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When it comes to marijuana, there are many ways to consume the plant. It’s easy to get your hands on weed edibles, and you can find them in all shapes and forms. There are gummy candies, candies infused with THC, candy bars, cookies, brownies, bars, and more.

However, one of the most popular types of weed edibles is the gummy. The THC-infused substance is made into a tasty treat that is easy to eat or smoke. There are several reasons why people choose gummies over other methods of consuming cannabis. However, how do you know which companies make high quality weed gummies?

THC Weed Gummies – 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Products

One of the most important things when buying THC gummies from a reputable company is to look at the ingredients. You want to be sure that the THC content isn’t too strong, and that the product doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could cause harm if eaten. Some companies use sugar instead of an actual THC extract, and this is not recommended if you have diabetes or any other medical condition.

If you are Buying Delta 9 Gummies then you have made the right choice because they do not have any type o artificial colors or flavors and because of it taking this product will not give any negative effect on your health. People can also check the ingredients on the label of their product and they will get to know.

You also don’t want to buy anything that contains additives. These can include artificial colors and flavors, which may affect your health negatively. When looking at different THC gummies, always check out the labels for any ingredients that aren’t listed as natural. Always make sure that the gummy has no preservatives, dyes, or artificial sweeteners.

Another thing to pay attention to is the packaging. Do they come wrapped in paper or plastic? If they wrap them individually, you will need to be careful about where they go once you open them up. It’s best to keep these products away from young children and pets. Also, make sure that the package is sealed properly, so that you don’t accidentally ingest some of the contents. Many companies put their THC content in the center of the wrapper, which makes it easy to see. This is also a good way to ensure that your purchase is accurate.

The last thing to think about is the taste. Are they tasty enough to enjoy on their own? Or is it better to mix them with something else like water or juice? Many people prefer to drink the liquid version and then chew the gummy afterward. Others simply eat them by themselves.

There are countless options available when it comes to THC gummies. One of the biggest advantages of getting these products is that they are legal for adults to buy and consume. They are often cheaper than smoking, depending on what type you choose. However, just because these gummies are legal does not mean that they are safe. Make sure to read all of the information carefully before purchasing any THC gummies online or off-line.

Hats are one of the easiest ways to add a stylish touch to your outfit. It’s important that you choose the right hat in terms of style and occasion. These days, hats are not just limited to men, but also women love wearing it as well.

Here we have compiled 5 trendy and stylish hats for women to wear out with friends. You can go for some pretty hats from these styles; like bucket hat, cloche hat, bowler hat etc. There are lots of different types of bucket hats. Some people even call them as “billy-goat” and “spyhat” because of its resemblance to those two objects.

A lot of women like wearing them during spring or summer season. Also, they look beautiful when paired with long dresses, skirts and shorts. They make women look very fashionable and chic while being on the move. You must try these trendy hats at least once in your life if you want to get into fashion.

1. Bucket Hat

The chapeau bob type of hats is very popular among youngsters nowadays. As everybody want to look more fantastic and charming. This type of hat also enhances the look of a person if he is wearing it in the evening and with bucket hat he is wearing classic clothes. If anyone is choosing it with formal dress then also it will look amazing. 

This is a stylish hat which is great for day time as well as evening looks. It is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The bucket hat is similar to flat cap, except that it has a brim. This brim makes the women look more attractive than men who wear flat caps.

The bucket hat is a type of fedora. Its shape resembles an upside down bowl. It is made of felt material in addition to woolen fabric. It has a crown with a wide brim. A simple white version of this hat would be enough for most occasions. However, you can buy other colors such as brown, blue, pink etc. to match your dress or clothes.

You should check out the bucket hats available online. Most brands offer their own customized designs. So, you will find many amazing bucket hats in stores online. You can select any color combination and design of the hat according to your preferences. You can also order a plain white bucket hat to suit your occasion.

