I feel like I should start with a video of me dancing down the street surrounded by the dancing cast of a Broadway show in a shower of balloons and confetti because I am that excited about this store spotlight. Jessica Serra Huizenga is the sparkly colorful genius behind The Confetti Bar. The name really says it all, it’s “an online, boutique confetti shop bringing you a selection of colorful products for use in craft projects, home décor, and of course, any celebration!”


1. What is it about confetti that’s so wonderful?

Umm, everything?! Haha, but for real, it’s just so happy and colorful and you can’t help but smile when it’s around!

The Confetti Bar, interview with the sparkly genius behind it

2. How long have you loved confetti? You’re clearly not just casual buddies, so how far back does this love affair go?

Well, for as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing for both colorful and miniature things, and it all started with a little “confetti” collection, where I would keep little plastic cases full of it and would organize it by shape. I used it in various projects, but then quickly realized I needed to start designing my own!

The Confetti Bar, interview with the sparkly genius behind it

3. What gave you the brilliant idea to open the Confetti Bar? When did you realize you could turn it into a business?

Confetti…it’s like the quintessential symbol for celebrations, right? It’s colorful and whimsical and fun and magical – everything you generally want a party to be. So why not really make it something special?

Well that’s what I thought when I decided to start The Confetti Bar, and once I had my idea, it was full steam ahead to actually turn it into a business!

The Confetti Bar, interview with the sparkly genius behind it (flamingo bling)

4. What is your favorite combination you’ve made so far?

Unicorn Dandruff will always be a favorite of mine, but I love getting to work on all sorts of different custom projects!

The Confetti Bar, interview with the sparkly genius behind it (unicorn dandruff)

5. Who is your dream custom confetti client (besides me, because it wouldn’t be fair to have me in the running) and what would you make for them?

That’s really a tough one – I feel so blessed to have worked with so many wonderful businesses and individuals, and each time the confetti seems to get better and better. I love that I get to be challenged and creative, and sometimes the least likely sources end up sparking the best confetti ideas!

The Confetti Bar_Apothecary Jars_0001All images courtesy of The Confetti Bar and Sassy Mouth Photography

Thank you so much for answering my questions and for bringing more happiness and confetti into the world, Jessica!

As if these answers and/or images weren’t enough to make you want to be besties, then go check out her blog and her wedding. So many wonderful shops use Confetti Bar confetti as part of their packaging and branding and I am so excited to have mine in the works! I will bombard you with photos and info when it happens (!!!)

the confetti bar


Store Note: Pesach (Passover) starts tonight so until the night of the 22nd I will have limited availability to respond to messages but I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience!