Bacon. Just the mention of the word gets a reaction from most people. Bacon is a fan favorite, and your bacon fan knows that better than anyone. But what do you get for the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list, besides actual bacon? We have a few suggestions.

Sorry, sausage.

Bacon Chemistry T-Shirt


If bacon had been on the Periodic Table when we were in school our chemistry grade would have been a lot higher — and our experiments much tastier. Dress your bacon fan accordingly. Coupons

Sizzling Bacon Bar


Move over peanut butter, now there’s something baconier in your chocolate. That’s right, we went there. Bacon + chocolate = awesome. Coupons

Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages


Is the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list tired of the way real bacon leaves their wounds unhealed, greasy, and slightly infected? Of course they are. These bacon bandages have all the aesthetics of bacon, but none of the negatives. Also, no flavor. Coupons

Bacon Hot Sauce


Every now and then we see a product here at JoeShopping that makes us drop everything and stock up. Meet that product. Bacon hot sauce is love in a bottle. Also, spicy. Coupons

Bacon Press


If your bacon fan has one complaint it is probably that bacon is prone to uneven cooking. No longer! The bacon press is here, and all is well.

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Bacon Mints


Coming off a bacon rush is a sad and sobering experience. Why not let that taste linger a little longer with these bacon-flavored mints (with just a hint of mint). Fresh breath and bacon no longer need to be exclusive. Coupons



Seriously, you knew this was coming. Everybody cut. Coupons

Bacon: A Love Story


While the love affair between people and bacon is notably one-sided, it is hard to deny the passion. Why not give your fan a book that goes straight to their heart? After all, the bacon is going to wind up there eventually.

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Bacon Floss


Why not? You’ve come this far. They make floss in other flavors, why not bacon? Mmm, bacon. Coupons

Bacon Wrapping Paper


Choosing the right bacon gift may not be easy, but picking the proper paper is. Bacon-covered wrapping paper isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

How much is your monthly cell phone bill? If you’re like me, it’s around $100. For many of us it’s the biggest monthly expense after rent. On top of that, new phones can be expensive. When T-Mobile offered up the new Samsung Galaxy S3, I knew I had to have it. There’s another $280 spent. Where’s the frugality in that?

Thankfully, there are ways we can turn our smartphones around and make them into money saving machines. Here are a few ideas:

Coupon app

If you don’t use coupons because clipping coupons is a hassle, you don’t have an excuse any more. There are tons of coupon apps, including the Valpak for iPhone app. They work almost the exact same way as traditional coupons, except there aren’t stacks of paper to remember every time you go to the store. All the information is stored right on your smartphone.

The best part: there are tons of these types of apps, and they’re almost all free. All you do is download them and start compiling the coupons you want to use. Nearly every major retailer and grocery store has a way to redeem them, whether it’s by scanning a barcode or entering in a code number.

Price comparisons

If you’re buying items at a retail store and you’re not price comparing on your smartphone, you’re spending too much money. Sorry to say for big box retailers, but for many of us they’re merely showrooms these days. The frugal and savvy among us go in armed with smartphones and try to find the best deal possible. It’s only when we need an item right now that we actually make a purchase.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can find a price comparison app — there are too many to list — or you can simply resort to a Google search. Type in the product name, and you’ll see shopping results from around the web. Factor in tax and shipping, and you can see if it’s a better deal to order online.

Spending tracker

How can you start saving money if you don’t know how much you spend? With credit cards and mobile payments these days, we have a harder time keeping track of our spending than our parents did. A barrier essentially exists between us and our money. It’s hard to understand what you spend if you’re just handing someone a piece of plastic.

Since your smartphone goes with you everywhere, you can use it to record your spending habits. Every time you spend even a dollar, make a record of it on your smartphone, either in a notepad app or a spending tracking app. There should be some immediate effects: you’ll be more aware that you’ve spent money. But the real punch comes when you check your log after a month. You might feel ashamed at how much money you spend — and waste!

Budgeting apps

The first thing I did when I got that shiny new Galaxy S 3 was search Google Play for budgeting apps. There are tons of them, and they all provide different functions. Some, like the app, can automatically track your finances and give you up to the minute reports. Others require you to set spending limits and stick to them. Either way, you can stay on top of your finances and stick to your budget much easier if the app is always with you. That’s the advantage of a smartphone.

With devices costing $200 to $300 and with service at around $100 per month, smartphones can be big holes in anyone’s expense report. Thankfully, there are surefire ways to turn the tables and use that smartphone to save money and live a more frugal life. If you can save even a little from coupon apps and price comparisons, and then reduce your spending with budget apps, you’ve made huge strides towards a freer financial life.