2. Bowler Hat

A bowler hat is usually worn by men but there are now several women who are starting to wear this type of hat. There are various versions of bowler hats available in the market. For example, you can choose between a short or a tall bowler hat. The short one is perfect for daily use, whereas the tall one looks good for evening events. Both are comfortable to wear and keep your head warm and dry. You can easily find bowler hats in stores online.

Another style of bowler hat is known as cloche. This hat has a circular shape around the top. It is quite popular among women, especially older ones. You can find this kind of hat in floral prints and patterns. It is a perfect choice for weddings and other special occasions.

3. Cloche

Cloches are often called as flower hats. It is a type of hat that looks like a large flower. It has a rounded shape and covers your whole face. It protects your hair from getting wet when you run through the rain. Cloches are perfect for women who don’t like wearing bulky hats.

These kinds of hats are mainly worn in summer. You can pair it up with light colored jeans, skirts and long shirts. You can wear it to work during lunch time. The best thing about this particular style of hat is that it keeps your eyes cool and protected from the sun.

There are many types of cloche hats available in the market. You can find colorful printed versions of this hat as well. This printable version of cloche hat is perfect for those who want to wear something unique and cute.

4. Fedora

Fedoras are great choices for winter or cold weather. In fact, they are considered as part of classic fashion. They are the most popular hats in the world.

Most women prefer wearing them in colder months of the year. If you are looking for a hat to wear in the snow then this item would be appropriate. It comes in all shapes and sizes. From round to square, and even triangular shaped hats are available.

You can find this hat in stores online as well as offline. The best thing about this hat is that it is easy to maintain and clean. You can easily wash it using soap and water. You can also handwash it with mild detergents.

It is a great option for women who don’t want to wear bulky hats. The main advantage of this type of hat is that it provides warmth and protection to your head from wind. You can wear it in cold winters and summers alike.

5. Puffy Beanie

Puffy beanies are very popular amongst kids. But nowadays they are also becoming more common amongst adults. Women prefer wearing puffy beanies over other types of hats. It is easy to carry and convenient to put on.

It is also good for rainy days. You can wear it with jeans, skirts and shorts. It protects your ears from rain and prevents heat loss. You can also find them in other colors such as red, black and green. All in all, puffy beanies are a great choice if you want a hat that is suitable for any occasion.

This Christmas, get them something that they can’t get anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if it is something small or big – you just need to make sure that this time around you have chosen something that fits their personality and tastes.

Whether your loved one is into streetwear, classic high-street brands or even vintage pieces, there are plenty of options available on the market. But, don’t go looking for this year’s must-have items. Instead, check out these amazing Christmas gifts for the fashion lover in your life.

1. A new pair of shoes

Shoes are the ultimate fashion accessory, especially when it comes to the holidays. However, not all pairs of shoes are created equal. The right pair of shoes can completely change your look, giving you an edge over other people at work or at school, and making you feel confident and sexy. So, if you know someone who is a shoe fanatic, don’t hesitate to buy them a pair for themselves or as a present for someone special.

If you’re still unsure about what kind of shoe to choose, here are some great picks:

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Sneakers ($220): These sneakers are among the most popular sneaker models of 2018 thus far. They offer more support than any other model on the market, making them extremely comfortable.

Gucci Tambourine Sandals ($2,000): If you want to impress your significant other (or someone close) with an extravagant gift, then Gucci has the perfect pair of sandals for you. You won’t be able to find a better deal for such a high price tag.

2. An amazing watch

If you know someone who loves watches, then you probably do too. This is because watches aren’t only a way to tell time but also a symbol of status and class.

However, if you’re buying them a watch this holiday season, try to pick something different from the usual ones. For example, if you know someone who likes to dress up, go for a classy leather strap instead of a cheap plastic one. Or, opt for an analog watch instead of a digital one.

To make things easier, check out our guide to the best watches of 2020 and see which one will fit your budget best.

3. A good bag

A handbag is essential for every woman, whether she chooses to wear it as her main accessory or simply carries it around with her everyday. It is therefore important to invest in the best bags for women during the holiday season.

For those who love to carry their belongings around with them, a crossbody bag is the best choice. However, if you are looking for something smaller, a clutch might be a better option.

These are some of the top choices in terms of handbags:

Marni Crossbody Bag ($895):

Marni is known for designing beautiful and unique handbags. This crossbody bag is no exception, offering its users a chic yet functional design. The material used for this bag is made from leather, which makes it water resistant and long lasting. This is why it is highly recommended.

J.Crew Handmade Clutch ($199):

J.Crew is well known for making stylish and affordable accessories. Their clutches provide quality and durability for less money. This particular example is available in multiple colors and is made from premium materials, so it is worth checking out.

Gigi Bags Mini Pouch ($79):

Gigi is another brand that offers high quality and durable products. One of their offerings is this mini pouch, which is available in various colors and provides its user with a convenient space to keep her stuff safe without taking up much room in her bag.

4. A new wardrobe for your partner

A wardrobe is a must-have item for both men and women. Even if it is a man’s closet, he would definitely appreciate having a few nice shirts, pants, skirts, etc. However, while men usually focus on their style, women often overlook theirs and spend hours finding clothes that suit them perfectly.

For those who are looking for a new wardrobe, and want to treat their partner or friends, consider getting them a few new outfits for their next trip. You could either give them a whole new outfit or just a couple of basics they can use whenever they go out. Either way, you’ll be helping them create a new look for themselves and will surely brighten their day.

5. A new book collection

Books are an integral part of many people’s lives. Whether they read for fun or study, books offer the chance for people to learn and improve themselves. Books are also wonderful companions, allowing us to escape from reality and enjoy a quiet moment alone.

That being said, if you are planning to get someone a book this Christmas, you should choose one that they are likely to enjoy reading. Check out some of our favorite suggestions below:

The Art of Manliness by Tim Ferriss: This book is full of practical advice to help its readers grow as a person.

The Book of Awesome by Seth Godin: This book is filled with inspiring stories of people who did amazing things.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari: This book covers the history of humans and how we evolved from apes through to today.

The Best American Essays 2011 Edition: One of the best collections of essays ever written.

The Little Red Lighthouse & Other Tales by Mary Norton: This book was written based on Norton’s own experiences growing up in England.

Tales From the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by Michael Chabon: This book tells the story of the adventures of Indiana Jones and his family.

6. A new coffee machine

Coffee is essential for everyone. It helps boost energy throughout the day and increases alertness and creativity. For most people, buying a new coffee machine isn’t easy, especially since they already have several appliances in their homes. However, if you have someone who regularly takes their coffee black, it is definitely worth investing in a decent espresso machine.

This article includes some of the best espresso machines available online. Check them out below:

Breville ESP820XL Espresso Maker ($349): This Breville coffee maker is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Its sleek design allows it to blend flavors and serve drinks quickly.

Nespresso VertuoLine Elite Coffee Machine ($500): This Nespresso machine is very similar to the Breville Espresso Maker, except that it is slightly bigger and comes with three different cup sizes.

KitchenAid KMCG100BSK Classic Cappuccino Maker ($80): If you like cappuccinos, this KitchenAid cappuccino maker is one of the best options available in the market.

Anova Precision Pour Over Coffee Brewer ($150): This Anova coffee brewer works with two types of pods, allowing you to brew delicious coffee without burning yourself.

7. A new laptop or tablet

One of the latest trends in tech is the popularity of tablets and laptops. These devices offer convenience, flexibility and portability, making them perfect for a busy lifestyle. However, if you have someone who owns one of these gadgets, it may be time to upgrade. Here are some of the best suggestions:

Apple iPad Pro 10.9-inch ($300):

This device is ideal for both professionals and students due to its powerful specs and excellent battery life.

