon bandages have all the aesthetics of bacon, but none of the negatives. Also, no flavor.

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Bacon Hot Sauce


Every now and then we see a product here at JoeShopping that makes us drop everything and stock up. Meet that product. Bacon hot sauce is love in a bottle. Also, spicy.

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Bacon Press


If your bacon fan has one complaint it is probably that bacon is prone to uneven cooking. No longer! The bacon press is here, and all is well.

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Bacon Mints


Coming off a bacon rush is a sad and sobering experience. Why not let that taste linger a little longer with these bacon-flavored mints (with just a hint of mint). Fresh breath and bacon no longer need to be exclusive.

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Seriously, you knew this was coming. Everybody cut.

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Bacon: A Love Story


While the love affair between people and bacon is notably one-sided, it is hard to deny the passion. Why not give your fan a book that goes straight to their heart? After all, the bacon is going to wind up there eventually.

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Bacon Floss


Why not? You’ve come this far. They make floss in other flavors, why not bacon? Mmm, bacon.

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Bacon Wrapping Paper


Choosing the right bacon gift may not be easy, but picking the proper paper is. Bacon-covered wrapping paper isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

The annual pool party invite just came in the mail and you’re dreading having to bare a swimsuit in front of your friends. For the past few years, you’ve managed to wiggle out of going by faking an upset stomach, headache, and certainly the most creative excuse – a charley horse in BOTH legs that you suffered in a freak vacuuming accident.

Before your friends start growing concerned about your health, maybe it’s time to finally find a swimsuit that you feel comfortable wearing. JoeShopping is here to help (picture us running down the beach with an orange life buoy a la David Hasselhoff – minus the 5 pounds of chest hair and alcohol addiction.) We’ve got a few swimsuit solutions for you, no matter what your trouble area may be, and a few ways to save on ‘em, too. Because we realize not everyone can sell their souls to the devil in exchange for the perfect beach body (Gisele Bundchen, we’re looking at you.)

SPANX: Sheer Ruffle One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

Price: $178.00 & Free Shipping

Plus, Free Spanx Tote bag with purchase.

We all know and love SPANX, the miracle workers behind products like the Footless Body-Shaping Pantyhose that even Oprah sings praise about. Here, they’ve come up with a swimsuit that offers the same benefit as their top selling undergarments: smooth and flatten trouble areas while leaving you with a nice, shapely silhouette.

D-Cup Underwire Retro Balconet Top & Ruched Top Hipster

$32.50 (top) $29.50 (bottom)

Use code DCE15 for an extra 15% off.

Busty ladies know it’s hard to find a bikini top that not only has room in the cup area, but offers support, too. This bikini from Delias offers just that, and with 8 colors/patterns to choose from, they didn’t skimp on making it look cute, too.

Eddie Bauer Short Beach Dress

Price: $39.50 & Free Shipping

This dress can be worn as a cute cover-up when you’re just strolling the beach, but can also be jazzed up with pretty sandals and accessories for wearing later to dinner.

Belted Design Print Boyshorts

Price: $16.10 ($12.88 after coupon code Shop20R)

These bright coral boyshorts come with a removable printed belt and offers a little extra coverage than a typical bikini bottom. Matching top can be found here.

Oh Baby by Motherhood™ Geometric Tankini Top & Scoop Bottoms Swim Set

Sale: $40.60 (and Free Shipping if you spend $75+)

For those with a bun in the oven, this fashionable swimsuit offers coverage, support and adjustable shoulder straps that convert from regular to crisscross.

It’s never too early to start thinking about winter clothes. The National Weather Service is predicting an above average winter for cold and wet weather. The West and Southeast will be wet and the Northern states, Rockies and Midwest will see above average snowfalls. With that in mind, it will behoove you to start getting your winter wardrobe down ASAP. Waiting for the leaves to turn and the first snow to fall will result in you paying a premium for the winter fashion you want.

Retail Store Coupons

Printable coupons for retail outlets can usually save you between 10% and 50%. In some cases savings can be even more. Printed coupons usually have an expiration date so once you print them you must use them fairly quickly.

Online Coupons

Look for all online coupons that give you a promotional code which can be used during the checkout process. After you fill your basket full of all the goodies you need for the winter, type in the promo code and apply it to your purchase order. It will then readjust the shopping cart total and give you a discounted price. Coupons can be applied to items which are already on sale. Applying a 20% off coupon, to a clearance item which is already marked down significantly, can give you big savings.


Sometimes making your summer fashion work for the winter is a very inexpensive alternative to going out and buying expensive new winter items. Take a look at what you have and see what might work layered. Long-sleeved T-shirts, knee-high boots, summer dresses are just a few items that can be combined into the stylish winter outfit which offers protection against the cold air.

Make Clothes

Some of the accessories you need for the winter months are great DIY projects. Take scarves for example; you can take fleece or an old wool sweater and cut it into a cool fashionable scarf for the winter. Just find a tutorial for free online and watch it.


If you end up procrastinating your winter shopping until the start of winter season is already here then my best advice is to simply wait to buy. January and February the cheapest months of the year to buy winter clothing. If you can make do with what you have until then you can save big on holiday specials.


Classified add websites like Craigslist have cheap items for sale and even free sections you might want to browse to find deals. Buying lightly used clothing from someone online is smart. You can totally score doing this and save yourself some cash.

Clothing swaps

Clothing swaps are like a swap meet or flea market where people can exchange the clothes they no longer use. Clothing swaps have been around for a lot of years and it is definitely a cool way to recycle clothes you don’t use. Check your local listing for swaps in your area.


Make sure what you buy matches well with the rest of your wardrobe. If you can mix pieces together and create new outfits without having to buy complete outfits you can save lots of money.

Stick to quality

You might be really excited about a jacket on sale but if the quality is not good it probably won’t last you more than one season. This means that next season you will end up having to buy a whole new jacket or sweater. In the long run this will cost you more money.

Pack it

Once winter is over you can save space and actually save money by packing away your winter clothes. You can save money because well packed clothing will last a long time. Ensuring next season when you go back up your jackets, sweaters, and the rest of your winter stuff, it will be fresh and ready to go.

Before there was Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 or online gaming, America was having fun simply playing board games. Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue… we’ve grown up playing these classic board games. And now, whether we’re breaking out games during a party with friends or gathering the kids up for family game night, the excitement of rolling a Yahtzee still hasn’t lost its amusement.

Although most of these games have been around for decades, these fun versions add a new twist to old favorites. We’ve rounded up 10 of some of the coolest versions of everybody’s favorite board games in the list below.

  • Wizard of Oz Scrabble, $29.99
  • Available at eToys.com

Packed inside a box that reminds us of the famous ruby slippers, this edition of Scrabble comes with an exclusive Wizard of Oz dictionary.

  • Free Shipping on orders of $69
  • Donkey Kong Jenga, $29.99
  • Available at Drugstore.com

Long before Princess Peach, Mario was rescuing Pauline from the evil clutches of Donkey Kong. Race to the top to save the princess before the tower tips to win.

  • Free Shipping on orders of $25
  • Family Guy Game of Life, $35.99
  • Available at Calendars.com

Much more interesting than the traditional pink and blue pegs, you’ll travel around Quahog as the whole Griffin family in this Game of Life: Peter, Lois, Chris and Stewie. Oh, and Meg.

  • Free Shipping on orders of $25
  • Monopoly Peanuts Edition, $27.96 (Was $39.95)
  • Available at BarnesandNoble.com

Join Charlie Brown and the gang in this Peanuts Edition of Monopoly, which includes pewter playing pieces like Schroder’s piano and Snoopy’s dog bowl and properties like Woodstock’s Nest.

  • Free Shipping on orders of $25
  • Yahtzee Super Mario Edition, $14.99 (Was $19.99)
  • Available at ThinkGeek.com

A Question Block from the Nintendo’s Super Mario video games takes the place of the red cup found in the original Yahtzee version.

  • Harry Potter Clue, $34.99
  • Available at Calendars.com

Hogwarts is the backdrop in this version of Clue. Play as your favorite Harry Potter character, including Harry, Ron and Hermione, as you race to Dumbledore’s office to guess the who, what and where!

  • Free Shipping on orders of $25
  • Operation R2D2, $29.99
  • Available at EntertainmentEarth.com

Everyone’s favorite droid needs an operation in this version. And it’s no wonder, he took some serious abuse in the films! But be careful, like Cavity Sam, we guess R2-D2 was also denied anesthetics. Bump into him with your tweezers and he’ll let out a robotic squeal.

  • Pictureka Disney Edition, $16.99
  • Available at Target.com

You need a sharp eye to play Pictureka, and this version is no different. The game tiles in this edition are packed with a variety of Disney-related objects and favorite Disney characters.

  • Simpsons Sorry!, $29.99
  • Available at Amazon.com

We totally think this edition should’ve been renamed Doh! Be the first player to get all of your characters (including Homer, Krusty the Klown, Mr. Burns and more) to your home base to win.

  • Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more
  • Marvel Heroes Uno, $11.97

Although not technically a board game, how could we forget a game like Uno? The cards in this Uno deck are much cooler than the ordinary ones, as they are outfitted with everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and lots more! The Skip card? Dr. Doom.

Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more

How much is your monthly cell phone bill? If you’re like me, it’s around $100. For many of us it’s the biggest monthly expense after rent. On top of that, new phones can be expensive. When T-Mobile offered up the new Samsung Galaxy S3, I knew I had to have it. There’s another $280 spent. Where’s the frugality in that?

Thankfully, there are ways we can turn our smartphones around and make them into money saving machines. Here are a few ideas:

Coupon app

If you don’t use coupons because clipping coupons is a hassle, you don’t have an excuse any more. There are tons of coupon apps, including the Valpak for iPhone app. They work almost the exact same way as traditional coupons, except there aren’t stacks of paper to remember every time you go to the store. All the information is stored right on your smartphone.

The best part: there are tons of these types of apps, and they’re almost all free. All you do is download them and start compiling the coupons you want to use. Nearly every major retailer and grocery store has a way to redeem them, whether it’s by scanning a barcode or entering in a code number.

Price comparisons

If you’re buying items at a retail store and you’re not price comparing on your smartphone, you’re spending too much money. Sorry to say for big box retailers, but for many of us they’re merely showrooms these days. The frugal and savvy among us go in armed with smartphones and try to find the best deal possible. It’s only when we need an item right now that we actually make a purchase.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can find a price comparison app — there are too many to list — or you can simply resort to a Google search. Type in the product name, and you’ll see shopping results from around the web. Factor in tax and shipping, and you can see if it’s a better deal to order online.

Spending tracker

How can you start saving money if you don’t know how much you spend? With credit cards and mobile payments these days, we have a harder time keeping track of our spending than our parents did. A barrier essentially exists between us and our money. It’s hard to understand what you spend if you’re just handing someone a piece of plastic.

Since your smartphone goes with you everywhere, you can use it to record your spending habits. Every time you spend even a dollar, make a record of it on your smartphone, either in a notepad app or a spending tracking app. There should be some immediate effects: you’ll be more aware that you’ve spent money. But the real punch comes when you check your log after a month. You might feel ashamed at how much money you spend — and waste!

Budgeting apps

The first thing I did when I got that shiny new Galaxy S 3 was search Google Play for budgeting apps. There are tons of them, and they all provide different functions. Some, like the Mint.com app, can automatically track your finances and give you up to the minute reports. Others require you to set spending limits and stick to them. Either way, you can stay on top of your finances and stick to your budget much easier if the app is always with you. That’s the advantage of a smartphone.

With devices costing $200 to $300 and with service at around $100 per month, smartphones can be big holes in anyone’s expense report. Thankfully, there are surefire ways to turn the tables and use that smartphone to save money and live a more frugal life. If you can save even a little from coupon apps and price comparisons, and then reduce your spending with budget apps, you’ve made huge strides towards a freer financial life.

If you’re like us, your mornings begin with the alarm going off (hitting the snooze button a couple o’ times), dragging yourself out of bed and stumbling to the coffeemaker or teapot to get your caffeine fix. This task can seem even harder on a day like today (Monday…groan!), but that’s where a cool coffee mug or tea cup can come in handy. It’s that little ray of sunshine on an otherwise super sleepy, I-don’t-want-to-go-to-work-today kind of morning.

We scoured the internet to find 10 mugs we thought were either cute or cool (and a couple that we thought were even a little strange.) So whip up your favorite brew, add one lump (or two!) and join us as we take a look at the fun mugs below, which we hope make waking up in the morning just a little more pleasant.

Panda Friends Mug & Spoon Set, $24.00

This mug from UrbanOutfitters.com comes with a matching spoon that features a panda playing peekaboo on the brim.

  • Free Shipping with a $100 purchase!
  • Rubik’s Cube Mug, $12.99

It’s a good thing this Rubik’s Cube Mug from ThinkGeek.com comes already solved, otherwise we’re sure we’d end up with coffee in our laps.

  • Up to 75% off 400+ products at ThinkGeek.com!
  • Cookie Monster Om Nom Nom Mug, $9.99

This Cookie Monster mug from EntertainmentEarth.com begs to be filled with milk and have cookies dunked in it. NOM!

One Week Clearance Sale at EntertainmentEarth.com!

Personalized Action Mug, $14.99 after coupon Feel like the star athlete of your favorite MLB team when you have your name printed on this personalized mug from PersonalCreations.com.

  • 25% off your purchase when you click this link!
  • Toliet Mug, $12.99

Why would anyone want to drink out of a mug shaped like a toliet? We don’t know, either. But the good news is, there’s no seat, so you won’t have to worry about get yelled at for leaving the seat up again. From SpencersOnline.com.

  • Konitz Classic Chalk Talk 12-Ounce Mug, $7.57

Use the included chalk to label drinks, draw a picture or write messages on these microwave/dishwasher safe 12-ounce mugs.

  • Free Super Saver Shipping on orders of $25 or more.
  • Café Olé Mug, $28.99

While we’ve never actually met a Spanish speaking penguin, this little guy is still pretty stinking cute. He comes with a little saucer sombrero, perfect for holding your sugar cubes or tea bags. From ModCloth.com.

  • Stacked Up 3 Coffee Cups in 1, $11.20

Here’s a teacup fit for the Mad Hatter himself. It’s one teacup designed to look like a wobbling stack of three.

  • Free Super Saver Shipping on orders of $25 or more.
  • Shark Attack Mug, $9.56

If your morning brew doesn’t give you a jolt, the surprise of looking down into your drink and seeing a open-jawed shark staring back at you will. From McPhee.com.

  • Self Stirring Mug, $18.99

This mug from ThinkGeek.com knows you’re tired in the morning, so it takes the work out of stirring your drink by doing it for you. Just press the button and voila! A perfectly stirred drink. Now if we could only get more things done in the morning with just the press of a button!