My birthday is around the corner (Friday actually) and even though I always look forward to presents I’m honestly not looking forward to turning a year older. Since I have now approached my late twenties I am going to hold on like there is no tomorrow. I’m always grateful for the gifts that I receive and honestly the gift of being surrounded by my family is gift enough for me this year. However, everyone has a dream birthday wish for items that they know they probably won’t receive but they can want. What’s yours? I’m about to tell you mine.

I try to purchase Betsey Johnson accessories and clothing items sparingly just because her brand is pretty wild. I love the bold colors and the fun personality of it all, but some of her styles are just a little too out there for me. No offense Betsey Johnson. However, this dolphin ring is calling my name. It has the perfect touch of sparkle and ocean dreams in one ring.

If you know me then you know that I LOVE anything Juicy Couture. So my dream birthday would not be completely without their magnificent designs. I’ve always wanted one of the classic Juicy Couture bracelets, especially the Heart Charm Bracelet. It has a Juicy Couture heart and name on the bracelet. Perfection!

I’d also like to purchase a new comforter for my new apartment in California. Obviously it needs to be something that will work for both my boyfriend and I. Suggestions? I love this comforter below because it has great colors that I think we both would love. The blue, brown, and beige colors give me a lot of options in regards to decorating the room. It also is a 7 piece comforter set for a great price: $64.95. I love it!

I probabaly wouldn’t have very many occasions to wear these, but I think a pair of cowgirl boots would be so much fun! I think I would have to arrange for a horse back riding lesson or activity to make sure I get proper usage out of them of course. Or – perhaps when I visit places in Utah during the fall time they would keep my feet warm! This is such a rad pair of boots with turquoise (my favorite color) contrast color inlays! What I would really like is a pair of $600 cowgirl boots from Shopbop; a girl can dream. Maybe if I really save up I can use our handy Shopbop coupons to help a girl like me out.

My list could go on and on simply because I love to shop and that’s why I’m very thankful for JoeShopping. Hopefully in the future I’ll gradually be given a few of these gifts or I can save up some $ and get a few myself.


I am Linda. I have in my team a group of shopaholics who render shopping details in the best way. Your satisfaction is our goal.