Macbook Air 13-inch ($999):

If you want to save some money, you can opt for the Macbook air 13-inch instead of the 15-inch model. Although smaller, this version packs more power than the larger one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 ($400):

This tablet is packed with powerful specs and offers a sleek design.

HP Spectre x360 ($800):

This convertible laptop offers both performance and portability, making it perfect for everyday use.

Razer Blade Stealth 14-inch ($1,200):

Razer is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. This is why this laptop is considered one of the best gaming PCs available on the market.

8. Something for their pets

We mentioned above how important animals are to many people. However, if you know someone who is allergic to

The iconic Gucci Belt in leather and the GC emblem are must-haves in every fashionista’s wardrobe. The simple design makes it iconic and also versatile. It never goes out of style but goes with every dress. Let us find out the best ways to style the Gucci belt. It goes right with both the formal looks and the casual looks.

One concern about the Gucci belt is its brand value; it’s replicated. Make you buy the Gucci belt original, and its price is worth its uses. The original one is durable and lasts long.

Simply Superb

You can never go wrong with a white shirt and denim. Add a tinge of sparkle with the Gucci belt and amp up the casual look. If you tuck in your shirt entirely, you are ready to rule the world. If you tuck in the front alone, you are ready to take an off day.

Sophisticated with shorts

Summers are here, and shorts are in season. But, if you are not hitting the beach with those shorts and want to make a statement, add the Gucci belt, and voila, you look ready to party or run an errand elegantly. Pair with strappy sandals or funky sneakers to finish the look.

A new lease of life to your Sweaters

Got an old worn-out sweater, but it still is your favorite lucky or comfy sweater, and you don’t want to let it go, pull it down your shoulders and add a thin Gucci belt. It will never look old again. Or add it to your pants and tuck in your sweaters, pinning all the attention to your belt.

Turn Your Boring winter jackets and Cardigans Alluring

You cannot have enough layers over you in winters, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it in style. Add the same color or contrast belt over your winter coat to define your curves.

Dress Up Your Dress

Add the Gucci belt to your dress and see the magic. It cinches your waist and accentuates your curves. A wide Gucci belt adds spices up your monochrome casual dress and makes it party-ready. Glam up your casual dress with a Gucci belt.

Pair it with a Blazer

In your formal ensemble, dress up for that important presentation in a suit. Choose a belt of the same color as your blazer to get the flow of colors in your ensemble.


Jumpsuits have varied silhouettes. If you want to give it a more formal look, add a contrasting color belt and tighten it at the waist. If you want, add a blazer or jacket to finish the look.

Aim for that Chic look

Flared skirts are making a re-entry. The pleated and flared skirts in pastels and fabrics like organza, georgette, or chiffon are in vogue and go well with formal and casual outings. Therefore, style your skirts with a Gucci belt and nail the chic look.


Gucci belt is a magic wand in our wardrobes. Every boring dress can be transformed into something perfect with the Gucci belt original, and confused about what to wear? Wear whatever comes to your hand and add the belt, and you are all set to go.

Packing perfectly is mandatory as forgetting about an essential thing might disappoint you. In some cases, people scramble to find out such essentials nearby at their destination. Even though you are staying in The Luxury Villa in Casa Tesorowhere all facilities are available for you.

Still, it is better to be on the safe side and have vital things that might be needed throughout the trip. On the other hand, packing too many things can be disorganized, hemorrhaging money, heavy bags, etc/ so it is best to reconsider helpful and basic packing rules. The fundamental rules and tactics are listed below that everyone should learn. 

Here’s a list of travel tips that are worth trying: 

  1. Roll up: –

Multiple travel experts state that backpackers usually stuff their belongings for months worth of packing clothes into the size of a box of wine. Rolling up the clothes is a great option to consider as it is superior to folding. 

People need to roll up clothes tightly, and it takes less space. Another plus point is that such traits are less prone to get endless wrinkles from fold creases. 

