If you haven’t bought a Mother’s Day gift by now, you’re probably finding yourself scrambling to find a last-minute present. Before you settle for what’s left in the flower department at the grocery store or resort to the old handmade card and macaroni necklace idea (let’s face it, you’re too old to get away with that anyway), check out our list below. You’ll find a dozen Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll cement your spot as Mom’s favorite kid. From personalized roses to scented slippers, these gifts are as special and unique as she is.

Name a Rose Gift Set

$34.99 at Perpetual Kid

Skip the bouquet and earn brownie points from Mom by giving her her very own personalized rose. The gift tin includes rose seeds, a care booklet, and a certificate that will allow her to officially name and register her flower.

Sonoma Lavender Dot Spa Bootie

$38.00 at Nordstrom

She’s been chasing us around for years, what better way to ease her aching tooties than with a pair of plush aromatherapy booties? Pop them in the microwave and zap for 30-60 seconds to enjoy the warmth and fragrance from these soft, lavender-scented slippers.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

$47.50 at Archie McPhee

There are few jobs more tiring than being a Mom. She’ll get the ultimate caffeine fix with this giant coffee cup, which holds up to 20 regular cups of joe. Yawns begone!

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Kit

$24.00 at Nordstrom

What was it that made Mom’s cooking always taste so comforting and delicious? Whether it was just a teaspoon of vanilla or an extra spoonful of love, Mom can proudly brand her baked goods with her autograph using this stamp set, which includes a stamp, ink pad, and pencil.

Mom Always Said Bangle

$58.00 at Kate Spade

Sold in both gold and silver (which is exclusive to the site), this bracelet comes inscribed with motherly advice, reminding us to eat our vegetables and floss our teeth. The perfect gift from one Mom to another.

MarieBelle Vanity Purse Chocolates

$75.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

From tissues and hand sanitizer to an extra pack of fruit snacks, Mom’s handbag always seemed to be packed with solutions for every unexpected emergency. Here’s a bag to give back: a purse filled with delicious chocolate ganaches and envelopes of gourmet hot cocoa.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book

$38.00 at Uncommon Goods

From our red dye #40 allergy to how old we were when we got that scar on our knee, Mom knows everything about us. But what do we really know about Mom? Get to know her with this Letter Book, which she can use to share her own personal thoughts, memories, and interesting facts about her life.

Solo and Revolution

$209.96 at QVC

We’d like to think we got our fantastic taste in music from Mom, who always had the house rocking with her epic record collection. With this turntable kit, she can dust off her vinyls and enjoy her favorite tunes all over again without having to learn how to operate an iPod. The device will also play cassettes, AM/FM radio, and CDs.

Garden Gourmet Apron

$33.99 at ModCloth

We love this vintage-inspired cotton apron and we think Mom will, too. It’s a throw back to the 1950s, with cute polka dots, a ruffled hem, and a charming floral print.

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

$159.99 at The Sharper Image

Help Mom unload all those pics she’s been snapping with her cell with this iPhone Photo Cube printer. Plus, it’ll not only prints pics from her phone, but it’ll charge it, too! The handy compact device is compatible with most iPhones as well as iPod touch, iPad, and Android smartphones.

Kate Spade Rain or Shine NOOK Cover

$29.50 at Barnes & Noble

Keep Mom’s beloved NOOK Simple Touch safe and sound with this chic Kate Spade eReader cover. Designed to look like a chic New York magazine, the case also features a special metallic spade detail on the back that conveniently activates the NOOK power when pressed.

basq Loving Touch Gift Set

$60.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

This gift set from basq is the perfect way to pamper a new Mom. The glittery, unique keepsake box, which design was inspired by Disney‘s famous “It’s A Small World” ride, includes a body butter, sleep mist, calming oil, and a cleansing bar. Because all of the included products are hypoallergenic, they can be enjoyed by Mom and baby alike.


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