  1. Be aware of baggage free: –

Travelers need to be aware of airline’s befuddling and tricky baggage-fee policies; it is a key for money savers and budget-minded strategies regarding packing. Numerous airlines allow people to check at least one of the bags for their international flights. 

But the majority of carriers are charging a hefty amount of money for bags checked on standard or domestic flights. However, the chares can be about $100 if you avoid considering such aspects. 

  1. Prepare a list: –

You can never go wrong with a cross-check; that is why preparing a ‘to-do list will help you a lot. Begin packing your stuff days or weeks before your flight. Such activity enables you to get time to craft the complete list and purchase essential things or items that might be needed for vacation or business trips.

Creating a packing list is a safer way to pack stuff as it deducts the possibility of missing out on something. Instead, you cannot forget to bring something vital that is more important for traveling. 

  1. Layer: –

Here’s a piece of advice for beginners as they must prefer twofold. First, you must wear layers and pack in layers. Initially, the on the road wardrobe must contain multiple layers that will offer you ease. Such can stay comfortable in multiple weather conditions and flaunt your style effortlessly. 

On top of that, you need to have a bag with neat layers, which ensures ease of screening. According to TSA, packing items in layers offers you ease, and a security agent screen in your bag helps you to get a crystal clear picture of items present there. 

  1. Never forget cross-checking: –

People need to keep their valuables and essential items in their carry bags. It reduces the chaos of checking luggage. Such important items include the passport, money, identification, credit cards, electronics, jewelry, etc. 

Prepare a list and cross-check the items to get the elevated chances of remaining on the safer side. Besides that, you are offered prevention from luggage loss. You aren’t going to regret stowing valuable items like an expensive watch in checked baggage. 

  1. Use packing aids: –

Multiple people have prioritized using a packing aid like eagle creek compression sacs. It can be used to shrivel the cloths into vacuum-packed bags. As a result, they will occupy less space, and the tight bundle ensures that belongings are kept safe. 

A trench coat is one of the few garments that can be mixed and matched with what you wear. You can wear them in spring, and they will still match your clothes without looking too out of place. They are lightweight, which makes them perfect for layering on colder days. Trench coats are considered the best over coat for man as it helps them get a vast variety of colours and designs.

But why is the trench coat considered to be one of the best coats for all seasons? You can find trench coats in various styles, from casual cuffed to classic button-down collars. Trench coats can be worn with a business casual look, casual shirts and slacks, or a more formal outfit for work or even for your night out on the town. They are also versatile enough to be considered as an outer layer as well. Here, some significant reasons mentioned why people consider these coats the best for all seasons.

  • Not Only Functional but Stylish

The best element about a trench coat is that it is functional and stylish, giving you a modern and sophisticated look at the same time. You will surely find a trench coat that matches your style and preference.

  • Can Be Worn Under Other Coats and Jackets

However, the best part of this versatile garment is its ability to be worn under other coats or jackets. It can be done by using the inner pockets or putting on a vest underneath the coat. Just remember, though: as outerwear, trench coats usually come with hoods meant to seal out any cold outside elements like rain.

  • Available in Colossal Variety of Colors and Designs

Most trench coats for men come in different colours and designs. Select the one that you think will look best on you and that could be perfect for your everyday wear as well.

  • Perfect for all Seasons Especially for Women

For women, trench coats are perfect for all seasons. Not only they can be worn in the fall, but they are also stylish enough to wear on a sunny day. When worn during springtime, trench coats can easily give you a fresh and clean look without being too obvious.

  • Versatile

Often considered chic, trench coats were made famous by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. Marilyn Monroe wore a black women’s trench coat in her famous walk in the film ‘Some Like It Hot.’ The trench coat is very versatile in that it can be worn by both men and women regardless of their style.

Nowadays, you can find an all-weather trench coat that could keep you warm during the winter season as well. The trench coat is considered one of the best coats for all seasons because it keeps you warm and helps in look stylish. Once you pay attention to the mentioned information about these coats, it will help you know these coats better. Therefore, try to grab proper information about Trench coats so you won’t face any problem while buying the one.

During Christmas time the last thing you want to do is break the bank spending a lot of money on a holiday dress. However, you know you need to have at least a few dresses for family get togethers, going to church, or other social events you might be a part of during the holidays. When I’m trying to save money for buying fun presents for loved ones, I don’t want to worry about spending money on myself and buying dresses.

Instead of worrying about hunting down the perfect dress that might be expensive, be a deal hunter and find dresses that won’t break the bank. You can find dresses that make you feel lovely and elegant. There are a variety of different dresses that look amazing and are also very affordable. Here are some dresses that I suggest:

Jessica Simpson Dress, Strapless Sweatheart Floral Printed – $32.99

I’m a hug fan of Jessica Simpson because she’s become the fashion designer (in my opinion) of the century. She offers everything from perfume and jewelry to purses and dresses!

This particular dress is adorable because it has a floral print (which still works for the holidays!) and plus it’s affordable – only $32.99. Pair it with leggings and a sweet cami to put over your shoulders and you’ll be all set!

If you want to add some height, wear a pair of beige pumps or a pair of Jessica Simpson sparkly pumps. Continue to add more sparkle to your ensemble and make this Christmas the best one you’ve ever had!

Trixxi Plus Size Dress – $44.99

This Trixxi Plus Size Dress is black and slimming (it also comes in red). I love wearing black when I’m feeling particularly bloated because it takes away that awful feeling and hides whatever you don’t want to show off at the moment.

This sweet dress comes with fun details such as sleeves that are ruched at the elbows. The length is fairly modest as well; it goes down to about your knees. Dress to kill this holiday season in a nice black dress.

For accessories, find a clutch like the model to the left is holding. Or wear a pair of flats or heels, depending on your mood. Don’t forget to add some bling to your black dress and wear a sparkly necklace and earrings that shine.

Full Tilt Smock Tube Maxi Dress – $15.99

If you’re looking for a really affordable dress and also a longer dress that will keep your legs warm, this maxi dress is a great pick. It has a strapless smock top and contrast rope belt. Switch out the rope belt for something glitstening or contrasting in color.

I love maxi dresses but the biggest problem I have with them is that they sometimes come very long in length. I either have to hem the bottom or wear a pair of tall high heels.

You’ll also want to pair this strapless top with a cami or sweater depending on what’s in your wardrobe.

CSC Studio “One for All” Cap-Sleeve Mock Wrap Dress – $29.90

If you’re an ocean dreamer like me, then this dress is perfect. Don’t worry that it’s in a lovely shade of blue, embrace it and glam it up! This dress is made with an appealing v-neck, tummy-concealing wrap waist and easy stretch knit. This elegant dress is perfectly modest and lovely for a holiday party.

Wear grey or neutral flats with this dress since it’s already a shade of blue. You can add holiday elements such as a black necklace and elegant earrings.

Arrive to your party in style and stand out in the crowd because of this gorgeous blue dress!

Dolly and Me Heart Dress and Leggings Set – Toddler – $25.20

Let’s not forget about your adorable little one. She might be loving her doll so you can’t leave her out either! Dress your daughter in an adorable heart dress with matching leggings. Her doll can also match her and she can bring her to the party without anyone feeling like the doll will be out of place.

Don’t forget to bundle her up in a winter coat and adorable flats with socks. Give her an early holiday gift and pair her outfit with a cute and sparkly bracelet too.

She’ll feel comfortable and happy at the holiday party!

There are many more dresses to be discovered that are under $50. For my holiday dress I’m wearing a colorblock dress, which looks stylish and cute. I can’t wait to wear it!

If you haven’t bought a Mother’s Day gift by now, you’re probably finding yourself scrambling to find a last-minute present. Before you settle for what’s left in the flower department at the grocery store or resort to the old handmade card and macaroni necklace idea (let’s face it, you’re too old to get away with that anyway), check out our list below. You’ll find a dozen Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll cement your spot as Mom’s favorite kid. From personalized roses to scented slippers, these gifts are as special and unique as she is.

Name a Rose Gift Set

$34.99 at Perpetual Kid

Skip the bouquet and earn brownie points from Mom by giving her her very own personalized rose. The gift tin includes rose seeds, a care booklet, and a certificate that will allow her to officially name and register her flower.

Sonoma Lavender Dot Spa Bootie

$38.00 at Nordstrom

She’s been chasing us around for years, what better way to ease her aching tooties than with a pair of plush aromatherapy booties? Pop them in the microwave and zap for 30-60 seconds to enjoy the warmth and fragrance from these soft, lavender-scented slippers.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

$47.50 at Archie McPhee

There are few jobs more tiring than being a Mom. She’ll get the ultimate caffeine fix with this giant coffee cup, which holds up to 20 regular cups of joe. Yawns begone!

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Kit

$24.00 at Nordstrom

What was it that made Mom’s cooking always taste so comforting and delicious? Whether it was just a teaspoon of vanilla or an extra spoonful of love, Mom can proudly brand her baked goods with her autograph using this stamp set, which includes a stamp, ink pad, and pencil.

Mom Always Said Bangle

$58.00 at Kate Spade

Sold in both gold and silver (which is exclusive to the site), this bracelet comes inscribed with motherly advice, reminding us to eat our vegetables and floss our teeth. The perfect gift from one Mom to another.

MarieBelle Vanity Purse Chocolates

$75.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

From tissues and hand sanitizer to an extra pack of fruit snacks, Mom’s handbag always seemed to be packed with solutions for every unexpected emergency. Here’s a bag to give back: a purse filled with delicious chocolate ganaches and envelopes of gourmet hot cocoa.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book

$38.00 at Uncommon Goods

From our red dye #40 allergy to how old we were when we got that scar on our knee, Mom knows everything about us. But what do we really know about Mom? Get to know her with this Letter Book, which she can use to share her own personal thoughts, memories, and interesting facts about her life.

Solo and Revolution

$209.96 at QVC

We’d like to think we got our fantastic taste in music from Mom, who always had the house rocking with her epic record collection. With this turntable kit, she can dust off her vinyls and enjoy her favorite tunes all over again without having to learn how to operate an iPod. The device will also play cassettes, AM/FM radio, and CDs.

Garden Gourmet Apron

$33.99 at ModCloth

We love this vintage-inspired cotton apron and we think Mom will, too. It’s a throw back to the 1950s, with cute polka dots, a ruffled hem, and a charming floral print.

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

$159.99 at The Sharper Image

Help Mom unload all those pics she’s been snapping with her cell with this iPhone Photo Cube printer. Plus, it’ll not only prints pics from her phone, but it’ll charge it, too! The handy compact device is compatible with most iPhones as well as iPod touch, iPad, and Android smartphones.

Kate Spade Rain or Shine NOOK Cover

$29.50 at Barnes & Noble

Keep Mom’s beloved NOOK Simple Touch safe and sound with this chic Kate Spade eReader cover. Designed to look like a chic New York magazine, the case also features a special metallic spade detail on the back that conveniently activates the NOOK power when pressed.

basq Loving Touch Gift Set

$60.00 at Saks Fifth Avenue

This gift set from basq is the perfect way to pamper a new Mom. The glittery, unique keepsake box, which design was inspired by Disney‘s famous “It’s A Small World” ride, includes a body butter, sleep mist, calming oil, and a cleansing bar. Because all of the included products are hypoallergenic, they can be enjoyed by Mom and baby alike.

My birthday is around the corner (Friday actually) and even though I always look forward to presents I’m honestly not looking forward to turning a year older. Since I have now approached my late twenties I am going to hold on like there is no tomorrow. I’m always grateful for the gifts that I receive and honestly the gift of being surrounded by my family is gift enough for me this year. However, everyone has a dream birthday wish for items that they know they probably won’t receive but they can want. What’s yours? I’m about to tell you mine.

I try to purchase Betsey Johnson accessories and clothing items sparingly just because her brand is pretty wild. I love the bold colors and the fun personality of it all, but some of her styles are just a little too out there for me. No offense Betsey Johnson. However, this dolphin ring is calling my name. It has the perfect touch of sparkle and ocean dreams in one ring.

If you know me then you know that I LOVE anything Juicy Couture. So my dream birthday would not be completely without their magnificent designs. I’ve always wanted one of the classic Juicy Couture bracelets, especially the Heart Charm Bracelet. It has a Juicy Couture heart and name on the bracelet. Perfection!

I’d also like to purchase a new comforter for my new apartment in California. Obviously it needs to be something that will work for both my boyfriend and I. Suggestions? I love this comforter below because it has great colors that I think we both would love. The blue, brown, and beige colors give me a lot of options in regards to decorating the room. It also is a 7 piece comforter set for a great price: $64.95. I love it!

I probabaly wouldn’t have very many occasions to wear these, but I think a pair of cowgirl boots would be so much fun! I think I would have to arrange for a horse back riding lesson or activity to make sure I get proper usage out of them of course. Or – perhaps when I visit places in Utah during the fall time they would keep my feet warm! This is such a rad pair of boots with turquoise (my favorite color) contrast color inlays! What I would really like is a pair of $600 cowgirl boots from Shopbop; a girl can dream. Maybe if I really save up I can use our handy JoeShopping.com Shopbop coupons to help a girl like me out.

My list could go on and on simply because I love to shop and that’s why I’m very thankful for JoeShopping. Hopefully in the future I’ll gradually be given a few of these gifts or I can save up some $ and get a few myself.

Bacon. Just the mention of the word gets a reaction from most people. Bacon is a fan favorite, and your bacon fan knows that better than anyone. But what do you get for the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list, besides actual bacon? We have a few suggestions.

Sorry, sausage.

Bacon Chemistry T-Shirt


If bacon had been on the Periodic Table when we were in school our chemistry grade would have been a lot higher — and our experiments much tastier. Dress your bacon fan accordingly.

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Sizzling Bacon Bar


Move over peanut butter, now there’s something baconier in your chocolate. That’s right, we went there. Bacon + chocolate = awesome.

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Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages


Is the bacon fan on your holiday shopping list tired of the way real bacon leaves their wounds unhealed, greasy, and slightly infected? Of course they are. These bacon bandages have all the aesthetics of bacon, but none of the negatives. Also, no flavor.

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Bacon Hot Sauce


Every now and then we see a product here at JoeShopping that makes us drop everything and stock up. Meet that product. Bacon hot sauce is love in a bottle. Also, spicy.

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Bacon Press


If your bacon fan has one complaint it is probably that bacon is prone to uneven cooking. No longer! The bacon press is here, and all is well.

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Bacon Mints


Coming off a bacon rush is a sad and sobering experience. Why not let that taste linger a little longer with these bacon-flavored mints (with just a hint of mint). Fresh breath and bacon no longer need to be exclusive.

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Seriously, you knew this was coming. Everybody cut.

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Bacon: A Love Story


While the love affair between people and bacon is notably one-sided, it is hard to deny the passion. Why not give your fan a book that goes straight to their heart? After all, the bacon is going to wind up there eventually.

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Bacon Floss


Why not? You’ve come this far. They make floss in other flavors, why not bacon? Mmm, bacon.

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Bacon Wrapping Paper


Choosing the right bacon gift may not be easy, but picking the proper paper is. Bacon-covered wrapping paper isn’t just for breakfast anymore.